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Coursera capstone quiz 2 answers for money

Coursera capstone quiz 2 answers for money write for me general education capstone grantham apa 6th edition referencing online dictionary 34 Joe and Evan into midday eight seven seven three three seven 6666 is the phone number let's get more your calls in here of course brought to you by more you can saw an unlimited possibilities await you at Mohegan Sun plan your stay at Mohegan Sun calm Larry in Coram hi Larry thanks for taking my call what's up you know as much as I'd like Harrison I keep hearing that name except this what's going to take to get sprawling Castro's here you know he wants out the center fielder wants out the attacher wants out you know why not a package of like it sounds crazy like memo and and plawecki and maybe our six or seven picture and and gets falling faster I don't think that the Mets once I've heard I don't think the Marlins are gonna have an issue trading a guy like that inside the division and I think Starlin Castro saw I think he's now putting what he is 290 now 15 to 20 whole minutes something like that's don't like them they don't like them Mike and Yonkers Mike how are you Joe how are you I hope you feel better I'm getting there Mike well Mondays Monday that was Monday that was you were tremendous show you deserve an Emmy a Grammy whatever they give radio guys deserve that thank you one day was a tough day and yesterday was even tougher let me tell you I can imagine I was just I just have to ask you this question I was driving my claws coming home and in a snow I almost drove off the road did you guys tell say on a radio this morning that the Mets didn't roll for McCutchen because they didn't want to give up Nemo that's what all this had said all this a that's a report from Ken Rosenthal that the holdup was Brandon mo I know it's ridiculous Nate in Blooming Grove I Nate you know I was one of those guys who wasn't too thrilled about all the since comments you know earlier in the later last year about not wanting to jump into the inferno and stuff like that but I mean it almost seems like the guy's a psychic or a genius or something because you know it seems like the approach he telegraphed he was going to take is exactly how the market is I mean are you optimistic they can get a couple more deals done uh optimistic not for the guys I want yeah I mean to me I would have gone after Eric Hosmer that has been the abyss so they haven't I don't know how I feel about this I mean I get what they got Moustakas though would you really be down on that now no I mean I'm concerned about Mike Moustakas but I've been trained they're not accommodating so far maybe it would they would they actually if he if he actually came to a price to actually white would they sign the guy depends depends on the years and the money Kenny and Staten Island Kenny guys so on the on the Jets with the ticket yeah what she did right by me okay yeah where you see you in the upper deck when I do not know I'm in the mezzanine I'm in the middle range you had a point PSO initially right yeah I paid 4,000 per ticket I have to see okay basically my seats are 130 ticket so 260 a game reduce my tickets by 35 dollars the game this year so I'm saving 700 this year and next year so if that's 1400 hours that's a good nobody doesn't bother you that those others who now may be sitting next to you don't have to pay you know here's the thing I know you're gonna laugh whoever applies is taken out without a PSL it's in some way to just have a home playoff game they do not have first crack that ticket every week yet we get we get I get two tickets and I will also be offered the option to buy more oh you know what that that our caller from earlier game because if god forbid they did right and now you don't have first access to your tickets when you've been there all year you're not gonna be too happy in fairness the Jets were saying that there are some benefits that those who paid the benefit yeah that's a huge lesson it just got those get actually have a whole playoff I know when that happens yeah but you but you're right your honor percent right because the caller earlier only mentioned $40 off food that's a big that's a big deal I'm glad Kenny brought that up absolutely I can Brooklyn Ike our you hi Ike hey Joe what's up let's see to get a home playoff game you need to win the division one two divisions in 45 years yes yes to division system merger yes it could happen I guess you could get one it's a wild card if you're the fifth seed yeah nine the Jets were a lot away from that the Ravens beat that Christ it was you're right you know you know you kill Mideast meadow for supporting both I look at that relationship your relationship with Cashman Cashman could do no wrong in your opinion now let me let me say this you know Cashman has won championships yeah I understand that with his big player now Evan you just said that you know teams paying guys for their past before it's over Stanton you know Santa's contract out of whack I think I will use Ellsbury as a comparison I'm saying what he says hey Canton will be worse you mark my words until have two good years and then they'll have eight years of paying this guy but you know what I still think you're a town thing attack Ellsbury you knew he was never as good that one year you gotta give Cashman credit for these you know for the judges the Sanchez is these kind of guys come on Greg Murray can can I see him win a championship first my payroll in the week gonna see you first let me see it and all the things you you give the injuries to the Yankees like the Mets had last year let me see the Yankees win win win as they did you see that come on Gary Sanchez Lewis DD here's what I know Tanaka see see what am I missing you know the Yankees have never had a losing season with Brian Cashman as their general manager and now how many of the championships has Cashman been there for although only 96 was Watson right Watson was a GM cash gets 98 the team right and and all those division titles that they won and like I said no losing season says he's been the GM yeah I understand any Yankees I understand the money I understand all that there's got to be something set for that isn't it absolutely I think that look there's a plaintiff thinks cashman's done bad yeah what not to lose right I think and I remember saying it at the time that I thought they made a mistake with robinson cano because they were gonna pay yes but not only look but he was better than a hundred sixty million can't spin his quill you made a mistake of course but i mean we're not like I just said this guy has been at never a losing season since he's been there and how many world she was at five World Championships come on hey yeah I mean and he's been to two of the World Series oh you gotta get to compare that the pot balls no Astrid are you kidding I think there was a lot of mistakes with that number one if you're gonna talk about paying for past performances don't bring up Giancarlo Giancarlo still young right twenty-seven and the thing about Giancarlo is it's been basically you look at his career and it comes down to this if the guy is healthy he's amazing Ellsbury it was so obvious he had one great year outside of that he was Brett Gardner those are the facts right and the Yankees wouldn't want to pay Robinson Cano their own guy who at least delivered him a championship I know they couldn't pay right there's another factor to it wouldn't would matter and that's is that he completely disparage Doug Marrone I mean let's be honest and continues to do it with these dumb articles any writes about him uh you know so what do you want me to tell you don't don't compare cash meant to balls please guys I mean it's the worst compassion and I mean it's ridiculous hey can't make real Todd Bowles and Brian castle blonde stop it I'd like you to join us for a very special chalk talk right here at W F fan on Tuesday January do my capstone research course American Academy McAllister Institute.

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