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Coso enterprise risk management 2016 pdf for money

Coso enterprise risk management 2016 pdf for money do my greek words for one thousand years essay on world war z ´╗┐hello everyone Jason the bear here I didn't know Homer was historic we know about homework we know Homer Simpson but this isn't Homer Simpson this is where the Homer Simpson loose this is how work Georgia a little bit small tiny little town in the Northeast Georgia Mountains no fossil game it's Homer writes here and I'm going to show a little bit of downtown Oh mark today August day number 3 99 that's right 399 days I've been doing a vlog every single day I look around this little town this is amazing little town where historical very small and their way no how do you know each other this town is actually quite interesting from what I've seen of it and this is cool because left behind me that's your right something interesting lover you can back round like your historic Homer where am I at over here next to the banks county Barnes memorial park right here is a part dedicated to the base Confederates right here it's been here for a while show you this hug around it's good cross the internal flame is a memory to those American soldiers from mex County Georgia who gave their lives and sacrificed the country while serving on foreign soil awards and these are people who are all sick of us I went through Korean Wow unfortunately I do not see a flame going I would see that flame is died out that is Wow they've let it go the internal flame is no longer there the park like go forth from this time let place all people that the torch has been passed to a new generation Americans born in this century tempered by war disciplined by heart and better peace part of their ancient heritage made the light from the city no flame shine through those through that those died those dead shall not have died in vain that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom 1968 this pot refer dr what I find interesting is this right here I was doing some research on this little bitty town there's actually with some opulus that was supposed to be right here Bosley they've taken that out change it out about Yolanda make it to a little fountain like this is nice nice little town I was gonna do a vlog miss coverage that I've gone on so long Chum guide in the state of Georgia well I went by today I looked at it and unfortunately eat it on private land it can't get to it it's a little hard you can see it from the road but that's a bell you can get to its carried up its abandoned looks really cool i would love to go go in our wallet but it's actually on private land little picky Bob when I'm private land this is actually publicly so it's not a big deal public line like this it's really nice walk on in film what you want right there's a little place we can sit well actually stand and ate your food we're gonna walk around a little bit of this time some of its abandoned and that's across the street we'll go down this way crust you can come back and I'll show you some workers area oh that's right we never thought home or whatever of course I have a where they have a listing of all the church or which waiting to find them the side and messengers outreach your special gingers kitchen church Homer Baptists and all these different signs do you actually how to find all these churches that's something you would never find in a big town that's why it's so small this is thing we see naturally he was come on cars oh my gosh I can't get across guys are coming we're always going food mart you're down there homeworks remark right down that way that's good office let's go for a walk this is actually the county seat of banks county it's over courthouse all historical courthouse that is cool a lot of lawyer counties in Georgia actually promoted their historical courthouses summer squares I have a large spill you have them off to the side but this one is a little always and they all protect because you need to walk around technically speaking been around since what as a natural scent is only five elastic as your fi the Constitution like anything yeah you know right here non-core down some new fort house the old courthouse vainly learn over there like a fly give me buy this stuff pops Oh screaming ambulance it's an all well pump that is cool to eat fe myers where the company that is cool kick it wire now little house right here we'll walk down cheers old house that'll have some of these kind of towns i telled to be around forever seems that way no this is 1853 here i do enjoy my food history this is obviously proper private property but you can see porch is falling down it is falling apart it loon probably not abandon what time we should be like a house that is cool that is cool that's my little town yeah you can see that walkway up there its collapsing where liz there obviously knows about it ya know how i found like truth and advertisement at its core this is fantastic and I don't walk down this street you don't think because its shortest Street it shorter street it's my little football field it's a half of a puffy oh look at this just short a street I've been building right here let's have a look like this old historic house good that is cool this has been around obviously for me two years meaning many many years all right North take the side right there oh yeah right there croatia lens there it's all good gas station gasp cough look at that you don't know anything like that today that is awesome it ain't like that it's something we haven't has to settle can change leg that is awful first advice example I've seen two pumps their pristine is fantastic see how current city all here in Homer just walk your own home since your pump and well and it's abandon this is a very short street itself oh yeah this is homework all 100 town old gas station to up here comes the barking dogs beneath that is cool Wow look it's barking dogs right over there and it's cool hello barking dogs that are willing to attack there's one actually out there hmm where is he oh there behind the fence right there you can barely tell and walking one there's a big winner without when looking at me okay what are you doing here yeah I am I supposed to be here Oh was a family house with let's walk her on this one let's get rockin sneak l'hotel Stewart I've back doors open I don't know status in all these houses or anything like that dogs so I live in there I'll look this front door oh that's cool flower pots watch go back in any way it used to be and I wrap this up I hate going I got things to do yeah beware of dog so you're about to be where our dog it's gonna be red dog say somewhere over there I'm being barked at why am I being barked at because they don't know me go grown folks pumps pretty good pump does a good pumping youth this name is a little hard right thing oh I show you this you know why not it's spread out a little bit just gets it high school here this is the county seat to get any high school right here and look down up Homer this is a cool even you have a good day tougher to a tomorrow we do it tomorrow we had 400 logs in a 400 I have no idea wondering this burg 400 yes 400 volts in a row is an amazing city it is fantastic that is awesome that far 393 99 thanks Connie cray I'm gonna be similar 11th 1858 from freken in habersham counties it was named her dr. richard banks whose reputation a physician surgeon extended over North Georgia South Carolina question of trading Indians for smallpox he practiced medicine in Gainesville bingo from 1832 till his death which is 1850 first officer is a big scary Commission like march nineteenth nineteen fifty-nine where William Dada Dada Dada and all these are other people who are involved with that historical marker I love historical markers tell a story awful you know we can understand a doctor that is awesome Homer already in the tail oh we're Georgia right here thanks Kenny anyway we wrap this up gotta go i'll see you tomorrow you have a grenade don't forget to subscribe subscribe you'll see me 400 good phone if i enjoying the velux now that the phones are rude leave a comment down below how good these ones are now now that I've gotten much better phoning this better sounds better and you get rid of you I'll see you tomorrow goodbye capstone urgent care wasilla Monroe College.

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