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Do my capstone 1 presentation schedule

Do my capstone 1 presentation schedule capstone turbine stagg bbc news drug report for school ´╗┐what do you mean you want me to review a polymer pocket gun I don't review polymer I thought we went over this I mean come on do I look like someone that you know carries polymer guns do I look like someone that you know likes playing with Tupperware no I carry steel guns and maybe the occasional aluminum frame you know in a pinch but no I don't carry plastic okay so it's lighter than a jean frame by four ounces and okay so what it carries to plus more rounds than a Jake frame you know what fine if you insist I do it fine I'll review a polymer plastic toy gun fine give it to me you know fine I'll do I'll do the plastic gun [Music] all right so today we are looking at the car CW 380 which is a 380 acp polymer-framed pocket gun now this is a very small very light little gun these things just the gun by itself weighs about ten point two ounces the overall length of this thing is only about five inches long it's only about four inches high and the real shocker is it's only about three quarters of an inch wide so it's an extremely thin gun basically they're comparable to like the the Ruger LCP and the car the Smith & Wesson bodyguard 380 and your different little Cal Tech's and little Taurus pocket guns that's basically what this is this is a pocket gun you know something this small for concealed carry easily slips into a pocket and is very very easy to conceal now this is the CW version which is their value line as they consider it and basically the only difference between this and their p38 II which is the premium line version is they did less machining on the slide which for me really isn't that big a deal I mean for something that lives in your pocket it doesn't have to be pretty that's only standard rifling which once again you know not that big a deal especially for two and a half inch barrel pocket gun the sights now here's one of the things that I it's kind of a downside but not that big a deal is the front sight is only staked whereas the premium p38 II it's dovetail and can be easily adjusted now as far as adjustment you really don't need to adjust it because it's on there pretty much dead on from the factory but for changing them out it's a little more complicated to change out because it is staked but the rear sight is still dovetail and adjustable and removable with ease if you wanted to so really not a big issue now as far as the sight picture it is the exact same as a piece for goethe is a bar dot system I don't know how well you can see but for a pocket gun it is extremely good sights I know a lot of your pocket guns like your LCPs and your bodyguards the LCP one was terrible was basically three little nubs and the LCP two is a little bit better but still not great I mean definitely good for what it's needed for definitely no problem there you know they are pocket guns so minimal sights is okay but for someone that likes having sights this is definitely this gets a one-up on a lot of its competition one of the only other things is besides you only get one magazine which again not that big a deal is this the slide stop now with the premium version this is milled out of a block whereas this is an injection molded part on this honestly I could care less I mean the part I've put a about 200 and some rounds through this gun and it was a used gun and I mean it's worked every time I've had no issue with it so really can't complain about that at all yeah but as far as you know for what it is this in my opinion this is probably one of the best pocket guns on the market you know in terms of size you know dimensionally it's pretty much one of the smaller ones you know there there's lots of people out there that will compare the dimensions of it to the different pocket guns and usually this is either pretty close to the smallest or is the smallest in certain aspects weights right in there you know it's about the same way as home I think the LC pees like 9.8 something like that ounces where this is only ten point two so really close there and the gun is small I mean here I'm going to show here's my wallet and you know don't worry I safety check my wallet it's empty and you know pretty much the same I mean slightly bigger if I put my wallet centered over and you see a little bit of the gun sticking out on each side so you know very very small pocket gun as term as far as reliability now I know car some people because of their 200 round break-in period some people have issues with them I have seen videos online where people shoot them and just say for whatever reason they can't get him to run I bought this used and I gotta say I've put at least 200 rounds through it and not had any any issue the only issue I ran into was when I was firing some poorly constructed reloads I was getting primers that weren't going off but that was not the guns fault that was the bad primers I even checked them afterwards and they weren't seated correctly so when I ran factory ammunition through it I ran in federal ammunition I went perfecta I ran some of the cheap dicks field and stream through it I had some left over and it all ran flawlessly so really can't fault the faulty gun as far as reliability because it was perfectly reliable when you ran decent ammunition through it the capacity is six plus one so pretty in line with that you can get modifications I know there's a mag guts modification you can turn this into a seven plus one magazine so definitely you know standard standard you know capacity for Pocket guns so definitely pretty good right there the only downside not even a downside just something I noticed is the slide stop which they do recommend to chamber around the you insert the magazine and then put the slide down I guess because it is a very stiff spring in there and it's a very short slide so I guess they think people might short stroke it I did not notice that issue but you know perhaps that they have their reasons but probably the only issue I ran into was when you go to hold the gun and you're shooting the gun two-handed I noticed my grip in particular now everybody has their own grip but I found my grip sometimes I would ride the slide stuff lever and the only issue that would cause is upon riding it the slide would not stop so we're not locked to the rear so I thought it was initially the gun and upon taking my time and I was shooting one-handed you know offhand and everything trying to get used to shooting it off handed upon shooting at one hand and I noticed that it was locking to the rear every single time and then when I noticed my thumb riding the slide or slide stop and corrected that the issue went away so overall I mean I've got I can't say I've had any real issues with the gun you know for the people out there that are having issues I mean I'm not saying the car produces a perfect gun every single time every company has you know lemons out there I just did a lengthy series on a Smith & Wesson that had multiple issues and proceeded to take two months to get repaired so I'm certain not gonna say that big companies don't have issues with certain guns but in my experience this gun has been nothing but reliable and a very good option for pocket carry if you have any questions feel free to ask them and have a good night capstone construction llc Lehman College, The Bronx.

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