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Data science capstone project milestone report order

Data science capstone project milestone report order capstone fs 34 advertising agency client case study ´╗┐hey guys how you doing Ron Raymond here with the Raymond report for Saturday June 2nd hopefully you're having yourself a great Saturday start of the weekend as always guys you enjoyed these videos please hit that like button subscribe to our channel by topping the notification bill in the top right hand corner and each and every day we want to release the video you'll get notified via email that today's video and pics are now up on our YouTube channel also take advantage of our 7 day free trial membership by going to ATS sign up put in the promo code youtube' and you'll get 7 free day access to ATS NASSCOM and you'll be able to enjoy the great features as the Raymond report the 80s forecast the line moves the 80% Club and many other great features we have at ATS dot-com one last thing guys if you look below this video you'll see a link that says show more click on that link it's a you're gonna see our top 50 major league baseball stats and trends of the day please click that link enjoy the stats and if you if you want to make a little comment on the stats please do so we would appreciate see if people are actually using those stats and this way it'll give us an indication that people are using it we'll keep pulsing them every day all right a little recap here yesterday two and one not a bad day we're back in the winner's circle we had the under in the Pittsburgh game last night the total won against Pitt st. Louis that game finished for nothing we had Colorado plus 102 they lost against the LA Dodgers however we did win with Oakland - 120 against Kansas City and they won by two touchdowns and a safety in that game and those are types of games where if you're on the right side and it's a 9 nothing after five innings you feel pretty good and confidence with that selection all right so we got three selections going here for Saturday we're gonna go with st. Louis - 147 with Weaver on the mound we're gonna go Washington and Latta under the total under 9 up - 130 and we're gonna finish off the hat trick with San Diego - 109 against Cincinnati Lauer's on the mound against Harvey so we're gonna go st. Louis Washington a lot of under and San Diego - 109 and before we finish off guys that it's going to give you a sneak preview of the Raymond report so the work we've been doing behind the scenes and kudos goes out to our programmer and our marketing team for working on this and hopefully we can get this version out very very soon so let's look at the Pittsburgh st. Louis version today so as you see up here we're gonna give you a snapshot of the rain report so we have Pittsburgh four point five eight with st. Louis at five eleven 5.11 so we've got st. Louis morning of the game in the forecast there's no streaks to report the law of average so a lot of average is this play on a team that lost their last game against a team that won their last game so we got st. Louis in this situation the money line is coming in on the st. Louis so it opened up a minus 143 it's been bet up to 147 on the edges so you see we have nine and zero basically it's these checkmarks you see right here all these check marks what we're gonna do is we're gonna post them on the in the top part right here so there's no check smart for a Pittsburgh but there's nine of them for st. Louis so this way you know when you're doing fifteen handicapping you have kneecap in 15 games a day in 56 college football games these are snapshots that you can use to eliminate some of your your handicap me if you don't want to look look through 56 college football games also the over unders 3 overs 3 unders and what we're doing right here is we're counting the over-and-under edges anything that's over 60% we're qualifying as a an edge so this way when you look on the top you're gonna see that you know there's three overs with the stats that I have 60% or higher so you know there's an edge right there right here we're gonna give you a snapshot of the game so you know today is June 2nd the game time is at 1:15 central time so 2:15 Eastern we have the money line we're gonna put the pitchers names right here Pittsburgh with the spread the over/under is 9 we're gonna give you the last game in the current game also the PVR rating on the the situation of winning this game so the the parity value index rating on winning this game is 52.6% for Pittsburgh and it's uh you see here 54.5% for st. Louis now we're gonna show you guys the last 10 games of each team and if you click on this link right here it's gonna bring up the whole season so you can look at the season the pictures the lines the odds so this way if you want to track something you'll be able to do so right there now here's the situations for Pittsburgh as you can see when Pittsburgh coming off a road win as an underdog they're 1 in 3 in their next game in the second game of a road trip they're all in one this season and also if you look right down here when Pittsburgh's on the third game of a series on the road this season or two and four and when they're coming off a win in Game two of a series they're 1 & 2 in their next game so a little plus that's pointing towards st. Louis here and if we look at the edges here for st. Louis the Cardinals are 8 and 3 at home versus division opponents after division games are 8 and 5 and now if you look right here first NL Conference opponents they're 13 and 8 coming off a loss at home this season they're 8 and 3 straight up so that's something pointing in our favor and also we look here at last 45 days at home they're 14 and 8 and when they're coming off a right-handed pitcher there are 15 in 10 straight up in their next game now let's look at the stats right here below so we keep track of all the stats so all their games average offense and defense and what you see here in the yellow is situational so these teams are division teams so we highlighted their conference opponents they're both middle ranked teams so what we've done is we've made up our rating and we've you know cut it in 3 right so the top 10 teams are top ranked teams the 10 to 20 or the middle ranked teams and 0 to 10 or the bottom ranked teams right or you know 21 to 30 so these are two middle ranked teams so as you can see the home and away when the st. Louis at home versus middle ranked teams they're only averaging 2.9 three runs per game however after a loss 4.67 runs a game against 3.67 runs a game and after a you see here a road win for the Pirates their five point three three road runs for a game however they're giving up five point one seven runs against a game so these are situations here that we're looking at and one thing I really like here is that after a loss right here for the right here after a home loss for the Saint Louis Cardinals they're averaging five point three six runs a game compared to three point eight two again so these are all situational stuff that leaning towards the st. Louis Cardinals today also the money line as you know is the factor for me and I know the money line is coming in on st. Louis so that's why we're playing the st. Louis Cardinals today so that's a little recap here that's a little preview of the Reimann report coming up and you can just imagine what it does for baseball what its gonna look like for a football and it's going to be intense but you know what it's gonna be compact and it won't be analysis by paralysis it'll be everything in one shop so this way when you buy an 80s desk membership come football season you wanna do your handicapping the Raven report will be a great tool for you to use so that's it for today's Saturday June 2nd hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and we'll be back here on Sunday and as always shop for value play the percentages when we see you back here on Sunday take care list of capstone projects information technology for money Columbia Law School.

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