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Do my capstone bank in thomasville al

Do my capstone bank in thomasville al write for me capstone led puck lights 6 ct olympus ed 12 40mm f2 8 review of literature I am cam Rogers it's time to get into the latest LeBron James rumors and we'll start off with pizza gates Oh Pizza game what happened well LeBron didn't show up to blaze pizza in Culver City after teasing earlier in the week that he would make an appearance we have a screenshot of the tweet will flash that as well so he responded to a tweet from blaze saying quote haven't been to a pizza party in a minute colder City question mark with a couple of emojis as well now every blaze Pizza location in LA was offering free pizza during a three-hour window to welcome LeBron James to Hollywood berries the tweet from the king and there you go so everybody lined up and it was like okay everybody's getting excited we're here there's a little flash of the line that was at the blaze pizza in Culver City and people are war reportedly lined up for hours ahead of time to get ready for LeBron James and I don't know what capacity LeBron was going to you know be like sitting down taking pictures when he just kind of show up for five minutes and then leave I don't know exactly what the plan was but he never showed up nonetheless and of course LeBron is one of blaze pizzas original investors he is firmly involved in that business and people were kind of upset that LeBron didn't show up and I don't really know if this is going to stick on people's minds for a while going forward if like people are going to be offended by it or anything in terms of long term being upset I don't think that's going to be the case I think people will get over it but LeBron if you're gonna tease something you better come through my man that's all I'm gonna say the people of LA want their star to come out to play all right so next up on the list LeBron James true star in a comedy show so The Hollywood Reporter said LeBron may star in a comedy he sold to Paramount Studios so his company Spring Hill entertainment has sold a comedy pitch from writer Steve Mallory to Brian Robinson paramount players now LeBron would produce with his Springhill partner maverick Carter in this whole ordeal and I'm talking about this because I wonder if Lakers fans are starting to get worried a little bit the narrative that LeBron James is there in LA not only to play basketball but to get involved with business interests he's got the blaze pizza's there he's got his Hollywood cinematic interests as well maybe his commercial interest too that could be added into the fray and could all those become distractions for LeBron James I'm not saying they will I am just here presenting that narrative because people are starting to think about it and for the Bron James stayed with Cleveland this would never be a talking point if LeBron James went to Miami probably won't be a talking point either LeBron James is in Los Angeles he's in Hollywood the glitz and glamour the stars the bright lights the red carpet all this stuff movies paramount studios like I'm talking about right now by the way the plot for that movie is being kept under wraps or that comedy I should say so does this worry Lakers fans should Lakers fans be worried in general about LeBron zel a business interests let me know in the comments section I'm wondering if this is a very real talking point here that as we go throughout the offseason and more rumors come out about LeBron James perhaps spacejam to who knows if that feeds that narrative that LeBron is going to be a little distracted now being with the Los Angeles Lakers because it's not like he was with Los Angeles before it's not like his second rodeo if you will of being in Hollywood all right so we'll see what happens going forward with that but he could be starring in a comedy show coming up pretty darn soon all right so you guys probably heard about this whole the Bron James mural incident so a video was released a couple days ago showing LeBrons mural being vandalized and the video came from baby blues barbecue and this comes after a vandal wrote quote we don't want you in his three and six NBA Finals record so this was like fixed a couple of times here will flash the video that was leaked and the latest update is that well the mural artist Jonas never painted over the vandalism with white paint and that was it like he just kind of gave up with it but that's unbelievable some guy like Loki just walks up to the mural like sprays it and then just walks away and I'm trying to understand what the inner motivation was to do that did you lose a bet like why why what's wrong with people in the world can anybody like understand this or like reason with me here in terms of why that would actually happen the mural was like really nice by the way it must have been a Clippers fan like they're probably just jealous that LeBron went to the Lakers and not to the Clippers like that's the only reasoning that I could possibly have it's really is a shame to see something like that I kind of want to bring up the video again producer Bret Scott if we can because it's just like it's insane like the guy just walks up flashes it with like out a flinch and then walks away I mean look at him he's so casual about it too it's not like he's double taking with his head forcefully it's so it's force but they didn't anger and then runs away Oh God see folks make good decisions in life that is not a good decision this is my fatherly advice from me to you even though I'm not a father alright continuing on with the latest LeBron James rumours how about this the Lakers could be adding some new jerseys to the mix so a report is that New Jersey designs will be released on July 30th so Chris creamer reports changes to the jerseys include wordmark fonts of letters and numbers and striping on the jurors on the sides of the jerseys so they will still have the purple gold and white options here now some pictures have been leaked here and there they're not really good quality and they don't really have good merit to them so all we really know is the report the jerseys may actually resemble the Magic Johnson era which I think makes a lot of sense here maybe it's a nod a salute to Magic Johnson in the work that he did bringing in LeBron James meeting with LeBron face-to-face on that first night of free agency and essentially successfully pitching to LeBron to come to the Los Angeles Lakers there so maybe it is just a big time confirmation for Magic Johnson hey thank you for bringing in LeBron all right next up on the list LeBron has reportedly or had reportedly been leaning towards LA for months so Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated reports that LeBron was at the very least leaning toward LA for days and according to those outside of his orbit for months to join those Lakers now I don't know about the months part I'm sure for days LeBron had his decision made it's even possible before the Magic Johnson meeting LeBron James had his mind set but what that meeting really was was confirmation for LeBron after that meeting with magic Johnson LeBron was like okay I got what I needed to hear I am going to cement my decision and join the Los Angeles Lakers so that's kind of how I see it with James here in terms of the length of time with this decision here now LeBron was of course an integral part of bringing in rage on Rondo right and as well as Lance Stephenson to the fray that's kind of what LeBron does kind of plays this quasi GM kind of role to help put players together on a team to make a roster in the best position possible he can't orchestrate a Kawhi trade deal but he can't orchestrate Lance Stephenson and Rondo and some of those guys so will the Bron win a championship in LA the major question among a lot of NBA fans out there let me know in comments section what you thought what you guys think about that seen a lot of big baller brand comments by the way hashtag jell-o there you go best research topics in human resources management for money Jesuit.

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