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Do my ap capstone seminar task 1

Do my ap capstone seminar task 1 2 capstone lane huntsville for money linux system sample cover letter ´╗┐hi guys this is norm I have for you today an inbox review of the kinetic rg-31 mark 3 for the Canadian Armed Forces stationed in Afghanistan in the early 2000s I told myself a couple years ago never to buy a kinetic kit again but because this is the only game in town I have basically no choice but to go for for it okay so let's look inside see what they gave us this time some of you may remember that I did a series on the MATV MRAP from kinetic and that it turned out pretty bad I had the over 30 errors listed in the instructions and and a lot of fit issues and as recently mark O'Neill also released a a pre reveal video basically talking about the same thing so within two two and a half years kinetic hasn't solved the MA TV issues so I really hope that this is not of the same lineage so big huge black and white booklet 28 pages that is massive for a six inch long truck not even I think it's like 5 inch long and there's a lot of parts comes with a minimal interior and of course since it's an MRAP is tons and tons of suspension work it's all exposed so what I did is is quickly I opened up the page and then I followed the sprue step-by-step and I compared the instructions to the sprue numbering and from step one to step five so far and I won't go any further now all matches and one interesting aspect of the these fifty first parts used in step one to five they all on once proof which is very nice okay it's from one sprue you build basically the front suspension engine look alike that thing and some of the transfer case it's a very very good idea it's very well laid out sprue and thus far that kind of impressed me so that's about it for the instructions I'm not going to go through the whole thing we'll talk a little tires later what I don't like and what gives me the creeps is this butterscotch color plastic it's very waxy looking this could be from the mold release which I can feel it's just like slips like if they had used food Pam you know that spray release for muffins and stuff that's what it feels like it's very waxy and it's slippery so obviously this will probably need to be washed in warm water and soap and air dry and hopefully get rid of some of that mold release what it strikes me is also is how soft the deed the details are all the bolts are around a lot of details that should be full actually are caved ins and that's from either a lack of plastic or the parts were removed from a hot mold and and then the differences in temperature got the parts to sink and gives you these little divots everywhere well like a metal is staring usually there's a logo well that's gone machine guns sides are caved in so it's unusable and and so forth there are a lot of little details and things that will really need to be paid attention to when you're trying to fix them or you'll have to find accessory kits like resin kits for interior a resin tires and so forth so already this is a forty five US dollar kit it's very expensive I call it premium and looking quickly at the box what I see is Annie Talarico like if people know the quality of their a RVs it's always like 70s and 80s machining or tooling it looks okay but it's not quite there you know so once again they kind of missed the bus like I say soft details a lot of you checked an ejector pin marks they should learn to put the ejectors on the sprue gates and leaves them them to be able to machine both sides of the parts and have no ejector pin marks on them but they still haven't learned that more parts what mark away might be with me rims and tires for kinetics kit are very troublesome he's living through it now what is a me-tv I lived through it too the tires usually don't fit the rims whatsoever and I'm very scared and I I won't even bother you trying it here I just hope that they've solved the problem with this kit what's again very waxy phenol to the whole thing I got a Miss here that Miss is when an air bubble enters the mold that should not be there so the end this antenna is basically a goner but else we have a big boat a big bow and my sprue here hopefully I hope I hope the defenders were not warped in the process I hope they are still square somehow like I said it's it's sad to see this but sometimes happens from packaging you know now to sprue with more antennas the machine gun they say that's unusable it's I'll cave then most of these parts here are for the m151 protector turret if I don't like it I can always go to an AFV club or a traveler m151 which look a half-decent the clear parts very very clear as you can see from what the camera is picking up its seeing right through no new operations no fuckness it's everything is perfectly clear very happy with it this is the sprue atole about this is Prudie and in sprue D has all the parts from step one until end of step 5 they look alright but once again they look soft they look like if you're looking at a Annie Talarico if people that build a talent 3 in Tel Aviv armored trucks then you know what I'm talking about my part the whole I have a hole in my box and one part here was damaged as you can see there's a white line the white line is actually how stressed the plastic has been I had to band it back to us flat as I could then I passed two lines of thin Tamiya cement trying to reglue the part it was actually broke from the back it was bent this way clear happens ring shipping which is most likely I'll talk about the frame and the upper hall again here is the photo etch these two fan photo etched parts are for suspension work the rest there's two headlight guards and a couple of loop means that you put around the body not too bad decals are from printed by cargo craft and designed by buy some decals so bison decals is very good company no carrier film so which means you have to cut each decals very closely from the drawing in order to release them okay so so far so good that's an you get the hall since I told you the plastic is very waxy and brittle I say soft but once you pinch it it then it just kind of make sure that you scar wherever you want the plastic is separate from before so when you use your side cutters I get eczema or whatever don't touch the blade to it because then it will actually leave a hole cut a little bit withdrawn from the attachment point to leave something so you can send it off using your scientistic if you have nothing you probably end up with a hole so just a little warning there the upper hall is one piece is a lot of ejector pin marks inside I don't think I plan to super detail it much so I may overlook that if there is a liner that's even better not too sure about this here I'm not sure if the I think the protector turret mounts in the front of the aisle called the gunner crew commander hatch and this one is probably for another variant or maybe it's an escape act of some sort if there's no doors obviously on this everybody enters and egress from the vehicle from the rear the fit I'll tell you right away the fit is not that great I'm just trying right now to line it up from the front if I press and the rear sticks out so there is a bow and you'll have to address that so and I see that there are some fit issues the locator pins inside the hall are too long so they come flick so you'll have to adjust I'm pretty sure each model may be different a little bit so it looks the part hopefully even in the plastic is soft and brittle waxy looking you know I hope that the assembly goes well and then the end product looks the part I just hope that after step 5 I don't start bumping into the errors and stuff like that so in conclusion it looks like a good kid although I'm fearing due to the color and the texture of the plastic they might some be some issues and if I find more I'll let you know about it you take care guys bye bye do my project portfolio management research topics Manhattan College.

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