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Cisco discovery 1 capstone project for money

Cisco discovery 1 capstone project for money do my capstone mining corporation canada thanksgiving term papers welcome back everybody to a brand new series we play as Lombardy we're gonna try the iron crown achievement hold any Emperor King title as a lombard after 1300 now I'm not sure if it means like lombard dynasty necessarily or if it really means like lombard culture which of its ultra linen we again have have to survive i guess as the lombard dynasty anyways so yeah we'll do that it could have challenges the main challenge i would say really possibly Byzantium otherwise I think more immediately it would be Frankia becoming a threat trying to form the HRE so my hope is middle Frankie will beat Charlemagne and we're out of Bavaria if I'm correct we should be yeah we are I don't want to give them any reason to be our ally I don't want to I want I don't want to risk them inheriting us I want to try and take this guy over if I could but not right now I guess so let's go forward a little bit like we bit okay we have a lot of troops let's go for a low Crown authority as a start shouldn't be too hard oh yeah sure let's go fight Frankia little Frankie and OH what the hell no Carl is alive as Carl Oman what is this war about you're attacking car belong oh you want to think oh I see Wow okay oh yeah you want single alright that's fine I'll help you I'll help you man I'm not sure we be able to defeat him but I'll definitely help because why not let's go up there there's a crap now we'll wait right here oh I don't care if she dies that much horrible holy ha and here haha oh shoot that's not good the lombards have been defeated surely that oh crap damn you Charlemagne we should have a frickin thing to have Charlene die let's do that just a plot heaven die who wants Charl man today who Oh God many people wanted I oh my god it's perfect if he died I'd be great that would be great jeez let's try and force Charlemagne's of death that his mom no aunt okay that's the aunt okay that makes sense yeah yeah well have you never mind we won't have you join we'll have Carl no cookies in Carlo príncipe Vario Carlo Carlo carnal everyone is a carnal let's have maybe you join yeah just to help it get up to over a hundred percent you know just really help it out there we go what already was mind still no borrow money from Jews sure I'm not going to do that I'm not gonna bother um expel you need you as ever because we don't want to say attack points wanna you know keep it up by xanthine is attacking I'm assuming Baraka yep they are okay oh good look at that perfect we can get him to die he's off there now that's good thinking here's getting one of these guys to get back up it'll be good Oh perfect sure make it happen kill Charlemagne okay yes Carl is dead we killed Charlemagne now let's kill this guy he's the weaker man let's kill him now I'm sure many want him to die Oh God the hell he made West Frankia I mean that his main title I see he wanted to die don't they know oh hell I thought they did well he is crappier or not now he has 10,000 troops crap what have I done I'm a fool what have I done well no um crap let's try and kill him - if he dies they'll go to Pepin let me kill Pepin I don't know let's try killing this guy no one wants him dead though well he doesn't like me but I don't like him or something Why What you like this guy no way come on it's a little longer accident wait what were they well we have some orthodox like one more province now maybe we should go Orthodox to raise all the troops I guess bidding is he's still having revolts so that's that's good that is good go to st. gallen we'll help you Bavaria will help you hurt Charlemagne I mean Carl LeMond I guess now cuz Charmian is now dead died for a crossbow bolt oh my gosh that's hilarious we're helping you man we're helping you oh geez there there I can just kill this little prick I was having kids damn it okay we need him to die like we need him to die damn it okay get this guy to join and that's it what the hell like this guy I want him to I do not like him but because it's a normal really but you're cruel and paranoid and cynical you wanted to die don't you oh come on in come on holy fudge this is bad or they go oh geez oh hell no no no no no sorry man you're kind of screwed I'll go killed Duke that's good yeah you you kind of lost there yeah you're an idiot I hate you I don't even help you out we have no army we have like it feel troops that's it oh my odds and you expand it no you lost some stuff how are you doing though okay it's winning everything he's winning god I don't like Carla mom I want Carla man to die do heavy infantry um they still love us though that's good that's good let's have anyone there's that me someone here who just hates him no really come on come on good oh damn it why can't I go after this one come on let's go after all Croatian rights I think you didn't take that unless they convert he didn't nevermind strange were they wait feast I don't know you're at defending its peasant revolt you have a truce with the drunkard okay what do you take no damn it taking this low from for by saying him would be much easier because it's now it was going to be Catholic originally in the update but they'd changed it and I last night but like panel hasn't I guess two Slovak and angry and such which i think is good because it's more accurate I suppose from understanding it correctly anew orthodoxy seems to be possibly prevailing no he's iconoclast I remind his dad was I kind of quest did I kind of classed how kind I mean I know why but how do you get you are Sunni okay and they survived all those issues hopefully if they take saxony they'll have issues goes in the saxon and twelve thousand and revolt hopefully will kill them if their weakened which i hope they are I want to expand my realm I think we're good let's go after Sachs a holy war help me as I helped you miserably and we got screwed man because of you I can't pilgrimage surely someone wants him to frickin die no really okay fine fine what do you think of me yeah you like me kind of what my daughter married rizzardo Oh what if she married rizzardo you'd say yes okay let's meet up in Firenze a good have you go to him or her she'll make us and uh cheese Croatia or I mean Croatia Bavaria is for Krishna Bavaria is if it wow you have no army barrier your your crap Wow or Bavaria this is how you doing man this is how you do it yay attrition she needs be like one hold up wire county Wow okay so yeah this last man apparently they didn't change these are tribes yes these are not they what they didn't these guys are futile apparently I think they need to change this it should be tribal shouldn't it cuz it's not right now it's all fetal it looks like oh come on dammit is he Catholic though he is want to join know about you can you attack an attack anyone now that's my like that's my way to get into here damn it we can't go anywhere I mean I could attack by xanthium but still the byesies have a lot of guys and we don't have we have ships we have no ships what does anyone have ships probably not well I guess by the indium probably does but we have no fleet so yeah crab here let's send you instead of bear go to West Frankie don't go to Constantinople for now let them live for a bit try and heard this guy get some distrust make us be able to kill him great just be captured some people let's hold a feast right sure nice good Oh good good they'll love us but still um you there you you have ignore me left ah you idiot you're dying and you're taking us but you're dying just I would saw attack you might have known casus belli okay can't kill charlie okay I'll take a break here guys I will see you all next time as always thank you for watching do my capstone hedge fund aum Cooper Union, East Village, Manhattan.

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