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Do my benefits of the capstone project

Do my benefits of the capstone project what is capstone unit narrative writing jenny eather ´╗┐it involves a wide range of skills from working with water quality to doing everyday calculations of physics on pumping and piping and filtering to biology of marine organisms and fish feeding health management diseases genetics and breeding we do propagation techniques for shellfish or fin fish we teach the program not as a narrow science but as a real broad approach so that students could leave the program and go into any number of areas of science and take jobs in lots of different types of organizations the hands-on aspect of this program is integral to the learning that we do it's one thing to of course lecture and put a bunch of bullet points up on a PowerPoint slide and talk about facts but they don't really sink in until you actually see them in action and that's where the hands-on aspects comes into play for example we can teach how to grow clams and how to harvest clams but until you get out there pulling the rake you don't know really how hard it is to get clams oh this is just a research Sanctuary that we use for teaching and education purposes I'm going to try to find the edge of a bed which is made out of plastic netting and I don't protect them for a while until they get bigger what I can do then is kind of dig right here to the edge and so you just kind of sleep so you can hear a squeaking that's how you can tell there's a clamp normally we dig with our hands because you can't get a rake in a well planted clam bed it's just too too many it's like digging in a gravel road so here's a different variety of sizes this is called no Tata and it occurs at about 2% in nature so this one we call a homozygous because it's got both recessive genes and this one is called heterozygous because it's got one recessive gene but it still shows through and it's real pretty it looks like it's got a zig-zag pattern on the shell we use that to teach genetics we also you can see the oysters that are growing over here this is a new oyster reef that we started with some cult's material we planted it out in the oysters attached to it and then when the oysters grow then there's another shell there for a new oyster to grow when we can get years and years of oysters growing on top of each other I mean marine biology who doesn't want to be a marine biologist but you know when you're high school and so we'd like to take that that interest and love for sciences and marine and put that into an applied context so that you can see there is some uses for this so today we're going to be doing a phytoplankton to kind of lower it down into the water and you're going to make sure there's no bubbles into the bottle when you lower it down kind of let it sit there means I'm gonna take your salinity and temperature put your thermometer into the bottle the water and while you're doing that when you take your slinger with your refractometer put a drop of water on it look in and your salinity today is 32 and take your temperature which is around 12 degrees Celsius today we do this to measure the turbidity and how far you can be in the water I'm gonna let it float it down and you can't see the white anymore she's right there you're gonna pull it back up and measure how far you should be do this so you can test salinity temperature hardness pH alkalinity ammonia and nitrite and nitrate so we have all these tests that you would learn and learn how to manage the equipment for testing it as well another tool we use here is a do meter which measures the amount of dissolved oxygen in a system this probe here it's protected by a permeable membrane which locks in an electrolyte solution and keeps out water only allowing dissolved oxygen to pass through and we can go over here and use that now now we have to make sure we swirl the probe in the water because it's going to absorb any oxygen that's in direct contact with it and eventually it'll level out and we can get an accurate reading we also teach how to how to feed organisms feed fish and so the students actually make their own feet we feed all the brood stock the same food it's a jelly Belly mixture with squid shrimp and fish protein added we then add gelatin let it gel freeze it and bring it out as we need to and chop it up finally to feed to the brood stock these guys right here are the blue line neon go bees we have neon Jody backs in this tank and we also have orchid Dodi backs the two things that were the most proud of the tank are we've got a Solaris clownfish and a yellow line neon Gobi which is actually endangered we've got about five point two million rotifers in that first bucket there so if you were going to count them you just want to take ten one milliliter samples throughout the container so you get a good representation of the population because there's usually so many right offers in a small amount of water I'm going to do like a one to 10 dilution so we got 10 milliliters of the sample so we do that and then we can take a 1 milliliter sample from that put it on a slide on our microscope and then we can we can count how many are in there how many we have for a milliliter we can see the health of the rotifers i tried to have the students get a very good overview the first year so that they see kind of a little bit of everything that we do at some point during that year they will make a comment or they'll show particular interest in one area and then i'll cue in on that and started getting them really involved in that area of our program I like to see that learning aspect and I've seen that over and over many times and sometimes that will actually turn into a business for that student about 20 years ago I got a degree in marine biology and decided to kind of get back in touch with the marine biology part of it and hook that was skip here at CCC and gotten to the aquaculture started taking classes and I had no idea how to build systems or even hatch fish when I started so I've learned to build recirculating systems how to help hatch fish how to take care of the fish how to make food for the fish everything I've learned here I've been able to apply it to my business I like working for myself I have two small kids so it kind of gives me the freedom to do what I want when I want the the training that I've received here at Carteret Community College has prepared me to start up my own business and it's given me the confidence and the knowledge that I feel I'm going to need do that successfully this is our shellfish nurseries we have them in the up Weller's here each up Weller is taken out and brought over to the table for rinsing water is run gently over top of them to clean off all excess dirt the crop needs to be sieve to separate the larger growing oysters from the slower growing oysters to do this you take the oysters out and run them through this sieve which will separate out the larger ones from the smaller ones the smaller ones are then put back inside the container that they came from while the larger ones are put back into a different container that has a larger mesh size if you're if you think you might be interested in this program I certainly would encourage you to come down for a visit and we'd glad to take you on a tour and you can see really how it would involve you do my enterprise risk management jobs salary Nazareth College, Pittsford, near Rochester.

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