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Do my ap capstone research paper cheap

Do my ap capstone research paper cheap games for one handed players end argumentative essay ´╗┐what's going on guys I'm super excited for today's video and I hope you guys are too some of you guys probably not on the Fortnight craze but it has taken over the interwebs it is by far the biggest game on the internet if not in history is broken like every kind of record possible this is not a sponsored video whatsoever but I have been playing the game I may not be the best of players but it's the effort that counts it's the effort that counts in fact if you haven't if you haven't noticed or you haven't seen I've been playing over on Twitch that's right so should go ahead and follow me on Twitter the link will be right there we can play together it can be a good time today we are going to create something fun we are going to create something really really fun and that is the fortnight choke joke alright so if you guys are familiar with the game there's something called the shield potion there's slurp juice and the chug chug the chug chug just takes you to that maximum co2 % delicious level so it's got all the goodies inside to rejuvenate you to heal you to energize you well maybe not to energize you but I feel like in order to get to that hundred percent level and feel really good you need to be energized so the ingredients that are actually going to be inside of this healing liquid are actually going to be ingredients such as proteins there's gonna be vitamins there's gonna be hydrating liquids and of course we're gonna see well the colors really important here guys let's let's let's be honest the color is by far the most important component of Olives which is why I actually have two different colors of energizing liquids I got myself some GPO blue ice and then I got some Gokul Gaines galactic rocket pop I'm gonna see which powder actually colors everything in the right way so I'm not really sure but we got to use one - we got some of these flavor liquid drops we got ourselves two different colors of sports drinks some Gatorades one is a little bit more than lighter I feel like I'm gonna be going with this because of the other ingredients or possibly with this we have an entire carton of egg whites this is a nice neutral color that I think is going to work well and we get all our protein stuff yeah well then we got ourselves some real lemon juice now you asked me lemon juice has a lot of vitamin C well does let me just have a lot of vitamin C I'm good I'm gonna soon lemon juice has a lot of vitamin C especially if you put about a cups worth inside this isn't gonna be a challenge if it's gonna be easy to drink am i right am i right I'm right then we got that coconut water for all those electrolytes you know you're running around in the game had non-stop so you want to feel better you want to feel better in those electrolytes I'm going like you'll feel better so what I'm gonna do first here is play around some colors I know I want to use almost all these ingredients but I don't really know in the proportion or necessarily like which one of these I'm gonna use so I got four boxes on this bunk I'm gonna do a little bit of experimenting and testing and then we're gonna fill up my big jug here I know it's not the real the real chug chug but it's it's similar at the end of the day it's what's inside that matters not the appearance on the outside all right we're gonna start here I'm gonna go ahead and toss a little bit of egg white into all of these because we definitely want egg white in this entire ordeal we actually might need more than this I got plenty more in the fridge you guys know I see what happened here oh I don't like that color already I feel like this might be too light I think that is going to be too late I think we're gonna have to go with the darker color here I'm putting a little lemon juice here lemon juice here yeah okay definitely got a squash this right away right okay we'll give it a chance hold on we'll see what a little bit of this liquid is gonna do changes it a little bit here now we're almost the same color we'll take our coconut juice I'm pretty satisfied with this color to be honest we'll try and liven it up just a little bit more but I'm pretty satisfied with this color all right so we are gonna start off with the essentials we know we need proteins you can't get anywhere in life without protein so we're gonna make sure that we get at least at least a cups worth of protein from our egg whites here maybe we'll do a little bit more we'll go ahead and do a cup and a half we're gonna go ahead and do a cup and a half of egg whites a cup and a half of egg whites so we're gonna start off with some egg whites that is 42 grams of proteins was pour that guy in there we're gonna add our yellows first so we want to add an entire cup of lemon juice that's right some of you guys won't be able to do this because you're not man enough but if you are you got to put it in a cup doing this isn't fresh lemon juice really well that's okay but I'm gonna follow that up by adding one cup of coconut water drinking too much coconut water can cause diarrhea so make sure you don't drink too much coconut water next up we are going to add our powders now we are going to add so we're gonna go ahead and add one scoop of ghost beans so and then we're gonna add a little bit of extra fun by adding some cheap fuel all right want to make sure that we mix this guy up [Music] this we are going to add young talk this year is there's a net next step we these a little bit more to do because we need we need a hydrate so we don't have the color that we want yet so now we get to change warm there we go thank you pretty much a daiquiri what do you think Mel how's our color luck differ I know right she would be more darker this color now I realize for one this drink isn't glowing but if you are doing this challenge yourself and you can one-up me and make your drink glowing on all of us the power to you to go over once again what is inside here so you guys can duplicate this challenge yourself or wait I can't recommend you guys doing this but if you do it that we should probably put it on YouTube one and a half cups of egg whites 42 grams of proteins we got our lemon juice 1 cup of lemon juice for that delicious vitamin C we got ourselves coconut water for all those electrolytes we also have the additional butyrate for additional electrolytes and we got a little bit of G fuel and a little bit of Gokul games for that extra extra energy and of course I've seen some other shield potion drinks out there they mix some sprite and some booze I'm not really sure how that's gonna heal you up and make you feel better well maybe it would make you feel a little bit better but it's not gonna heal you up and make you stronger overall but this this right here makes sense and this is the fortnight chug jump challenge let's do this watch out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh man do I feel powerful whoa hopefully you guys enjoyed today's video so you guys do follow me on Twitch you know my social media comment down below what you guys want to see next I think this takes some getting used to to really appreciate the power thanks again for watching appreciate your support if you guys want one of these furious tees link is in the description below or just visit furious apparel accom catch you guys in next week's episode as always my friends you guys stay sexy say Hunger Games yet lady [Music] capstone park website Mohawk Valley Community College.

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