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Do my big data related projects cheap

Do my big data related projects cheap write for me topic for capstone project business ethics assignment pdf ´╗┐what's up trainee axe in today's triathlon news day Tuesday Canadians drop it like it's hot all around the world Danielle Arif lays the hammer down on a race in Switzerland including a big chunk of the pro men's field and Javier Gomez makes his full Ironman debut man have been looking forward to this for years [Music] what's up triathletes welcome to this week's triathlon news day Tuesday where we talk about all of the wonderful on goings around the world in the triathlon world as always links to full videos that we can link to on YouTube are going to be in the description below and make sure you stick around to the end where we share everyone's favorite part of triathlon news day Tuesday that is a story from the trainee AK community we got a motivating one this week now let's start it off we're the best short course athletes in the world showed up to play at ITU leads on the men's side Richard Murray won in 145 52 just 9 seconds ahead of number one world ranked Mario mola well Great Britain's Vickie Holland won the women's race and the number one ranked World Triathlon Series points winner Katy's a fierce finished in third now on to daniela reef who hasn't raced for quite a while but she raced Ironman 70.3 Switzerland over the weekend where josh am burger one on the men's side but daniela reef won the women's race by like dozens of minutes in four hours and 54 seconds placing her well ahead of the entire women's field and she would have actually finished seventh overall in the men's field so Daniella reef wall she said on Instagram leading up to the race but she wasn't sure how it would go it went pretty damn well all the women at the full distance race should be pretty scared of Daniella Reef this year in other half Ironman races Half Ironman Staffordshire was won by Elliot smalls and M appellant while Ironman Eagle man 70.3 was won by Canadians Cody deals and Stephanie Roy now speaking of Canadians it doesn't just end there full Ironman Boulder happened and Christy John fresh off her win at Ironman Brazil just a few weeks ago ended up winning full Ironman Boulder while on the men's side Chris Lee Furman won and and and it isn't over for the Canadians Heather were tell won the half iron distance race a challenge gars Gabbar gand it's basically named by the Swedish Chef from the Muppets now the story for this week was Javier Gomez making his debut at the full Ironman distance race and leading into this week for basically the past two years when Javier announced that he'd be starting to step up to gradually longer and longer distances trying out different races Xterra 'he's half Iron Man's winning world championships at the half distance everyone has been looking forward to seeing how Javier would do at the full distance myself included I thought that he would be incredibly dominant right from day one but that didn't happen Bradon Curry ended up racing at the front with all the leaders throughout the entire day until the last half of the full marathon when he pulled away from Javier Gomez this was completely unexpected considering that Javier is probably one of the best runners ever in triathlon bringing curry however dropped a 239 to prove that he wasn't scared of Javier and that he himself is going to be a top contender at this year's Ironman World Championship congratulations Braden and that is not to say that Javier is se underperforming the man still went under 8 hours in his first full Ironman distance race and this is very rare only accomplished by just a handful of athletes in the history of full Ironman racing so considering that it was at an Ironman Cannes which is historically a very slow course for Javier to be in his first race on that course and still go under 8 hours he's got talent and as he says he made a fair amount of mistakes that didn't allow him to race well in the last half of the marathon so still could be right thinking that he will be a juggernaut in full distance racing and the winner from the women's side of Ironman Cannes the Asia Pacific Ironman regional championship was Theresa Adam who ended up beating out Marin to car freight in Miranda's full Ironman return now let's get into everyone's favorite part of triathlon news day that being a story from the trainee a community this one comes from Harold who says hey Tarrant hey Matt for the first 35 years of my life I was a professional couch potato I was never a thick even as a youngster as I got older I only got worse and I'm my worst I was easily over 250 pounds with a 40 inch waist after a cancer scare my doctor finally cornered me about my blood pressure and he told me that either I would have to do something about it or he would I asked what I could do and he told me to lose the weight and the blood pressure would go down so I changed everything I didn't want my life to be dependent on a pill so I decided enough was enough I started slow by changing my diet and just walking I stopped using escalators and elevators and searched out stairs wherever I could and I replaced potato chips with carrots and I counted my calories using my fitness pal I lost 30 pounds in just a few months it was then that I decided to take the next step and I downloaded a couch to 5k program and started running those first few weeks were brutal and pathetic but I didn't give up and I was able to complete a 5k without having to walk it then my 5k times improved I decide to go for a 10k than a half marathon and later a full marathon and as I'm typing this I'm in my final taper for my second full marathon that takes place in just four days picture of me in the orange shirt is a shot of me at Mile 26 of my first marathon every time I look at that photo I become emotional because I remember everything that was going through my head just to get me through those last thousand feet of that race shortly after my first marathon a friend challenged me to a triathlon being a good engineer that I am I didn't just go out and try one I did research first and this is how I discovered this blonde Canadian who looks ginger on a video well Matt you look like a pirate in your triathlon picture with whatever is in behind you that looks like an earring so there who has a channel devoted to teaching triathlon one trick one race and one message at a time thank you this is exactly what I needed to date I have completed one super sprint triathlon in three sprint triathlons right now I'm looking at my first Olympic distance triathlon in June all in all I've lost over 65 pounds before my weight plateaued went from a 40 inch waist to a 34 inch waist and still medication-free I've gone from couch potato to runner - marathoner to triathlete to role model and currently I'm looking at completing my first half ironman in 2019 thanks for all that you do thank you Matt for sharing this story I wanted to share this especially because instead of taking what you know common Western medical advices is here take a pill this will make you better you decide to do something that didn't just make your condition better it made your life better and that's why I'm such a big proponent of people being active however they can with just 30 minutes a day four or five times a week you can get off of all of these medications whether it's weight or blood pressure and anxiety or depression it has a huge benefit on all these things so triathlon doesn't just make it better on the scale it makes you better in life like Matt so thank you Matt for your story and if anyone wants to get their story shared here on triathlon news day Tuesday email me at Taryn at triathlon Taryn calm and if you dig these triathlon news days in you aren't yet subscribed hit the subscribe button below if you are subscribed thanks for being you know asked to stop thanks later training acts enterprise risk management study notes order Union College.

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