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Do my capstone american college of education

Do my capstone american college of education do my hotel capstone bistro tj04b review of literature ´╗┐hey I sent you on today I'm coming to you guys to the video telling you all about Howard University's School of Business a couple you requested it so I'm gonna try to be as thorough as possible basically I'm gonna break it up into a few sections and as usual you can see the timestamps in the description but I'm gonna go through how it is coming into the School of Business as a freshman basically everything that you do and just about the school business so starting off as a freshman when you come into the School of Business you get a team a team leader and a corporate sponsor so every single person in the School of Business has to be enrolled in this class and it's called business orientation you have business orientation 1 and business orientation two one is first semester the fact line the second semester and when you come in they assign you a group and it's like Oh 1213 you know sometimes bigger people in the group and you get a team leader who is a sophomore sometimes a junior and a corporate sponsor from my team my corporate sponsor is New York Life but the sponsors range from Target to Boeing to New York Life you know so you have a lot of variety and the corporate sponsor does engage with you you'll have an adoption ceremony you'll get tips from them might be assigned a person in their team to help you develop your resume and everything like that so that's how it works every Tuesday and Thursday you come to business orientation you have to wear what's called business professional sometimes it's business casual but the majority of the time it's business professional especially when you have a speaker or if you're doing something on the more formal side of things so for girls it involves a skirt suit which can either be navy or black I'll show you guys my a white collared shirt and skirt has to be to your knees you know the it's like a suit you get it together you know it's not just a pencil skirt and a blazer you find and for boys it's a suit that's either Navy or black you know belt has to match the shoes you can't wear your the guys can't wear eggs why let me come in like you know it's very professional in that in that way girls unfortunately cannot wear pants suits for professional it's always a sakura toot and then skin tone tights and 1 to 2 inch heels alright so that's basically the preliminary information about the school business when you come in what's expected of you and they tell you that that first week business orientation means on Tuesdays and Thursdays from two different times depending on what section you're in Italy that's how it is now now let's go into the scheme I'll show you guys my scheme but basically I'm an international business major I'm concentrating in finance and my language is French so when you're an international business major you have to concentrate and one of the other disciplines of business because you're doing international business which brings you to the language and to the International aspect of it but you still need to have a concentration which is what you're going to specialize in so for me I'm just finance however I might change to information systems who knows but I wanted something that would be universal wherever I don't so the majors that you can choose from in the School of Business are international business marketing supply chain management information systems accounting finance management so basically in all of those you I mean you just choose one and then as you matriculate your courses will obviously pertain more to your specific major but they're gonna give you a scheme - over there I'll show you guys though and basically it tells you first semester second semester first year second semester first mr. segment you first minister second semester third year like every single semester of your time at Howard in order to graduate in four years what classes you should take so they really do just kind of like tell you here's what you have to do so there's no guesswork in terms of what causes to take currently I am enrolled in a class that my in suggest I take first semester sophomore year but it'll balance out you know because I'm taking 17 credits this semester and my scheme recommended I take okay yeah I also took 17 first mister but I recommended I go 14 and 17 so I'm three credits ahead of what I would have been at the end of this year had I followed the scheme so you can kind of play with it as you will but you just have to make sure that you hit certain points like when you come in you want to start off and at least college algebra 2 so that when you take applied cow you're signing semester first year and then you don't have to take math again because you have to at least get to apply calc in order to have the prerequisite to take some of the accounting and finance and economics courses there are just general IDI for all business majors if that makes it so you have to kind of make sure that your scheme will work with you in the way that you need it to in order to graduate in four years hit all your requirements and have enough credits then school business also does have an Honors Program I'm not in it but I have some friends that are and you need to in order to get into it you need up a 3.5 or above and in order to stay in it once you get in you have to maintain a three point four for the whole year if you fall below that you will be put on academic probation and you might lose your place and honors your scholarships you have to maintain certain amounts of a like I have legacy act to maintain a certain amount for that but to be in School of Business at all you have to maintain a certain GPA as well um I think it's like a 2.5 or something it's it's not extremely hard to maintain but it is there and it's a little bit higher than like the Arts and Sciences school and all of the other ones simply because if you don't meet that then you get put on academic probation and you might be kicked out or not invited back to the School of Business so you really do kind of have to like make sure you're on it you know you can't you're slack because you will get kicked out you know yeah that's basically all have to share about school business it's a really good school that Howard school business is nice you have your own set of people that you can go to for everything except for financial aid so you have your own like but people there though too you know you don't have to go to anyone at any other school to do anything so by the time you're at the end of school cuz it's like all you have to do is come to school would be like you don't have to go to COAS or anything like that because everyone that you need is in that school so I really like it it's really organized you come in they tell you like we want you to graduate in four years here's what you have to do here's your major you know you can't be undecided in the School of Business you need to know or at least declare something and then change your later but I don't regret being in school to be you know right now I'm kind of struggling not struggling but like mentally struggling to get through these like general ed requirements that I have to take outside of the school of me like psychology like whatever simply because I'm just like well I want to be in these courses that directly relate to my major but I mean it's all good umm if you guys have any more questions let me know I tried to cover everything I could I covered the outfit the courses the scheme you have your own advisors honours corporate sponsor team leader I wrote it all down so if you have any questions leave them in the comments and I'll see you guys next time bye I do this for my eye finance capstone project ideas Nyack College, Nyack.

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