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Data science capstone github

Data science capstone github kapstone paper charleston sc address cover letter template for school administrators ´╗┐this is optimal living daily episode 457 how to cure deep procrastination Baikal new report of Cal Newport calm and I'm just a Moloch the guy who reads blogs to you every single day to help you optimize your life and it is with permission from the authors and today like yesterday I'm reading a post from Cal Newport yesterday he explained how procrastination could be stemming from the caveman days and this one is more about how to cure it so you don't have to listen to yesterday's episode for this to make sense since the post stands on its own but if you liked today's reading you'll probably like yesterday's too so what that let's get right to it and start optimizing your life how to cure deep procrastination by Cal Newport of Cal Newport calm the deep procrastination crisis you can see a snapshot at my blog email inbox filter to only show emails from students struggling with T procrastination notice that there are close to sixty such messages if I include blog comments in the search the number jumps into the hundreds deep procrastination is a distressing affliction students who suffer from it lose the ability to start schoolwork deadlines past and they hand nothing in professors provide special extensions but the students still can't bring themselves to do the work and so on as evidenced by my inbox this issue is surprisingly common especially at elite colleges yet it's almost entirely off the radar of traditional student counseling which is why I dedicate time to it here in my previous post read to you yesterday on optimal living daily I introduced a dubious evolutionary explanation for an otherwise very real phenomenon procrastination in my experience is not a character flaw but instead evidence that you don't have a believable plan for succeeding at what you're trying to do in this post as promised I want to apply this evolutionary perspective to help better understand and therefore better combat the deep variety of this common issue the question of why deep procrastination usually strikes tunes later in their college career when the difficulty of their courses ratchets up at this stage their workload gets harder and harder and at some point some powerful part of their brain says no more an evolutionary perspective on procrastination helps explain this reaction the student is asking his or her brain to expend lots of energy from a biological perspective studying for an Oregon exam is an expensive thing to do one way to see this process is that there's an ancient part of our brain that has evolved to evaluate any such plans a filter of sorts to prevent the wasting of precious energy why are we going to expend so much precious energy it asks the more modern abstract reasoning rational part of the students brain is quick to respond because we need to expand this energy to pass the test which we need to earn our degree what that the degree and why do we need one the ancient brain counters because that's what you're supposed to do the rational brain responds and this is where the problem occurs the rational part of the brain is promoting an abstract societal value it knows that for a middle class American earning a college degree is an expected milestone on your path to integration into the middle-class economy but the ancient brain doesn't do well with abstract societal values which are a recent addition to humankind on the scale of evolutionary time one way to understand deep procrastination therefore is as a rejection of an ambiguous abstract answer to the key question of why you're going through the mental strain required by the college experience as in my previous post I'm using an evolutionary explanation metaphorically as a way to help explain a concrete phenomenon I've observed in my research and writing on this topic whether the evolutionary explanation for the phenomenon is strictly true is somewhat beside the point and beyond my expertise the good news is that this understanding provides a clear strategy for combating the Scourge form a more concrete and personal answer to the question of why combating deep procrastination from my experience and effective answer to this question of why you're at college can be constructed through the following process first devise a tentative answer to the following question what makes a good life good this is the foundation on which everything else in your life will be built your goal is not to identify the right answer but to instead identify a working hypothesis this answer will evolve along with your life experience so this is not a time of perfectionism if you're religious your starting point for finding this answer is obvious if you're not religious you could jump into philosophy as this question has been at the core of human thinking since the time of the Greeks but I found it's more approachable to start with biographies of people whose life you admire looking for evidence of their own responses to this prompt second decide how your experience at college can best be leveraged to support this vision of a good life if for example you decide the key to a good life is to master something useful to the world this might lead you to see college as an opportunity to master a hard skill while exposing yourself to examples of people applying this skill in useful ways third identify the set of specific student tactics that will help you succeed in this leveraging in our above example this thinking might lead you to the concrete strategies I paused in my romantic scholar series this process provides a more personal and concrete answer to the fundamental question being posed by your ancient brain why should i expend all this difficult energy it asks once again because it's part of a well thought through plan for leading a good life you now respond sounds good it agrees while you head to the library as I noted earlier post on the subject this self-reflection is not an easy process but College really is a fantastic time to face these basic questions D procrastination once you understand its source doesn't have to be a Jovian affliction it can instead be seen as the prompts you need to get your internal shop in order you just listen to the post titled how to cure D procrastination by Cal Newport of Cal Newport calm and heal a colony ports were key can check out his book deep work you can find more about that at Cal Newport calm and to help keep this podcast going come by old podcast calm that's where you can join my weekly newsletter where I send you life tips quotes and free stuff once a week and do a lot of book giveaways and have some spreadsheets to help you optimize your life it's all free and there's more info about how to support this podcast both financially and otherwise that's all that old podcast com Oh L D podcast calm come by to show some love and help motivate me to keep making episodes have a great Sunday and start to your new week and I'll be back tomorrow with an author we haven't heard from in a long time I'll see you there or your optimal life awaits hey this is Dan from the optimal finance daily podcast which is a lot like this show except more focused on personal finance Justin handpicks the best posts he can find from blogs and authors lycra meats ad mister money mustache and more and I read them to you five days a week so if you enjoy this podcast come on over and subscribe to optimal finance daily - and together we'll optimize your financial life you've been listening to optimal living daily be sure to hit the subscribe button to stay up to date on each new episode and head to old that's o LD for a free gift as well as more actionable tips and resource to help you maximize your potential thanks for joining us and remember your optimal life awaits [Music] you capstone mining corp zacatecas for money CUNY Law School, Long Island City.

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