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Curtin business capstone 301 unit outline order

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that was Marquis Warford isn't oh it and we have lunch under center Hayes behind him dude wide receivers oh it's going to be fake handoff yet again blisters to lie open Alan cross who's going to get plenty of yards inside the 20 yard line up marked out a bounce of 16 it looks like stop by number 37 brandon alexander but that is another first down as he plays with an off-balance throw for a first out Alan cross is such a weapon for this offense they do so many fake handoff some fake reverses it leaves him wide open on the outside almost every time they do a play action and they've gotten me a couple thoughts on that one so that is the first down or cross and Lynch Lynch has running back to his left hand to his right and Hayes behind them that's the ball takes it to hey to go through all the way from is for shut down Memphis Brandon Hayes with a 16-yard roughing school or for the Tigers that put them up early in the first quarter beautiful beautiful play beautiful Drive great possession play by the Tigers thrown a couple classes mixing it up with some run really great work they're up by the offensive line and by a couple of the running backs that were with Brandon Hayes on that run and just a great drive for that team overall Jake Elliot said to kick the extra point he is 4 for 4 on the Steven looking to make that a perfect five-for-five and not sure what there is some delay on the field not quite sure what the issue was all right and all right we'll be able to kick it off or nothing major so Elliot set to try the extra point falls up and it is good all right Memphis lead 7 and nothing here earlier left 25 left in the first quarter your back here live from the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium where the Tigers lead early 7 nothing 1125 left in this first quarter I'm Matthews fourth long time' partners taking full ocean and JT Mullen great first drive for the tiger offensive number 46 Jake Elliot looked they kicked the ball off so Jake what do you think about that first drop Oh like I said it was great possession play you know your defense comes out there and they played pretty well mainly mistakes by ucf but you wouldn't defeatist tiger team really take advantage of some possession of a bet scoreboard a name really they really took advantage of it on that last Drive and a couple mental mistakes by ucf on the offensive side of the ball really led to that up I wasn't calling a three-and-out they did get one first down as Elliott kick the ball back to the left side of the end zone where they're going to just take a knee and they're going to set up at the 20 yet again for a second drive in a row and so we talked about like girls he did go deep back to pass a couple times was not successful couple drops there by the wide receiving core of the nightstand uh I expect bortles to throw the ball yet again well yeah you know it's kind of funny it's a it's almost a great offense going up against a great defense in this game and then really vice versa with the video girl I mean I would say media we're all right on the opposite side but against their decent we're doing pretty well already bortles back as a wide receiver to do is right screen pass that is number two there for UCF it's going to be stopped in the backfield by number for money Valentine the senior on the defensive side of the ball so that was Godfrey with the reception on that play it's going to be second and they're showing 9 on the big board great stop Bobby McCain leading the way also in the stop for the Tigers defense to Bobby McCain and the secondary has been the highlight for the Tigers defense orals under the gun he's got one receiver a 22 to his love to to his right and one running back behind him and the ball Austin storm johnson Johnson is going to carry his way up to about the 36 yard line where it appears he's going to get the first down it's gonna be very close and he is the chain gang is moving forward so that is a first down that was nose tackle Donnie Donald Pennington on the tackle and we're going to hear a lot more of his name alongside I expect Martin effetti as well that's number 97 he is on the right side of this defense they seem to be running a 3-4 defense with Pennington being on the left side and bortles takes the snap look to his left it's caught by number 11 that is a shot Perryman a 62 sophomore and he's going to get out to about the 48 yard line and that is good enough for a first down again for the night so we're seeing bortles finally getting some rhythm here and this is what we expect out of this ucf passing office they are a great offense and they know how to move the ball and you know last last Drive really wasn't no indicative of how good they are we're gonna see on this Drive how the Tigers to really stop them when they get going portals under center to receivers to is right one to his left and another back storm Johnson behind him and it's off to Johnson again gets past 250 stop at about the 46 yard line yeah that was big number 48 for the Tigers on the stuff Robbie young tight end at a Christian Brothers high school and we will see a lot of rotations on the defensive side of the ball for the Tigers up but it is a guarantee to see if Eddie in pennington in there for the long haul I was actually chased Rome playing nose tackle we haven't heard his name transfer from Nebraska finally get some playing time bortles hands off to Johnson again who is stopped efforts just a minimal game big group tackle there and I guess you've got that tackle those number 47 chase road was a big fella again Nebraska I'm Nebraska did not play in the first game against Duke probably getting some playing time here against UCF it I think this is a pretty stout defensive line it really is or we're seeing if any romance anything orals under the guns got to back behind him and it off again to storm Johnson who's going to get to about the 39 yard long which is good enough for yet another first down for UTS on by number 19 anthony watts into 6-foot 190-pound senior for the Tigers as sometimes you can stop them sometimes you can and on that third one play your defense has already been out and we're seeing blind plus plays we're seeing bortles in this ucf often falling moving the ball downfield and it looks with some ease actually minus the one play where they lost him yards on the quick screen pass the world was under center now is going to go back to a shotgun a running back to his right two wide receivers to the right right a wide receiver in motion thanks to handoff goes back Sestak looking to the right and it's going to be incomplete look for his got his main guy there that is number 11 Prashad Perryman again to drop that pat out about number 28 and regains with some pressure on that one for the Tigers defense do my capstone business policy Metropolitan College of New York.

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