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College board capstone research order

College board capstone research order do my technical paper on nanotechnology epa report on smoking ´╗┐how does that happen page 80 of Route Orion and weed it says the locking mechanism is parallelism between the long axes of the two articulations of the mid tarsal joint that parallelism between these two axes causes motion to occur and obliquity stops motion that didn't make a lot of sense to me because the tail a navicular joint is an ovoid ball-and-socket meaning it has an infinite number of axes so whatever the axis is going to be here it will find a parallel axis here so I started looking at what is the locking mechanism and what it turned out to be is that when the foot goes into adequate supination where the anterior Fassett is level then the tailless can externally rotate on the anterior Fassett what's trying to externally rotate it what happens is the stance phase leg is in front of the trunk of the body as you're passing the stance phase leg the trunk of the body passes and externally rotates the thigh which externally rotates the tibia and attempts to externally rotate the tailless but that can only occur when you're in when you have a level anterior Fassett when you're inadequate supination then the external rotation does occur and once it occurs it blocked sagittal plane motion between these two bones when you pull up on the gastroc you can't rotate around the subtalar joint you have to rotate around the ankle axis and propel forward so basically goal two is to have a propulsive lever by having adequate recipe nation by mid stance third problem coming over an unlocked foot the first metatarsal is free to move on its axis it moves up and out to the side it bears less of less of the weight at push off route said at toe off a person should put sixty percent of their force under the first metatarsal the medial four foot so our goal would be medial forefoot loading then when we push off the giardia our force ends up on the first metatarsal and hallux totally an agreement with roots theory last goal as the first metatarsal phalangeal joint dorsi flexes you lose range of motion in dorsiflexion at the joint in other words when I borrow your first metatarsal phalangeal joint have a seat right here put out your foot and say ah watch what happens I push up on his first metatarsal his toe will not dorsey flex I lower his first metatarsal and I get an enormous dorsiflexion this is what we call functional Halleck sliminess it's got great range of motion until you stand on it so we'd like a foot that when it's functioning when you're walking on it it has no functional hallux limit us that there's a free range of motion in the first metatarsal phalangeal joint thank you so our four goals were hitting the ground in enough supination to cause a time delay in pronation secondly rhe supinating by mid stance to have a propulsive lever thirdly propelling off the medial side of your forefoot and fourthly preventing functional hallux limit us and if we have that we have a pretty good foot let me go over a little history of foot biomechanics you have to realize that prior to Merton root there was only one diagnosis of the foot mechanically everybody had weak foot that was it there's an 1896 article and you can look up dozens of articles describing weak foot Merton root was an enormous pioneer and the way his mind worked was very interesting he was a huge fan of the botanist Linnaeus Linnaeus was the botanist who first used the structure or morphology of plants to classify them so what Mert was trying to do was look at the foot and see if he could see morphological differ structural differences between people and see how they related to pathology which is a brilliant idea and he pioneered foot biomechanics prior to him it didn't exist I spent some time with Tom Scarlett oh and Tom worked with Mert in the early days and wrote the compendium on foot biomechanics and I said to him what was so exciting back in the late 60s early 70s about what Mert was doing and he said Edie we turned the patient over that was really exciting nobody had turned the patient on their stomach and when he turned the patient over he note he noticed that most people had a rear foot that was inverted and he gave us rear foot varus then he noticed that people also had a forefoot that was even more inverted and he gave us forefoot varus then he noticed meta ductus the metatarsals going to the inside a c-shaped foot and finally forefoot valgus and they wrote the book normal and abnormal function of the foot they knew the importance of foot function but in 1954 Mert root took his best educated guess as to what the corrected position of the foot should be you wouldn't be in this room or you would fail this course if you didn't know what that position is what am I talking about what position did he say to put the foot in neutral position right where did it come from if you read Roux Dorian and weed you'll find on page 124 a reference the reference goes to an article by dr. right written in 1964 and if you pull the article you'll see it's he's an orthopod who simply looked at two people standing one of which was himself in the mirror but in 1954 is where Dutra really came about and you'll find this in lee's clinics in podiatry October of 2001 and I quote I was standing in the shower without any thought about the foot at all when all of a sudden the concept of subtalar joint neutral flashed into my mind this is what turned out to be the key to being able to contribute to podiatry merton root now I'm not saying that it's wrong because he came up with it in the shower that's fine but what I'm saying is it was not the result of a long series of complex experiments and it has never since been actually validated as the corrected position to put the foot in it's just kind of interesting and yet it's very universally accepted let's take a look at Mertz neutral position theory the first thing to note is that it revolves around the subtalar joint axis we all know the subtalar joint axis goes from dorsal anterior medial to plantar posterior lateral it's the most interesting axis in the foot because it's triplane it involves all three planes of motion and because it in the open chain you get a pretty considerable amount of motion around the subtalar joint axis why do you get so much motion around the subtalar joint axis when you hang your foot out in space because there's nothing compressing these two bones together so when they reach the end of where they would normally stop they continue to separate so you get this huge range of motion between the tailless and the calcaneus around this axis in the open chain but in the closed chain we're not so lucky the ground doesn't move that far the ground doesn't move at all unless you're in California what happens the bones have to move in relationship to each other so it no longer is simply a rotation around a singular axis as it is in the open chain but it's multiple axes occurring at 35 different joints in the foot all working together as the bones move in relationship to each other when you look at all the axes put together you don't really have an single axial rotation what you have is a change in posture the foot actually changes its posture from supinated high arch to pronated lower one of the problems that I saw with neutral position was there was neither precise nor accurate precise means that all the points are concentrated in one single area accurate means they're in the middle of the target what do I mean by that well mike ternasky did a study and found that experienced foot care practitioners could palpate neutral with an accuracy of plus or minus 3 degrees we know that the bisection of the calcaneus can have an error up to 5 degrees dnp leadership capstone projects online Watson School of Biological Sciences, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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