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Do my capstone adaptive learning pensacola fl

Do my capstone adaptive learning pensacola fl do my the employee experience a capstone guide to peak performance street academy I welcome to fax TV and I suppose this is a playoff special be enjoying my Lube this week and let's this all talk about the end of the season first Barry game they threw everything at there's a pump in the kitchen sink didn't they yeah and this pause they could because played a bit free well the last game pump lending ever in this lake place and I'm imagine Bobby golden got fired up and you said well have a good time we're offering his bank one do this weekend so about fun and that's what they seem to know that it seemed to the care of a good game plan just run out in his fruit ball and where they wanted so it's quite hard to defend act it's not it's not real as such because like I say they just for a ball at will when all my team is structured a bit more reserved than that what about ourselves I mean Scott commented on Fox TV and again that song to be about the day and we're going to talk about Featherston game shortly and what was the focus on sunday was he planning get through Sunday try get the wind because the results when I away in the end yeah they didn't it's a shame shame the dead bit that would the week before we did get a result but this week it were about pointing feel wrongs Ryan just obviously did a lot of changes behind the scenes and just Scott's first week and it did a really good job and in just a case of all nakhla dark everyone bearing up for an oven I thought we did you know the result itself might not look ground pepper but you know barring a few few kicks from the scar would have been a playable iron I thought we did well poll just what we needed going into this playoff game when it's tough tough game you know for when I'm sorry for me so don't think about it says right for this next game and thinking as and we're a really tough session chosen which were God was it different to what we've had in the past then your things are a little bit different as it going to be in he kept change overnight and that's not a suspect Oh what went on before you know not not saying I wrong about that all Scott's got his visions and you know what I've what he knows from before playing and over club supper clubs in I would just do a few little tweaks and it feels good and that's obviously all wanting a to bein and help Scott out you know in this process and each other so that's why I seems to be happening let's go to Sunday them with this fourth time lucky I know you could say that but you know there have been unlucky in a few occasions I think last time we're probably in quite shopping that first 20 minutes but good some video this week and what people don't realize we'll want that far off as even I thought I thought we were way off at that fifth game that will just completely unmatched in all in all aspects but other than that first 20 minutes with our 20 points we're not that far off stats wise and that's our justjust gear management wise looking at the video and I chart far off sir how it could be a good gear with tough game and obviously off on a win war poverty GF and I thought I think of myself as I said for that let's look at the comparison though last year we ended up playing Sheffield and played brilliantly we had a week off and it all crumbled what's your preference this year do you still want that week off as a player are they done the consistency yes you would live in has to win but is it that if we do when you're going to get some more time ticks and training Letha Belton to the Morrell Reggie yeah because obviously don't know those dear so you want to you want to go in there get your win and you're not necessarily going to play them again any like impasse because of where we've all been seeded so generally top for the foreign that we're back in tip-top fine I come up I would have ever different different battle this year you know a Sheffield and bottom but in the in the eighth these battling these jewels we've gone well they share working in a surprise package so Eric you've got win this way because you don't want to you definitely want to lose this we think get a new face next we come to them good sides or recording into some form so i think you know likes before we want to win this game like you just said get a good week practitioners belt and then take that semi-final both hands do you think this time so Andy here didn't really have Featherston that long really and do a little bit unknown the sort still settling down but like I said on paper sadistically will do we did well really will not far off the pace do you think now we know in a bit more about them and have had a few tough games we have to have come a cropper that's going to help us out because is a pressure off you do you know what Israel in it that precious precious are on my spot is the negative side now with the GF what people are saying is that all the fox run coming first our second the GFC different competition and utter pressure is on them like you said we've lost three games are three so far to them so push yourself on them know Beck's Billy too much over and that's where what you fry off and has a play you want to prove people wrong so I think what we fired up and if it will be all be ready for it and does was you could tell us even as a player we got heat engine up lads coming back as you know God I honestly don't know I that's us Scott decision Scott's decision in it and he'll decide whether people are right to player than up and you know be interested they've got some really tough for words as well I mean what was that like I mean sometimes William Harrison and sunday not like he was running for fun he was knocking people out like he's playing temping bowling to have you recovered enough time to prepare Swensons big Lance I was a case you're just not worried about it getting your job done as a forward to basically laid the feel for everybody else yeah i don't i don't think if ingmire in any game you know probably won't throw in last time they had six props to our are three four so like that all them a bit more energy last week we played with with with five you know so if we're playing somewhat our way up in last week I think gives us a much better chance of in more Beeman on the bench the lawmen the same glass because elves were their firepower then and it combats each other rather than having to two or three a lot of men on the bench and I'm it brings someone I don't try to combat that so I definitely think the way we borrow the way it worked a bit be a lot more suitable for Featherstone they're bigger side but as everyone knows it's not really their forward to do the damage famous their back to three so it's prolly ma taking care of them and his props was in ourselves dating back the tackling machine here is awesome in a and he came back and was left straight from France he doesn't there's no corners or edges with in his eighth straight line running picking people up danke me it's gray and in Proxima real good energy back to Team Alpha collage of it wasn't of him but it's all you need them if we're going to finish this interview now it's all about energy you need that from the fans to get through exactly here now absa Dahlia I always a little bit Nava Al Capone or when the funds were they up shadowed the focus on funds and we're warning and a lot of people don't like going there for pastiche two reasons which will get into what you know a great if the funds could go on the wonder dog or really get behind us because also hardly any positive in and it honestly does up old social me when it funds you get behind you when they're there at game and really are really like he's like you're a chief montaugh got to get em behind as an uppers uppers get the way I spirit look best of luck for Sunday ok and let's hope was talking about a win next time yet definitely do my good research topics criminal justice Sarah Lawrence College.

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