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Define capstone class

Define capstone class write for me paper presentation on android technology in ieee format argumentative essays 123helpme reviews ´╗┐hey everyone thanks for hanging out with me today today I am doing a lip swatch video so this is the second one on my channel and it is using the real hair cosmetics lipstick so cosmetic line only sells these five lipsticks I'm hoping nice um start bringing more things out because these are amazing as it is twenty percent of the profits made from the purchases of these lipsticks goes to the American Association of University Women you can have women's studies and also to empower women because we are amazing and I think making lipsticks is just such a cool way to endorse that and they have such cool names and I'm just so excited to show you guys these lipsticks so they're supposed to be moisturizing lip sticks and they only have five in their line so I'm going to be swatching them for you all and reviewing them for you so let's get straight into it okay I'm gonna start from the lightest to the darkest so this is the lightest one that they have first let's just talk about the packaging the packaging is so sleek and like basic but I love like basic packaging I think it's just like super you know sleek and chic sleek initially so it's got the white cap like that and it's like a very secure cap so that's a good thing on the top it has their logo focus on me real her that's their brand on the bunch of got you know like so cool do at home then on this side is the shade name so this one is I love myself see I just love like the names of these lipsticks because it's all just like empowerment of women this is a nude sort of peachy undertone nude I was today and I love it so much and I love how they have like the detailing in the lipstick of their brand that's really cool so I'm gonna switch this for you ignore this blue here I had a blue lipstick on before and it does not come off so this is I love myself I love the sheen tour I think it's just so beautiful it makes you look really healthy and glowy it's definitely not lying when it says it's a moisturizer moisturizing lipstick because it's like it feels just so moisturizing my lips are really dry as you can see like that blue lipstick was sticking onto my lips because my lips are so dry and now they don't feel dry at all because I just saw moisturizing and I feel like this has like tiny tiny tiny little glitter glitters in it but it's not like chunky glitter I took really nice and shiny and it's just really pretty like this is really good everyday lip and you can always just like keep it in your purse or something to reapply so that is a little mouth move more than name next one is cold i define beauty myself so this is like a movie pink that's how is described on the website it's described as I morph I agree this is a such a pretty more of what it looks like in the tube and loving like this right here oh my God my brother's names so much noise so let's try this on there's like lots of pigment in one swipe like look at this like it's like instantly on my lips you can see like the shininess and Mike shame in it when like I moved my head around so that's a really pretty it's not like glossy as it looks like I think that's really cool because you know glosses are so and I like your hair gets stuck in them my hair still gets stuck in this but like not as much as a gloss and it looks really glossy but it's not a gloss so I think that's really cool is this such like a pretty shade I reckon like this is really nice for every day as well even if you want to go out like you can like pay a really nice eyeshadow with this I feel like this one has a different formula then two then I love myself because I feel like this one's about moosie then the other one works like mcrae mean like like the sizable battery and then the other one of myself is like more no shiny like it's just a lot like a lot less comes on like it's a layer I love myself more than you do with this I feel like this one's more moosie and I love this formula like this one's really easy to just get on in a rush and this color super pretty as well that is i define beauty myself I actually kini all right now I just dug the lid into this no why don't be such a closet everything is when it's called women rule the world who are in where do you see I literally break out the song so much this is like a hot pink this sort of like a more under China's well but I really excited to try it see how looks on the lips that's really pigmented I love this color already please ignore the application okay clown but we're just going to deal with it and we're gonna forget about it this is women rule the world I think it's like a perfect Barbie pink color I just like again i love the formula of this I definitely still think the one before is a lot more musea than the one that also this one and I love myself that I love both the formulas equally um this sir Niall I'm not used to using lipsticks in a tube anymore i've been using like liquid lipsticks for so long i still like i love this color i think it's or really it reminds me of candy yum yum from mac or flat out fabulous so this is candy candy yum yums a lot more pink and like brighter and then flat out fabulous is just a little bit more purple so I think this looks dick is like the mix of these yeah I'm loving this color that is women rule world the next one is a red and this is called be yourself be real hair very catchy it's described as just a read on the website but I'm feeling it's like more of a deep right actually I think it's called deeper and I'm a website I'm not entirely sure about we'll see how it goes this looks like a like a perfect fall autumn lip in the tube so we'll see how we go that is beautiful okay seriously what have I done you know what you seek nor the application I just going to show you to call up I came up oh my god so as you can see this application is completely horrendous when i'm using darker colors like this i will usually get a lip brush for like the top but as you can see oh my god this is such a beautiful color so it's definitely not just a straight up red it's like got a dark undertone to it more like a vampy red it's like a blood room that's how I would describe it but I think it's like so beautiful in feminine and makes it teeth look way bonus so that is be yourself be real her and the last shade is cold I am powerful what a great last shade I am powerful so this is like way darker than the one I just put on and I am so excited to put this on good like such a Michal I love dark colors let's give the well I'm after young really precise with this hmm oh my god this is so beautiful i love that i would need like a lip liner or conceal the edges with these talk dark lipsticks as i said before that is i am powerful and i think the name is so suitable for the color because most people don't wear these colors out so if you wear this your powerful i love it so much definitely looks so beautiful it really brings out my eye color and it's really good for like auto they're just so creamy and pigmented I love them that is I'm powerful so that is all the lipsticks from the real her cosmetics lipstick lad I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel also follow my instagram twitter tumblr snapchat it's all in the description box if you want to purchase these lipsticks i'll put the link in the description box because you know actually really recommend them it's so good how they donate 20 percent of their profits to the American Association of University Women so I think it's really cool i'll see you guys in my next video bye hey everyone so today I'm showing you my eyebrow routine my updated eyebrow routine so it's changed a bit since the last one I did and I've definitely learned more techniques so if you like to learn how I do my eyebrows then just keep on watching enterprise risk management events for money State University of New York at Buffalo.

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