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Contoh internet of things malaysia for money do my senior enterprise risk management analyst salary coffee holding company earnings report ´╗┐your source for all the sports it's your boy it's a man canuck fan here i'm bringing you guys a video here there's going to be a new series that I'm going to do until the NFL season starts I'm gonna do a prediction of the schedules and that couple teams lined up you guys want me to do one of your team's let me know in the comments below and let me know about the player of comparisons I got a couple lined up I got some baseball one's a football one and a fact one lined up and the basketball do you guys want me to do any compare any two players on me know and i'll do that next time right now we're gonna focus on NFL even though the season hasn't started or not really close training camp hasn't even started yet but it's getting closer and closer so here we go and start with my team this week which is the new england patriots so week 1 i'll go through their opponents first and i'll tell you one hour loss after all right so week one they're playing Miami week to the Atma at Miami we to their in Minnesota week three they're playing the raiders at home week 4 at Kansas City Week five they're playing the bangles in Foxborough week 6 up in Buffalo week 7 home for the Jets we ate home for the Jets up for the pair's my bed we can nine home for the Broncos we tens their bye week 11 they're in Indianapolis for the Colts week 12 their home for the Lions week 13 there in Green Bay week 14 at San Diego week 15 the Dolphins come up to Foxborough or they go down to Miami my fault week 16 to go down in Miami week 16 they the Jets come to Foxborough and I week 17 the bills and come in to Foxborough or they go to the Buffalo it go to buffalo my fault they go to buffer arm so gay week one that's going to be a win against the Dolphins the Dolphins are getting better they're just not there yet the Patriots are the strongest in their division or the conference the division of my fault the AFC East the strongest team there they're going to win they're gonna beat the Dolphins in week 1 week 2 up in Minnesota the defense is well improved agent Peterson is not going to be able to run run over them as much arm so I think that's going to be a win because Minnesota a lot of their often skills through agent Peterson um Cornell Patterson you gotta watch out for him the wide receiver but they don't have a quarterback yet we don't know what Teddy Bridgewater zombie and that's only in me week too so we don't know I'm gonna say when they're playing the raiders week 3 i'm gonna say one the raiders aren't a good team they've made improvements they've gotten some veteran players I just don't think they're there yet they're still ways away but that's going to be a win for the Patriots week for there in Kansas City I'm going to say that's a loss arm even though Kansas City lost brandon flowers they cut them I still think their defense is good enough um stop what the Patriots are going to put out on offense just let me close loss for the Patriots this would be close game but I think they're going to lose been week five the bangles come to town that's going to close win I think any Dolan's getting better in the he has AG a green arm and Bernard they're running back but I think that's gonna be a close one for the Patriots at home in week five weeks six up in Buffalo that's going to be a win the bills the linebacking corps is pretty good but they lost Kiko Alonso which I believe was their first-round pick last season if i'm not mistaken they lost him in mini camps or whatever he tore his ACL so he's out for the season so if he was in that game i think it'd be a little bit closer cuz he's a he's a good player but it's going to be a win for the Patriots in week six week seven the Jets come to Foxborough I'm gonna say that's a nun easy win not a close one though it's going to be a win the pictures gonna beat the jets I hate the jets I'm just saying I don't think they're that good they got a good defense a good front front line front defensive line their linebackers are getting better their secondary suspect their offense is really suspect they got Decker who's who's a great wide receiver um but I think the Patriots defense is going to shut them out um and I think the Patriots offense is going to be good enough to get the job done for when then they play the bears in weeki I think that's going to be a win I think they're gonna meet the Bears in Foxborough the birds are all right but I think Patriots got him week 9 Broncos rematch from last last year and it's going to be in Foxborough i'ma say it's a close loss I think Peyton Manning comes out guns-a-blazing and you know Peyton Manning wants revenge this season I think he's gonna get it done against the Patriots scummy close Tom terrific so I can go down easy it'll be a close game but I think pains going to come out on top that game um we can obviously they got the by like I said week 11 against the colts they played him in the AFC whatnot the AFC conference game they played them in one the playoff games for the AFC Championship it was I think the week before week two of the playoffs or something we couldn't have forget exactly in the patriots won Andrew Luck threw a lot of interceptions I think three or four maybe that game I think he smartened up I think it's going to be close win for the Patriots depends on Reggie Wayne depends how healthy is and how how much he can produce and about the running game for the cult I think brown the running back left so it depends of Trent Richardson they have but you know he needs to step it up he didn't have a good season my season week 12 they're playing the lions stafford and megatron nothing much to say but I still think pitchers going to win I think the Lions defense isn't good enough to stop the Patriots obviously they got on some dynamics to or whatever his name is I can't stand him he's a punk and whatnot but whatever I don't believe that I think the pages gonna win it's gonna be it's gonna be a close one again like against colts but i think they're in there in green bay next food there in Foxborough it's cold goodbye this time what week 12 week yet we close in be cold arm and i think i think they're gonna win other it down a bush reggie bush and they're gonna win now the good of the packers up in green bay and i think that's going to be a lost your you know Lambeau fields a tough tough place to play up you know obviously they got Rogers and Jordy Nelson and clay matthews defense and whatnot I think that's going to be a close loss I think I wouldn't see a high scoring game but it's gonna be probably up in the 30s maybe for each team you know high 20s like you know 20 28 you know 31 something like that it'll be a close game somewhere it'll be somewhat high scoring then they go to San Diego I think that's a win the Chargers Philip Rivers had a great year last year I don't know if he can repeat and the chargers are going to be beat down there a tough division so I think that's gonna be a win for the Patriots the Dolphins week 15 they go down to Miami they're gonna beat him like you did in the first week of the season like I said they're not the great esteem week 16 17 they plated they go to New York and then the bills come to Foxborough they're going to win both those games again they're going to sweep their division this year I'm saying and yeah the pager is going to win the AFC east / like I don't know how many times in a row this is ridiculous I'm happy though so I think they're going to win the AFC East they're gonna go 13-3 and then we go six and two on the road and 71 at home so that's my predictions let me know how much you guys agree with it what not and let me know who I see you next i had a couple teams here but if you guys want me to do a certain team I'll do it and tucks you guys later peace capstone project handook cheap Manhattan College, The Bronx.

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