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Do my ap capstone research syllabus

Do my ap capstone research syllabus do my what is capstone financial need someone to write essay about me now ´╗┐hey everyone welcome to my room tour this is my dorm room at school so it's pretty small and I only have half the room but I think I've managed to set it up and decorate it in a way that I really like so I'm gonna start off by showing you my little coffee and drink corner I had this little bin and it has my two favorite coffees which are the Pike Place in French rows from Starbucks then I have some chamomile tea and hibiscus tea and these are like what I normally drink either in the morning or when I'm doing yoga or things like that then in these plastic drawers I have all my hot tools my hair stuff my contact lenses and my nail polish and then I have only underwear down there and then in this other top drawer I have a lot of beauty aids some like cotton rounds me I like medicine and things that I need in there and then of those other two drawers I have all my socks and on top of my desk I have some ways to display my jewelry and some cute little sayings on there I have my rock salt lamp and then I have my dreamcatcher which is above my bed and then all of these nice pictures of me and my friends and my boyfriend just so I can have some memories from home while I'm here at school and now for my makeup storage on my desk I have this little storage container that has a lot of blush eyeshadows glitters I keep my false eyelashes some bronzers just kind of random things in that bottom drawer in the middle drawer I have all my foundations concealers BB creams there's also a chopstick in there you know just I really try to make what fits fit because I have a lot of makeup and not very much storage then in the top shelf I have a lot of my mascaras lipsticks can some concealers just lots of skinny things that all fit right next to each other in there and then on top of this little storage thing I have all of my makeup palettes I have some lipsticks up there my beauty blenders and just some other things that don't fit in the drawers then on the other side of my desk I have this big tin that has all of my makeup brushes in it I have my hairbrush and hair ties hung up on the wall and then I have my cotton rounds and and q-tips and just other things on my desk that I use frequently and I usually keep my computer on my desk and right now I have this sticky that has a saying that I really enjoy that says everything in life is an opportunity to become stronger and I to really live by that and my top door I have all my school supplies all my pencils and sticky notes and things like that and then in my drawer I have all my skincare I've deodorant perfume a face wipes just lots of things like that I've got my moisturizer in there so I'm like micellar water and and some like face masks that I do on special occasions and then in my second drawer it's totally random electronics some like little art supplies and notebooks in there I don't use much of this stuff in there in my bottom drawer I have like a lot of my headphones random things I keep all my textbooks in there and my toaster which I am technically not supposed to have but gotta have my bagels moving on to this little corner under my bed that's where I keep my yoga mat I do yoga every single day so it's nice to have it in a convenient place and then I have this little like massager rollerball under there and that's what I use to massage out my shins after I go running and I have my back roller which is such a blessing all the time and then here's some of my decorations I have this tapestry that I got in Greece and I have some fairy lights up around my room and then I also have these hanging flowers which I actually made so I just bought a bunch of really nice-looking flowers from Michaels and hot glued them together to create this really natural looking head fake head board thing and here's my bedding and then underneath my bed I have my dresser which is really space-saving and in my top drawer I have all my like cute shirts it's totally unorganized I know second drawer I have all my sweat pants t-shirts comfy clothes and pajamas and then on my bottom drawer I keep all my jeans leggings skirts bottoms and bras and then next to my dresser I have this little Ottoman thing which I actually need to get up onto my bed because it is so high off the ground but it's a storage ottoman which is really nice because that's where I keep all my workout clothes and then on my bedside table I have my fish tank which has my pet fish his name is baby and his tank is right next to my bed which is really nice and then on top of the tank I have an essential oil diffuser which I have on all the time it really makes it smell so great here and right now I've been using this calming that aromatherapy mix from Bed Bath & Beyond and then I have my two plants I have a bonsai tree and a nice little plant I don't actually know what it's called but I really love this corner if my because it's really natural looking and brings me a lot of peace and relaxation then I have a couple storage cubbies in my bedside table in the top one it's just kind of random cleaning supplies I have like trash bags and laundry bags and stuff like that and my second one I have some like I have my blender my coffee cup some silverware and then underneath I have a bunch of mugs and cups and things that I use under there now for the other half of my room here's my mini-fridge I try to stay healthy so I have some like almond creamer for my coffee which I use every single day it's really great non-dairy creamer and then I have some clementines carrots apples I've got some cream cheese for my bagels which I always need and then in my freezer I have frozen bag of veggies which I put on rice or even put in a ramen if I want to that's just helps me out a little nutrients to my not-so-great food and then I have my frozen mangoes with so I can make my favourite smoothie which is just coconut milk and mango it's amazing you should try it then it next to my mini fridge I have my closet so on top of the shelf in my closet I have these bins and I'm so lucky I'm tall cuz I can fit all my sweaters and I can reach them up there which is really great and then I have this really great scarf hanger which is so good it's trying if you have a lot of scarves like I do and you need a place to hang them all and then I hang up all my flannels I have all my jackets and then over here on the side I have all my party dresses which I don't wear very often but I love having them here anyway and then I have this shoe organizer where I keep my robes and wash claws and then the shoes I wear a lot check out the difference between my new and my old white converse and then on the bottom of my closet I have my uggs my rain boots my coach boots I have my bean boots and then some Birkenstock sandals and those are what I wear most of the time right now because it's pretty cold out so boots are what's in right now and then on my closet door I have both of my backpacks the blue backpack has all of my dance shoes and things that I need to go to dance class in it and then my other backpack is my school backpack which has my notebooks pens and pencils books things I need for class in there and then underneath I have my shower caddy which has all my skincare my toothbrush and other things I need in the shower and that is my room I really hope you enjoyed this video and it gave you a little sneak peek about what dorm life is really about if you enjoyed this video please like comment and subscribe to my channel if you have any other video ideas that you want me to do please leave them in the comments below thank you so much for watching this video and I hope to see you all in my next one bye do my capstone turbine electric car Barnard College.

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