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Communication capstone topics order

Communication capstone topics order write for me capstone project ideas it assassination of jfk thesis statement ´╗┐hater slackers welcome back to the minigames my name is twister and today we are playing ck to Charlemagne as Croatia now part of the Byzantine revolt so yeah we are voting against religious but it's naturally going so hard because we got owned in a few battles as I said it's been a while since I last played today Kings too so I am really really rusty yeah I apologize for playing so badly but yeah we lost this war I think there's a way out of it any more negative 62 war score and I don't think yeah don't think there's a way of ever ever coming back from this war oh my my device had been converted to the iconoclast I don't like that uh-oh that's not good I'm like I'm not a big fan of that I want to be the Christian I don't want to be iconoclast I want to convert man so annoying all right um let's research tech in our capital and new capital and let scheme in our capital because I don't know button scheme here it also kinda wanna improve relations with our liege he's not our lives right now he kind of hates us because we are an infidel but if we talk to him nicely he may actually become our friend yeah we are at war with him but that won't last long I hope because it pray the Magnificent meal with lots of different fruits various kinds of meat plenty of freshly baked bread and several mature mature cheeses I don't want to become gluttonous I want to become temperate and nothing happened alright never mind yeah I just have to wait for this war to end I lost my he's no longer my cycle arias why he died of illness okay so now I'm missing a cycle arias which is a steward basically I have this guy he's woman and so my new scope which is the finish the current phonetic remember the old finish faith or in the face of disarming people if correctly but he really hates me I'm a foreigner what not so they'll take this guy he is my hat burger he can even be my friend you can collect taxes in their capital why the hell not yes that is fine if you ask me so what is our plan we won't be able to lower the crown Authority seems that's very unfortunate we can raise some men and maybe kill some armies but I don't think truly worthwhile because seeing as we just keep hanging on here yeah I think it's really possible by the way I dub you the game so now I am playing on the new beta patch and as you can see Monica Vince is still at 0% but I think they should fix some of the issues also the reason Empire is still way overpowered actually you're at war with some other people yeah yeah you're defending you know the whole war for Armenia really you're weighing that war I actually you're attacking him okay that's interesting so you're fighting two words at once and you have so many men I can't actually do with you at all I have enough money to raise them some mercenaries maybe dad would help us out a bit how many reasons gonna raise let's actually see that mercenaries now this this is not enough even if I hired these fellows they would not be enough to deal with this army maybe no they hired two of them I be able to do with them my wife is pregnant great I like that good job me maybe we could wipe out the army because he actually is on this side ok let's try and do this this is not the best thing I've ever done of course not let's raise our personal levies let's go kill these fellows immediately we can catch him no he cannot we go here just low ok you go here all you go here ok our goal go after Pete for most likely will be to get this army killed get the kill this army over there so that our fellow friends can continue doing their job properly ok the army is here they are gonna attack us hey who's leaving the armies let's merge this into one big army ok let's see how this goes we have advantage but we have more men and we're gonna win yes awesome oh ok peasants don't like this then didn't like me trying to get more taxes but we won the battle which is awesome now maybe what his army out to be ideal please yes yes ok the army is almost dead they're going here let's catch him it was great this is actually ideal ok we killed a lot of them and now he should have a lot less man and he has some men there still and I'm not actually actually I am gonna start seeding this place not me but someone will I think we just move on to the coast no pool right now just big army we have enough my whistle money right now we can have this month away for 10 months someone's trying to kill my daughter at viga I honestly don't really care about her so he yeah who cares let her die when she likes a garden she likes my other daughter instant guardian what about this guy he is being educated my lover was okay my other daughter can be educated by okay but you yeah but he'll not not really care I'm gonna lose so much money on this army but they wanna wipe out the Byzantine forces ASAP that way my revolting friends will be able to do some good things okay we have a son video slaughter per meter which no trades unfortunately but that's fine okay if we can siege the capital that'll be great I could have salted but not to be a waste of my men so I'm not gonna do that I'm gonna attack this army here okay these guys are dead let's move in here and kill these fellows he is at minus ninety five percent for score because of the battles and he is in frozen Empire Battle of historia is losing just a lot of points okay if you killed this army we should probably Oh what's this wait here's more armies okay interesting what I kill this army so that we actually get that so the Emperor gets owned by other people this were over no it's not during a current run away April 25th I won't catch him in time actually oh I oh I mean Brit oh crap okay so I guess the war is over that was silly who is over and I'm a now in prison I have a regent so this sucks everyone has been imprisoned he probably hates my guts can i ransom myself 250 gold I mean there's a new faction now in town that Lord come tour it again but I know it's gonna be good okay he's releasing people oh crap he's roping the high chief democracy what does that mean who has the high chieftain operation now what wait a second this is mr. Croatia right here right yeah team of Croatia is owned by this fellow I don't like him read it some more duchies and whatnot so many things going on Rowan County of Sauron no that's my land you bastard he's revoke my titles it's it's a wee text it says it's a he accepts my decision but it's not my decision but bastard take this guy he likes us quite a lot also disk I would be happy to maybe as to hate us a bit Oh game over well yeah he took away all my land this is not really what I was expecting from this playthrough I was respecting it to last a little bit longer ah yeah so did I Wow I'd never had this happen before this was really strange I've never had a play for like this visitor Chronicle and him breathe in me I went from a king to a nobody so so quickly that sucks balls that sucks major poles I really hate this Wow yeah I I gotta play better I've made a lot of mistakes never had a game and I've never had a game over before interesting things too so it's kind of funny I will always either I always basically gave up because I accomplished my goals and this is quite surprising yeah funny stuff but yeah I think I'm gonna actually end this here I don't think there's anything we can do I could load in the game this is my game current this with my again we can see the world map a few before the game ended I could try again but I don't think there is anything we can really do differently except for maybe hope he doesn't take away all our land and maybe that he dies I mean time but that's very very very unlikely but yeah I will actually end this episode here thank you guys very much for watching my name is being twisted from on even the games now we'll see you next time do my capstone cottages at lubbock School of Nursing.

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