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Define academic capstone

Define academic capstone write for me capstone bank sale application letter for any position available cover (scribble sound) (video game music) Hello. So, today's video is actually going to be a response video to Casey Neistat. I believe that's how you say his name. Deaf problems, can't really hear it. And Roberto Blake, one of my favorite YouTubers of all time. But before I get into that, real quick, I wanna mention that the No More CRAPtions shirts are back in stock through the 21st. So if you've been wanting to get one of these shirts, I'll have the link down below in the description box and in the comment that is pinned. So there's a link. You can get one through the 21st. This is not the only color available. There are a few others. If you wanna help bring awareness to proper captions on YouTube and the Internet, there you go. So, Casey Neistat uploaded a video about the pressure of being a YouTuber, and a couple of days later, Roberto Blake made a response video to that and I have watched his video. I have not watched Casey's video because it's not captioned and he's not someone that I can understand very much when watching his videos. Couldn't understand him in person very well, not in videos. I don't know exactly what all he's saying in that video, but a heads-up, Casey. If you're watching this, please consider captioning your videos to make them more accessible. So I wanted to kind of give my own thoughts about this because Roberto did ask in his video what struggles a lot of us were facing, and I wrote some down because there's definitely some stuff, especially as somebody who's more of a marginalized creator, in terms of being a deaf YouTuber, granted. I'm gonna make a disclaimer. A little more privileged than other deaf folks, I understand, but compared to the hearing folks, less so. Let's get into it. One of the main things is ... (laughs) This is probably the one thing that makes me feel very (grunts) the most, and that's the pressure to be constantly on a hustle, on a grind. The one YouTuber I can think of, and I love this woman the most, I would not have spent money on the ring that she has if ... I don't even know where it is, but I was gonna wear it for this video, but I don't know where it is. But literally, God, I respect her so much, Lilly Singh. She is someone who is constantly hustling, constantly grinding, and it's just, holy crap. But eventually, when you work so much, so hard, you get to the point where your body is eventually going to shut down. That is eventually what happened to her not too long ago when she got very sick. That made me worried for her. At the same time, when I would watch her and I would watch other people also, like Casey, who ... Is he still vlogging every day now? I thought he was and then he quit. I don't remember now. Uploading daily vlogs or constantly pushing out really big content, but also doing other stuff on the side, maybe writing or whatever else. And really, the reality is, is that's just not a good thing to do. You need rest days. I'm gonna be honest, I don't even take my own advice sometimes. That's probably why I got so sick. I probably picked up something from somebody, but another thing is that I probably got so ... Part of me was sick because of how much stress I put on my body during the month of April and March. That's kind of scary; feeling like if you don't put out this much content or do this much work that you're not really doing well at your job. Another thing, of course, is something that everybody experiences once you get to a certain point, and that is hate comments. These are things that can happen regularly. I have plenty of YouTube friends who get this on a regular basis. Some friends get it every once in a while. I don't get them very often on YouTube, but on Facebook, oh, I see it. (laughs) I've seen it after I did an interview, or more like Tim Cook interviewed me because I screwed up that day, (laughs) but a lot of comments on two Apple website videos, oh man. And that's stressful. That's really, really stressful because it's like if you didn't grow up a certain way, if you're not doing this, if you're not doing that, and sometimes people just plain ol' don't like you. And they wanna make it known. Of course there's a difference between constructive criticism and hate comments. We're not talking about comments like, "Hey, you could maybe get a cleaner background and maybe don't show the side of your bed." That's my own comment. (laughs) But I'm just talking about things that may just be out of your control and you're trying your best to do something, and these people just aren't having it. And then of course, there's stuff that's even worse stuff; the kill yourself comments, drink bleach comments, slurs, and all kinds of stuff. You are one person against an army of people is what it feels like. There are so many people watching you. It can be difficult. You're just trying to do what you do, mind your own business sometimes, but then there's just so much out there and it can be very, very overwhelming. If you're someone with a mental illness, like, hi, I have depression, it can be really, really difficult. There's also the fear of screwing up and not being likable 24/7. It's impossible to be likable 24/7. Not everyone is going to like you. You may know that; I know that. But at the same time, in the back of your brain, it's just like, "But I want everyone to like me, otherwise this is bad." It's just not gonna happen. I don't even like everyone. There are a couple YouTubers I'm not too fond of, so why am I trying to tell myself that I want everyone ... You can want everyone to like you, but it's not worth the stress of not being able to please everyone. Still, that puts a lot of pressure on YouTubers, or anyone who makes content online, really. And the last thing I have ... We'll throw that out. The whole comment of, "It's easy to be a YouTuber." I touched on this briefly in my previous video about being bad at YouTube. If you're just taking a really quick iPhone video, smartphone video, and then uploading it straight to the Internet, you might have it in vertical mode and whatever, and you're not doing any editing, and you're not doing this as part of your income, as part of your career, or trying to push your career or whatever, it's probably gonna be easy to be a YouTuber. But when we're talking about YouTuber, we're talking about people like me, like Casey, like Roberto, the people who put in so much work planning their videos, making sure equipment is decent, the lighting is decent, the writing, whatever, and then putting it up there, making sure everything in post looks good, and then the promotion. It doesn't take five minutes of time; it takes so much longer. You're essentially trying to be an entertainer, an educator, or whatever, so you have to make sure that these people are entertained, that these people are educated. You want them to come to you and stay there. That's a lot of pressure because if you don't get that done, you feel like it's not worth continuing. So, yeah, those are some of the things that I thought of while I was watching Roberto's video. I just wanted to share that with you all. If you are a YouTuber and you're facing some struggles, let me know what they are in the comments below. And before you go, if you haven't, consider pledging on Patreon. I have perks, so if you donate or pay this much money a month, you get a little something. I will see you later, bye. ubc electrical engineering capstone Rockland Community College.

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