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Copthorne hotel cameron highland phone number order

Copthorne hotel cameron highland phone number order capstone cmt 380 turbine for money pathogenesis definition example essay ´╗┐my name Nerine and welcome to my kitchen and guess what it's to ronnie Friday again yay we haven't done one in so very long and now is the time to do it again Taurani has come out with these two new flavors a ginger lemongrass and a spicy Kola nut and they are a lot of fun so we decided to play with them and make you some drinks using those two syrups so let's go see what we're gonna throw together okay I'm just going to dive right in here and introduce you to two of the most creative new flavors that I think I've seen trying to come out with in a long time and let's say every new flavor is a fun little thing to play with for me and when I saw that they came out with these two new flavors the spicy Kola nut and the ginger lemongrass I immediately knew I had to try them so today we're gonna make several different drinks with these for you and we're just gonna dive right in so I just wanted to share with you how awesome I think they're celebrating Taurani is celebrating their 90th anniversary this year and they're a third-generation family-owned company in San Francisco and I think that that is something that should be celebrated so they're also all American company so that's another plus and for any of you who know that I have a serious affinity and affection for Trani so those of you who I've kind of helped to jump on that bandwagon you're welcome or I'm sorry because I tend to be a little crazy when it comes to the Taurani I order several bottles a year and I'm always trying the new flavors and these two are no exception the spicy calling that I'm just gonna share with you what the back of the bottle says it says a zesty take on a fountain classic this syrup combines the flavors of rich Kola nuts exotic spices and a touch of heat and it does because just a little bit of heat in the back we have tried these before filming this and we're gonna share with you what we did this ginger lemongrass is super refreshing and I really really like it it's a different take on a ginger ale and all you have to do if the only thing you ever use these for is to make your own sodas then that is all you need to do with them so we're gonna go ahead and grab a couple of glasses huh makes it worth it it really does I'm gonna get some ice we're gonna play with these alright like I said all you have to do is grab yourself a glass of ice I'm gonna pour over 2 ounces that's a shot glass worth you can use less if you like that's not a problem but if you buy soda in a can you're getting way more sugar than that so I'm gonna top this off with a little club soda just to fill the glass now I like my drinks really icy because I like to get them ice-cold so I'm gonna do that and I'm gonna grab a spoon and I'm gonna give it a stir now this is as basic as you get this is just homemade soda I'm gonna give this a taste I already know it tastes like butter smelly jr. oh that is so good and like I said you can play with the amount you can use a half a shot which is about a tablespoon isn't that good okay this is so good and it's got it's a really rich Cola flavor it's much richer of a Cola flavor than anything you're ever going to get out of a can yes and it almost tastes like chai no to me but you can play with this however you like top it off now what better way to improve on a Cola then make a cherry cola I'm gonna do about that much which is a little less than a tablespoon of Taurani teri syrup yes I know I put a shot and a half of syrup in that glass but I'm still looking at him it is can't soda has a ridiculous amount of sugar in it top it off again and what's it sherry Cola without a couple of cherries in there oh that's yummy I love cherry cola and I don't drink it I'll hurry you about this is really good it's not got a predominant ginger flavor deep ginger ale it's really good isn't it and I thank you that if you always have this on hand or this we don't drink soda hardly at all we don't buy it we don't go out of our way to buy it but this when you use club soda which is much less fizzy then canned or bottled drinks contender II you know we like to use the mineral water also we just didn't have any today but this is the basic way now I'm gonna make you just a really delicious iced tea I've got some crushed ice in here I'm topping it off with some iced tea and one ounce of the Taurani ginger lemongrass syrup I'm gonna give that a stir I'm gonna toss a little lemon slice on there and I'm gonna go to taste that's really refreshing it's not too sweet that's how I tried it the first time I made it was in the iced tea and I really really liked it really good so there's an iced tea I know I'm gonna make you a spiked lemon ginger grass ginger lemongrass lemonade I have some homemade lemonade here I'm going to put some in the glass I'm gonna add a half a shot of our ginger and lemongrass syrup I'm gonna give that a stir just to finish the ice cubes like this together I like to break them up then what we're gonna do is we're gonna add a shot of vodka your choice whatever if you like if you have lemon vodka or lime vodka or even vanilla vodka it's gonna be really good in here your choice but I needed to finish up this bottle of vodka that's been sitting on my refrigerator top for a while give that a good stir pop a straw in there and I'm gonna give it a sip oh yeah oh that's good mmm it's really mild but it's definitely a grownup version of lemonade that is so delicious oh wow right the last drink that I'm gonna make for you today is this spicy Cola Libre now this is my take on a Cuba Libre which is nothing more than a rum and cola but what I have here in my rocks glass is about two-thirds full with crushed ice I'm gonna add almost a full shot of the spicy : nut syrup two ounces or a full shot of rum I'm gonna top this and that's a dark rum I'm gonna top this off with some sparkling water or club soda I'm gonna give this a good stir I'm gonna give this a squeeze of wine not bad I love a Cuba Libre oh that's nice oh that is a little too good yeah yeah it is that is so good so that is me sharing with you and Rick to these new Taurani syrups which are the ginger lemongrass and a spicy Kola nut and I think they're fabulous if you have the opportunity to give these a try I highly recommend that you do this is not a sponsored video I am sharing this with you because I have a passion for this product and I always like to see how many different things I can make out of the different syrups and flavors that they offer I always like to think outside the box and do that for you guys so I'm gonna put the links below where you can find the ginger lemongrass and the spicy Kola nut syrup look for more videos coming this summer I am revitalizing tehrani Friday I have new ideas new recipes coming for lots of different things so I hope you try this and I hope you love it and until next time I'll see you for joining in my kitchen today I hope you like what you watch today and I hope that you try it and I hope that you love it if you like what you saw please since they're getting to eat thumbs up button and and also make sure that you can support that there are no subscribers so you don't miss out on any of the money that they're in our kitchen every single day I hope that you enjoyed it I'm really glad that you're here thank you for stopping by don't forget to come by tomorrow until next time happy do my copthorne hotel cameron highland official website Ursulines.

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