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Do my ap capstone individual presentation

Do my ap capstone individual presentation access 2016 capstone project ac 3 reconstruction failure or success essay outline ´╗┐good afternoon everyone I am back at penny park that's just loaded with trash and of course Penny's been here about a couple minutes and just started popping all kinds of pennies out and got my first one that was a little bit deeper about five inches down there there's the first weenie so there are still old coins here mask under all this modern and stuff and trash let's keep going I've been here about 20 minutes or so there's an update bah-choo Penny's probably got close to 20 of them now and only one dime in there everything else has been a penny have the one other waiting my pouch and I got this one pretty deep here I'm thinking this might be a wheat penny it's a weak signal it looks pretty crusty boy that's really caked on there see things here on the front yeah I 1944 it looks like see if I can get that the Sun there we go beep any number two let's get some more oldies okay I just got another we've penny and if you guys have watched a couple of past videos I've only hunted this place two times before but all the old coins almost all the old coins have come about halfway through this filled up until this fence line so I'm not sure why but it's just this one section here where all the old stuff has been and the belt three inches down on that one just masked by the trash targets and I it's crusty we get the date later hopefully can get another silver dime or something out here today alright guys still here by this fence line only up about another yard and really happy right now I had a real high signal that was deep and I'm still not sure what the target is I'm hoping it's going to be a silver coin but uh I popped this huge plug same with good seven inches down there and look at this beauty right here on the end of my plug it's been a while since i found an old marble that's an old vintage one right there look at that sweet and I love the old marbles beautiful it's got orange swirls blue with orange swirls in it beautiful let's check the whole game see what that targets here still right here so maybe this was a little spill with the marble it's a pretty good signal there it is right there horse from penny Park it's another penny and that's a memorial penny it's not even a weedy but I think that one's high relief probably from the 1960s in there with that marble check the whole again that was it good at ten thirty nine signal it sounded real solid not like a bottle cap like more like in the coin size range and I pulled it out and sing like the size of a penny but it's a lot thinner not sure what it is it's kind of interesting though gave off a nice signal work in the fence line I had a plug here earlier came over this way again man I got a deep like maybe eight nine inch target real faint you know pulled out this little Claude here got an old coin down in there no one's got to be old it was way down there 1953 so that's going to be another weedy she really deep stuff in here I mean even a lot of the modern pennies from like the 70s have been 67 inches down so get them faint deep once clearing out some more trash to been here at least an hour and finally I nearly got my first quarter how to penny park on this trip that's why it's called penny park right there probably about 50 pennies from two dimes finally a quarter right guys still working this fence line I've been doing it for like an hour and a half there's just so much garbage and modern pennies in here I got a tone that was masked by trash but one direction it sounded good and anytime I get a good coin tone I just start digging you know as soon as I flip the plug i saw this right here it looks like a silver quarter you know looks old too I don't know maybe it's an SL q I can't really tell much from that little part there check it out though oh no it's a some sort of medallion oh wow man this is heavy that's silver too oh wow looks like it's got some B's something carved in there like a name maybe Wow Carolyn and Jackie that's crazy I'm pretty sure that's silver hmm not one hundred percent though but man it has the look to it and cleaned right off and it was pretty deep I'll test it when I get home but yeah that's a cool fine that's silver that's got a lot of weight to it sweet all right let's keep looking in here all right i'm almost certain this is silver just the way it cleaned off and just the way it looks in the weight of it the density and I hit it with the probe it's like well I have it on the ground so it's picking up some other stuff but it comes up 845 every time so I'm almost certain that's sterling silver man that's a big Chuck I'll test I want to get home but that's a sweet fine not sure how old it is but uh maybe around the 1960s just a guess all right let's keep swinging and on this hole here got another deep signal I didn't even dig down to it the whole yet but uh on this top of a bottle flaws on my way down and it looks like an old one there it's not a screw top that's pretty neat I'll see what's in this hole anything good on camera back on all right check it out awhile you got about a foot down and I and with that glass thing with this lid man that rang up sweet I was thinking it might be like a old compact or big pieces over some Anderson targets way down here let's keep looking okay guys create hunt today in a quick little wrap-up first of all there's all the pennies in a couple dimes two quarters in one nickel but it's the story of Penny park I've got about probably about 35 to 40 of them in there today and probably at least 150 for my last two hunts there for pennies and we're talking about probably like a 15 by 15 yard area so to get over two hundred pennies in a lot of other coins in that little area it's pretty fun for coin shooting but that's all the modern coins there is one first year issue 59 more ill in there I always seem to get them ended up with six Wheaties this time since I cleared a lot more the trash and cloud out there was surprisingly more older coins hitting this time this is the most wheedies have found their one hunt this is my third hunt at the spot but I'm not going to bother going through them they're just 1940s and 50s this is one of my favorite finds the day this beautiful old marble which was in the hole with the copper penny this interesting little aluminum tag no idea what that is and then the best find this piece of jewelry here and uh not exactly sure if it's just some sort of pendant or what but uh and just has the two names on it nothing else so I'm not really sure what the purpose of this would have been but uh I wasn't kidding when I said it was thick and heavy but anyway I don't have my tripod set up here I'm going to switch hands i'm going to show you guys the easier way to test things for silver so using the silver test acid which can be a little confusing to determine the results sometimes i'm going to show you how to test for silver using 18 karat gold acid so i'm going to scratch this on the stone a little bit there's a little mark that there and it got my 18 karat gold testing acid now what this does is if it's so over it i'll turn like a milky kind of color like a white and have a little bit of a like a light blue tint to it you can see it right there not sure how well it's going to show up on camera that's what you're looking for right there it's sterling silver and I yeah it's only a little bit bigger than a quarter but it's really dance so we're going to go ahead and wait here see all see I'll have it is how my skill set on Grahams 13.4 grams of sterling silver so that is that is not a joke it's a nice big piece of silver right there I think it's the Walking Liberty house I think there's other 12 and a half grams so that's a nice piece of silver there for sure thanks everyone for watching take care hope you're out there fine and treasure do my best research paper topics College of Osteopathic Medicine, Harlem.

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