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Do my best research topics in human resources management

Do my best research topics in human resources management arduino timerone library download hoccleve la male regle analysis essay ´╗┐let's talk about super mice I'm not talking about Mighty Mouse we're talking about super mice they are on their way that's right scientists at the University of Rochester in New York have created a super Mouse and we've got some info for you researchers found that the super Mouse is much smarter than traditional mice basically they implanted human brain cells in a normal Mouse that's what happened here in one test that measures the ability to remember a sound associated with a mild electric shock the humanized mice froze for four times as long as other mice when they heard the sound suggesting that their memory was about four times better all right super mice I think this is sort of the plot of spider-man 2 wasn't the lizard wasn't that what he was trying to do to get the extra arm kind of thing like we've heard about this kind of stuff island of dr. Moreau there's plenty of movies on this kind of genetic splicing animal human stuff this seems pretty cool this seems pretty cool to me like that we can maybe do something here - I don't make animals smarter or what are we thinking I mean I think it's pretty cool because dumber and we're all going to look Charles you've known about Pinky and the brain for a long time I just think it's cool because we could use the research done on these mice to help people you know who have different diseases that like myelin sheath degradation and stuff like we can help build that back up with only goat under cites and stuff that they're using from the glial cells so you know so I mean stuff like that doesn't know he doesn't know what you just said for the regular person - so they have glial cells and they could turn into either astrocytes or oligodendrocytes the astrocytes are used more for like repair and different things like that and neurotransmission and the le goat under cites are used to make myelin which can also you know like if you have my lunch ether gradation and different diseases like multiple sclerosis you know you could use it to repair things like that so I mean whenever you do research like this you could take the information and use it to help people but I'm not really worried about a super mutant mouse taking over you so I'm just gonna that's a little superhero a little bit because then we'd have to have someone like maybe a teenager from Queens would have to be hit by a radioactive spider to then deal with the it's a lot I'm just putting this up a legitimate science right I'm gonna back up a little bit and say so okay what's actually happening here is that these researchers decided to take human cells and like you said inject them into Mouse brains and what they found was amazing which was that the mouse brains took the cells not only integrated them into the architecture of the brain but actually proliferated them so over time we've got two types of cells in our brain two gross types of cells that's a gross a lot that's the word of the day we have neurons which are kind of like the the functional units in the brain and they're the ones that do the chemical and electrical transmission and then we have glial cells which outnumber neurons like ten to one and glial cells are support cells they do lots of things like you said they provide scaffolding and architecture they myelinate the neurons which is put a sheath around them so that transmission happens faster lots of things microglia clean up there a little bit of an immune response so what they found is that when they injected the human cells into the mouse brains some mice maintain their own neurons their own functional units but they they they took on the human glia and over time they lost their own glia and they actually became more populated with the human glia so now there's this crazy hybridized brain that's functioning on its own it took it in and it's able to function on its own that in and of itself is amazing it has absolutely nothing to do with these very very early findings of memory improvement or like super amount that's all it's on media I say don't give that a moment of thought what they've provided here is a mouse model to be able to study human diseases of the glial system because they can do it in vitro in a way that would never be ethical in a human brain you can't go in and tinker with a human brain and then see what happens to the patient so now they can do things in a mouse model that they could only do in vitro before meaning in a petri dish now they can actually do it in the mouse and see what happens this is a wait-and-see moment if memory is improved we've got improvement of these kinds of disorders of myelin sheaths and things like that but it could open up a whole new realm of research that's really exciting yeah I suspect I know the answer on this but where do you guys stand on testing on animals in general now I get that of course this is different testing something like this is certainly different than testing for lipstick right and I was just gonna say it depends on what it's for I mean obviously if we are looking to make you know scientific advancements sometimes this type of thing is necessary if we're gonna help you know cure human diseases then you know yeah go for it but if we're just dropping you know shampoo into eyes of rabbits you know just don't put the stuff in your eyes you know how hard is that so I mean like I am largely against animal testing for cosmetics you know that are to that degree we're just literally dropping acid and eyes of animals but stuff like this you know is kind of enough they ever find that the acid in the eye doesn't hurt you know wow we didn't expect this outcome it hurts yeah and this is something that I often times am really a little bit upset about when you look at media approaches and activist approaches to animal research is that they try to they try to see equivalency between scientific research and like you said cosmetic research that's some that stuff that happens with no IRB approval that stuff that happens in private medical Institute or private corporate institutions you know pet food companies cosmetic companies things like that but when we talk about legitimate science government-funded science science that's happening in public and private universities there are insane protocols that have to be covered you can't do research on animals if there are certain ethical ramifications it has to be minimally invasive to the animal to get the desired outcome it has to be minimally painful to the animal you're always trying to improve the safety and the health of the animal I I definitely see cut offs with animal research I have a hard time with the idea of doing animal research on dolphins elephants and great apes yeah but but much below that I'm a huge advocate of animal research and but I'm an advocate of talking about animal research in a responsible way and I think a lot of times what happens is that the activists focus on third-rail things that aren't even the real conversation legitimate animal research is absolutely necessary for a functioning society and for improved medical care and anybody who says that they're against animal research should never take another pill and their lips and they should never get surgery because none of that could exist without animal research sorry sorry to tell you that's just the way it is I have one great resource for this look up speaking of research it's an amazing organization that advocates for animal research and disseminates appropriate information to the public that is not you know valence twit kind of hysteria and and media fear-mongering well there you go all right so look up speaking for research capstone course in high school order School of Humanities and Sciences.

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