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Do my accounting research topics ideas

Do my accounting research topics ideas do my topics for research paper about financial management wd mybook for mac review ´╗┐hey guys coaster directed coming out to you with the Six Flags 2016 announcements let's get started first up we have over Georgia which has a large kid section expansion they have two new ones Bugs Bunny boomtown and DC superhero friends for Super Friends it looks pretty good it has a nice little kid dropped our type thing has some little helicopter rides it has obviously one of the best things flying scooters I think every part should have that at this point and have had that for a while anyways moving on we got great both great america and mexico are getting a battle for metropolis this is a fantastic looking dark ride from the other to install that over Texas and st. Louis and from what I know great america really this is really going to help flush out great America's lineup because they really needed to dark ride and mexico i do not know because i really haven't looked into Six Flags Mexico magic mountain this is actually really really cool it's a revolution is getting repainted refurbished and brand new trains it's going to be pretty good ah it has new trains with calves and lap restraints so if you've ever been on an arm see coaster or at least uh the two that are not in Mexico are not in Mexico in Texas do not have a calf restraints but the rest of them do i'm pretty sure it's going to be like that it's just gonna have a lot bar in those which are it's pretty comfortable it restricts your legs a little bit but hey as long as you have your upper torso and no head banging it this should be a pretty good ride hopefully i'll be able to get out there i should be taking a trip to california in the next year around 2016 but whether i go to Magic Mountain or any theme parks for that matter will be is undecided right now next up is the Great Escape all they got this year was the Larson for which is it's okay but it's a Larson looper they could have added more I know Great Escape is like literally one of their smallest parks which I guess it's fine for that when it has literally like one part competing against it to parks anyways moving on Over Texas this is really exciting in my opinion this is they probably have the best new flat ride package of all of them they are getting Catwoman's whip a it's kind of like an inverted Enterprise I've never seen one like it but you know I haven't been to a lot of theme parks and that are anywhere outside the Midwest or Florida so I can't say and then they also have a Harlequin spin sanity which is also which is kind of like a shake rattle and roll or bad apples at Kings Island in kings dominion and Riddler's revenge which I'm guessing is a Huss giant topspin with a slightly lower amount of seating a hundred and forty seven feet tall meaning it is the tall it will be the tallest giant frisbee in the world I think I said topspin for the HUS I mean giant frisbee it does look like a Huss just with the whole top of the pendulum because I pretty I know delirium pretty well and max air and it looks pretty similar just the only thing is like around the end of the pendulum with the disk so Laran is actually gets a pretty decent flat ride package as well they get a first up they get low vampire backwards and according to Toronto Josh and n dilute member and a few other people look vampires the most intense of them so this is going to be a pretty intense backwards ride I don't know if it's going to be the entire season I highly doubt that I think it's just going to be a temporary thing like one month like Batman the right like Batman backwards was right it may be using the same trains I'm not sure and then Phoenix and grab it or a Phoenix once again flying eagles are flying scooters these things are needed at nearly every Park they are so much fun and also we have gravitate or what is a spinning inverted type ride thing I don't it's kind of it's a little family right thing next up we have six flags new england this one's pretty interesting first off we have fireball larson looper everyone gets a larson looper now who cares anyways and then we have Superman the ride which was bizarro it's being repainted possibly having the onboard audio taken off the bizarro theme taking it off obviously and then repaint it obviously repainted and so renamed to Superman the ride instead of Superman the right of Steel um I don't know what to say for this honestly I guess it's cool I guess it'll make it better if the on-board audio is taken off but it may not be at the same time anyways we'll just have to wait and see 2016 season still eight months away I think ish around there next up we have great adventure already covered this in my last video but its total mayhem the pretty much clone of Batman the ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas I have come to not despise this ride as much I'm a little bit disappointed I'm not nearly as disappointed as I was when I first heard about it but I'm it'll fill a nice and niche that the park does not have next up is Fiesta Texas they want along with them and over Texas they are both getting fantastic flat right expansions spin sanity a nice little spinning little flaw tried they also are getting fireball once again another Larson looper and then they're also getting hurricane forces a nice and perla disco last but obviously certainly not least you probably already expected this discovery kingdom is getting the Joker roller coaster rmc this is an RFC of roar but it's not keeping the same name or track looks gorgeous I love what they did with the whole green and purple that looks awesome it the layout looks fantastic check out the POV I'm not going to risk getting any strikes against my channel with it many ways check out the pob theme park review probably yeah theme park review has it up and a bunch of other places it's on Six Flags website it looks gorgeous I do think however kind of that they kinda shouldn't have RM seed this because due to the fact that it's the only wooden coaster they have however this looks awesome all the air time let's get on to the statistics just to show how much air time it has 15 total moments of airtime 3,200 feet long three inversions including a zero-g roll which is my favorite and version of personally and 180 degrees stall which is my I've been on one that goes completely inverted and uh 53 miles per hour tops only a hundred feet tall 78 degrees Rob so it is it really has some decent stats on it it's probably I think it's the shortest arm see so far yeah I believe so but anyways it looks like it's going to be a fantastic ride I don't believe I'll be able to get to it because there's a big difference between northern california and the la la la la san francisco area that all be around when i go there and so anyways moving on overall thoughts slightly disappointed with total mayhem just a little bit now excellent flat right additions these are awesome I know I mean it's especially over Texas and Fiesta Texas they look awesome Six Flags is the new Oprah for freakin Larson loopers you go to Larson looper you get alerts and loser Lou the Larson looper everyone gets Larson loopers it's just they're cheap I guess I don't know if they have a contract that they're in the next three years every 65 sparks supposed to have a larson loop or something like that anyways whatever Joker looks fantastic it looks excellent and overall it's slightly outdoes cedar Fair's announcements slightly even if you consider Val Raven it it tops it barely because Cedar Fair was giving some good flat ride packages to everyone and some nice little stuff and then what's pretty much confirmed what's pretty much confirmed what is confirmed is looks pretty good but overall I think this barely tops cedar Fair's anyways thank you for watching make sure to LIKE comment favorite and subscribe and always keep coasting write for me capstone bank montgomery School of General Studies.

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