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Cpa capstone 1 locations

Cpa capstone 1 locations do my enterprise risk management wheel joaillerie reportage france ´╗┐hey guys good morning it is Wednesday and I'm really excited because today I'm going to London to visit my cousin like I said yesterday and that's my bread I I've been going to London I think like once a month while I've been here and it's been a lot of fun so I'm excited to go again it is like 6:30 right now my train leaves in about an hour so I'm gonna have to walk to the train station and I am so exhausted like I wasn't able to sleep last night and I don't know if anybody else has this problem but there are night sometimes worried just like I can't fall asleep and I'm not an insomniac or anything it was just really weird so I probably got like about three hours so I'm hoping I can sleep a little bit on the train and yeah I'm just making myself some breakfast before I walk over to the train station and then I will update you guys when I'm on my way to London I will warn you that today will probably be a lot of clips and not [Music] [Music] hi guys I'm checking in from the Tower of London if you could see it behind me it sounds like a golden hour right now and it's so nice my cousin died we spent the whole day walking around we stumble upon the sky garden and this trip has been so much fun but it also makes me realize how close I am to actually leaving which is really really really sad now that I think about it I talked a lot about being homesick in my last video but I think I'm really gonna miss it here hey guys so now I am back in my dorm after my day in London it was so hard to say goodbye to my cousin and goodbye to him made this so much more real I love London and I tried to go there as often as I could and knowing that I'm not going to be a train ride away from it in just two days really is kind of hard for me to wrap my head around right now because I've dreamt about London for so long it was one of my top destinations when I was a little kid and now I've been there multiple times and I won't have the luxury of being able to go there all the time anymore now I'm just rambling but it is late I missed the stop on the tram so I had to walk to my dorm which is why I'm a little bit out of breath but tomorrow's gonna be a chill day I'm gonna like clean up around my room and the kitchen get rid of some of my utensils finit finalized on my packing clean my bathroom things like that and then on friday i think i'm gonna go to the art museums in sheffield that i wanted to go to and i'm gonna hang out with my friends one last time can you hear like my voice breaking so i'm gonna say good night for now and i'll see you guys in the morning hey guys good afternoon it is Thursday and I'm sorry I didn't check in basically all day because I've been in my room I'm like still in my pajamas and everything because I was packing both like repacking all of my stuff I wanted to make sure that everything was under the weight limit and that I was getting rid of all the things I need to get rid of I took out a lot of garbage I cleaned out my kitchen drawers so now I don't have anything in the kitchen and just finalizing everything because I don't want to be stressed out tomorrow or the day I leave because my bus leaves at 7:00 in the morning on Saturday and I don't want to have to worry about taking any trash out or cleaning anything I just want to like drop my keys off and go so that I can finally be on my way to the airport my flight leaves out of Heathrow not out of Manchester so I have a five hour bus ride before I get to the airport and then I have to wait at the airport for a few hours before I can even check in so Saturday is going to be stressful enough without having to deal with all of this stuff it is an absolutely gorgeous day today in Sheffield so I have to get out of the house because I've just been like sitting here and doing work for basically all morning I got up at like eight ish and I watched two movies for my online class while I made breakfast clean up the kitchen cleaned out my room basically packed everything like I showed you before and so I'm going to go to the Students Union to the coffee shop that's there just because I have a free drink and I want to get one as much a lot [Music] morning guys how do we feel about this hair really fast I just got these scrunchies from Primark and I'm really diggin them they're like a way for me to put up my hair without looking like a boy I guess um so today it is gross outside but we are going to venture out into city centre and go finally to the millenium art gallery I was supposed to go on Monday but there was a miscommunication with my friend and we ended up at the Weston Park Museum which was fine it was really cool they have a whole history of Sheffield there and also like just the most eclectic stuff there's a bunch of animals and a history I guess of the animals that are in the museum it's like weird and small but also kind of cool but I'm going to go to the Millennium art gallery today finally and get to see the art that's been here it's small so I don't think I'm gonna spend too much time there and tonight my friends and I were going to go out for pie and then we're gonna go out for drinks I don't know if I'm gonna vlog during that because I kind of want to spend my time with them but and then that'll be the end of my study abroad experience which has come so so so so quickly I'm probably going to film a reflection all about it later on when I get home but leave any questions for me for that reflection I guess in the comments if you are so willing but I'm going to take you guys along with me today and I feel like I've gotten a lot better at logging since I started this week for some reason but I think it's just because I want to like capture everything and document everything that I'm feeling so it feels less for a channel and more for myself which is something I should probably take with me in my later videos guys so it is a quiet morning here in Sheffield I feel like I shouldn't even be talking loudly even though like we're in the city centre and people are allowed to talk about her loudly they want it just so peaceful and it's a really great time of course so I can a proper British goodbye or whatever with this kind of gloomy weather I just went tank in water and got myself a croissant so now I'm heading over to the museum and I'm probably gonna spend a couple hours there it's kind of small so I don't know how long I'm gonna be there and then I might just walk around until I have to go meet up with my friends [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so I was right the millennium gallery took me like 10 minutes to get through and tend to all three of the rooms it was cool though they had all of the silver and stuff because Shepherds known for being a silver maker and specializing in steel so that was a couple to see [Music] hi guys I'm back in my room now and I've decided that I don't know I don't think I like this hair on me but I've committed to it for the rest of the day so we're just gonna leave it so I'm just about to completely clean out my desk because everything that I need I guess for my trip tomorrow has been packed up for the most part and I just need to like sort everything out and clean out the last of everything and then I will be basically all moved out which is sad I know I keep saying that and it is true but I should probably think of other adjectives to use we're going to dinner at 5 I think so I've got some time before then hi friends I just wanted to come on here and end the vlog because it is 5:30 in the morning right now and I'm getting ready to leave to get onto the bus to get onto my plane back home thank you guys so much for following along on my study abroad journey I mean so much to me and I hope you enjoyed this video please subscribe if you did thanks so much and I'll see you in my next one bye [Music] [Music] do my capstone hotel university of alabama Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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