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Cool capstone projects order

Cool capstone projects order dupont capstone fs 35 for money noun practice worksheets for middle school ´╗┐Mike Gil Stata corruption I have a friend here that I met in the jail when I went to the rockin yeah you know on contempt the court where the judge refused my evidence that they only threatened to murder my children you know just so we're up-to-date judge Francois well this is my friend Jay and Jays a young man that I met in jail I met a few young people in jail you know the ones that hadn't lost their souls not the Predators not the child molesters young people who got in trouble with heroin no no no Jay we had talked my understanding is how it started you you heroin issue was that you you were 16 years old and you got in a car accident your last rate your liver you said yeah and they gave you oxycodone oxycodone you stayed on that for how long well a year afterwards legally prescribed brah but the problem is you got addicted to them right you run them for what a year year and a half yeah heard you were saying see how many times do we hear this this is just the young man they got in an accident right and those how many times you hear these hospitals that we fight with Catholic Memorial Dartmouth what do you think they're protecting just those stories so now it's a matter of affordability and you're addicted to the opiate yeah and you start on heroin because of why to cheapness and the availability of it it's that easy to find yeah if it's that easy to find why is it so hard for these police officers to catch do you think I think they only catch it when they have to to meet certain criteria quotas look like they doing something but I think they kind of make I really don't find it right well that's my belief to know and it's not hard for us to go there with the cops which I have gone there but let's go on what happens in prison alright so in other words J at this point the thing with the heroin you've got in trouble for mostly petty theft right and would you say a lot of the young people that are in there with heroin addictions and so forth are there for petty theft that's basically all it is yeah just stealing to get high so if we eliminate the heroin situation that we feed our children we also eliminate this corruption and crime that's going on at the same time you know because you've got to pay for someone that's what's happening in Manchester New Hampshire every month I mean we had 80 overdoses ten deaths just last month in one city that's crazy alright so now so now when you're when I noticed when I was in jail was that there is drugs in jail would you say the drugs in jail are easier to get than outside yeah absolutely now when I was there I could not see a means of entrance I mean you walk in they shower you throw you in a gown and throw you in in a Cell where are you carrying anything in the jail right it's the guards yeah so the guards bring it in and we were saying they would bring it in through the kitchen through the kitchen and see the thing would important with the kitchen is if you remember we had that cook at Belmont they get caught with sixty seven thousand dollars worth of heroin what do you think he was baking the prisoners so in that so the commonality to all the prisoners is food yeah so so the guards are using the kitchen right and they're putting date that they're putting literally the drug orders in the food right so the guards themself don't actually take the money from the prison right but they don't even touch the drugs themselves right so the people that the prisoners that they trust mostly predators big tough guys yeah so they'd worked the kitchen and they delivered the drugs to the stalls yes see that's exactly what not understand this these are young people are struggling at the worst time in their lives they're in there because of this addiction and they're feeding the addiction and it's the prison guards that are profiting by it and they're using these predators to deliver the drugs and enforce the Paymer there you go that's what I wanted to talk about too because when I was there to my last day they sent a couple of guys over to see me threaten to rape me and beat you up the whole thing you had warned me that those were the guys that beat raped you yes listen assholes I told you I'm coming back I'm coming back for those two individuals but so in other words that's the enforcement that's the payment so the same people that are delivering it to you in the cell if you don't pay what happens they'll come in they'll beat you up they'll rape you if they want and don't say you're gonna pay or else your life's gonna be hell we're gonna keep doing this we're gonna fuck up your food you're not gonna eat see they have an absolute payment but it goes worse than that meaning you've got to call your parents to pay the guards shit about you so we've got the parents of these children they're holding their children hostage because they'll beat and kill you if you don't pay right so in other words you have your parents of these people paying the guards I mean I do not know anything that's more obscene than this and it goes beyond because it keeps going on and so when young people are getting out of there they're still addicted you know what work that because there's people dying in their overdoses have you been seen so for instance I bring it out I bring it out on the radio stations I put it out that the Pete our young people are dying in jail you see it I mean you see it and you've seen them drunk died of drug overdose how did the guards handle it that you're trying to cover it up or they do try to cover it up yeah because there's this one kid that was on our block he died I guess he had a syringe or something and he shot up the heroin yeah and he like turn blue and everything and he tried telling the door and he's like I'll just keep him just make sure he's still breathing in or whatever and trying to keep him awake keep smacking him and stuff once in a while and if he stops breathing or whatever just cover him up because they die all the time it was a young man in Nashua prison that died they would give reach the information then we find out that it was heroin shooting up in jail and then I see and it's those threats and those guys coming into the thing I am telling and Jay witnessed the the second day I was there you remembers was late late at night maybe into the morning there you heard me screaming asking for help yes because I was right our selves were connected whoa interconnected yeah so you heard me asking for help room and you heard them saying shut up and just lay there yeah just stay there lay there calm down right calm down and you're ready when they finally did come in and took my pressure I was 70 points lower than I was that afternoon my hands were blue my feet were blue these bastards tried to kill me that's exactly what they tried to do do you remember I didn't eat the rest of the time I know yeah yeah well all I would do is I I would seek the milk and the Jews to make sure it wasn't leaking and I lived on that for the rest of the eight and a half days right didn't even let me out of the stall one time no no phone calls no nothing but no but you did hear me threaten them all right oh yeah I'm coming back and I mean it I am coming back thank you you're gonna help a lot of people and I need more brave people to come to tell their story yeah it needs to get out there one last thing for officer Valencia my understanding is they get a little nervous once I left oh yeah they had a lot of guards talking well I'll talk about you have a go on a little harder to get drugs in there for a little while yeah and turns out that they move Valencia yeah all right well now we're gonna get back the rest we made a promise we're going to make a promise I am going back we are going to clean this up and they're not gonna kill our children my kill state of corruption jobs at capstone seeds for money School of Jazz.

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