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Do my access 2018 capstone project 1

Do my access 2018 capstone project 1 capstone ideas for msn for money do you need to report ira on taxes [Music] [Music] I doing guys I'm at the overnight Expo in Flagstaff Arizona and this vehicles caught my eye because it's really beefy and capable but still compact and I have Payton here yeah hi signed it when I built by company Bellingham Washington the name of PMI off-road it my design criteria really was was maneuverability so it's on a 20 foot standard pickup platform I wanted something that was highly recoverable so I have 16 pound winches one in the front one in the back let's go start from the front we'll walk around the plane point it all out right oh yeah as you guys notice if you're watching this video he doesn't have a crew cab it's a two-door single case designed the design point is for two people to go off grid for 2030 days and be comfortable it's like a AEV bumper yeah AEP bumpers are very good you know your bumpers on i-5 this is a 90 foot line synthetic line 16 ton winch so you pull yourself through anything as you can see I've got quite an array of lights hum the lights so it's like daylight when you're driving at night mm-hm then I and this is obviously a diesel right the diesel six-point-seven Cummins diesel nice in the back Wow now that is what I call a bumper you have another integrated 16 ton Warn winch just like the front one with 90 feet of synthetic line of course you know the advantage of synthetic line albeit way more expensive it doesn't absorb energy so if if it breaks or comes labor it's much safer lives have been lost winching out of with conventional cable this is a vision this is the cage it contains the spare tire prosper and all your recovery gear I've got lahar Desai by the way these are 35 35 fits behind there yeah well a 37-foot built for either 35 or 37 it's got a 16 ton land anchor so if you don't have anything to a fix your winch line to like your gear and sand as their various right you you can deploy the land anchor it's got onboard air and it's got compressed air dual compressors and the advantage of that is to say they both go they go in automatically in tandem if you run and that gives you a 200 psi continuous feed so if you're trying to inflate a big big tire like this you need continuous feed and a single air compressor will burn is likely to burn itself out two of them in tandem they alternate feeds and so you don't have any problem it's probably quicker to and yeah yeah much quicker so watch your head sir as you're going it's it's designed for two people two people who can sleep in standard twin size beds nice so if you're north of six feet you either sleep in the fetal position or you're out of luck but the iPad I have 80 gallons of fresh water it's two stainless steel 40 gallons of water a tag a lot of water 20:38 hot water here which is diesel and I've got this is an outdoor shower you attach the the hose with a shower nozzle and you can hot and cold do your shower got a diesel stovetop the advantage there is you're not going to be messing with propane hmm and it's got a an electric refrigerator and I've got the electronic pretty system this is the panel those are all your circuit breakers you've got your solar controller a 2000 watt inverter the pure sine wave inverter so and you've got on top you've got a 240 watt solar panel so you can literally run everything on here indefinitely unless you're in a tunnel with no Sun talk about your head yes sir that your head is you going all right all beautiful floors and we're in the ceiling Wow yeah the seat the ceiling is a tongue-and-groove seater you've got individually controlled lights leds leds that are dimmable you've got your galley fan that I just have opened now windows fixed windows and then all these that you see screenings and that's no seeum bug screen open up to be so there's a ton ventilation guys I've got as you can see a microwave and convection pizza oven I haven't really seen a lot of guys do this one that's good right yes very nice yeah and then the freezer fridge done combo yeah sure take a look inside a little bit LED lit in there too right freezer on this side right breeze around I guard the Ice Cube's waiting for later tonight that's another thing you don't really see a whole lot of because freezer a dedicated regional yeah a lot of storage on board underneath both bench seats are storage this tabletop goes down and then this converts to a standard twin size bed one adult here you want on adult they're all I see because it is smaller you don't have the crew yet it's a standard twin size mattress except that makes 78 539 yeah I would take up I would take up all this space here myself yeah you've got the sink hot and cold soap and plenty of storage a lot of storage on this these are all marine latches nice and storage under here this is a garbage and this is the cassette toilet oh why you got a toilet in here - that's fantastic right you don't have to leave if you have to go to the bathroom and I got exactly that is great yeah that's a furnace vent down there there's two furnace vents right there and right there you've got a very cool sound system for speakers 9 more speakers and yeah you know what I noticed too is you actually have these like almost like armor for taking your windows yeah so the thinking there is you can go to a remote trail head somewhere and you can shut this up and you don't have to worry about it a lot more secure you can't just break the window that's right that's great that's right that is mob this this aluminum box floats yeah so it's it's it's welded its 100% sealed okay I forgot to ask you does it the does it have lockers on this thing for going offroad differential lacquer yeah yeah the RAM what they have is they have a modified differential lock so it locks almost completely it's it's very impressive if you wanted diff locks you know that's something that you know a mechanic could do sure but I haven't come close to needing that on that level of attraction very nice well before we end this video I see the sign that says for sale so I'll tell the guys out there that might be interested in buying something like this what's the deal what's going on here okay so this is probably the best deal of the show because I have over 200 grand in this vehicle and I we have some family life issues life change issues that require us to sell it I'm selling it for 139 I mess everything that's everything truck ever instruct people been so blown away by that day and because it excludes the truck so I wrote on there yes it includes the truck does the it's you know it's it's an amazing deal that the the truck itself is you know 46 grams for the base truck yeah and we put about another 40 grand into the suspension so I'm close to 90 grand into the Jessica truck it's just a truck with suspension alone right how many miles on the truck 2,200 months so I try to be brand new me yeah I you know I bought this new had it delivered to the the guys who built it up in Bellingham Washington much like I delivered it in May of 15 and they built it and they finished work on it in October of 16 it's been sitting in my heated barn all winter this is really its inaugural trip down from Washington State and a great time for days I had an occasion to take it off-road in southern Utah it performed beautifully yeah very maneuverable drives like a ruby cuz of the shorter wheelbase yeah the shorter relase very cool well I'm sure the last thing that people are gonna want to know is how do they get in contact with you can win a bike okay so there we go Peyton Smith 18 at four to five four four three seven seven nine seven there we go all right the interview this is a beautiful rig I hope you sell it soon capstone consultants mumbai maharashtra for money Five Towns College, Dix Hills.

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