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Capstone website project

Capstone website project research paper on technology addiction common application transfer personal essay ideas Hi chicks, Welcome on our channel, today we're with Andy Sama for our serie : I lived in South Korea. Helle everyone, I'm Andy Kibingwa aka Andy Sama. I'm 23 and i lived in Seoul. How long you have lived there and why you went there? So I lived in Korea for 5 or 6 months. From February to August! And why I lived there? It was for studies. So I did a semester abroad in Korea. I loved it. Lau: He's so sad to be back! How did you get the opportunity to go abroad? It's your school that give you the opportunity? Or did you ask them? In fact it is me who made my efforts, I really wanted to go abroad. So I looked for schools that allow me to go abroad actually. So my school allowed me to leave. Lau : So you chose the school based on "Can I go to Korea or not?" It's exactly that. Well, not necessarily in Korea but in any case abroad. It's exactly that. Lau: In the beginning you didn't know anything about Korea? Andy: I knew nothing at all except Gangnam Style. What have you enjoyed? What struck you there? Andy: So you must know that I'm really gone as a tourist, I didn't know much. So actually I was curious, I went with a spirit of curiosity. What I liked there, wow, the list is long but uh ... In short, this is really the culture, people and the city. The city, Seoul is really a city ... I felt really inspired there. The food .... the music. And entertainment. It's really something big enough in SOuth Korea. What do you advise people to prepare their stay in South Korea? I would say a few cultural rules. For example in the subway, there are some places where you can't sit because it's reserved for the elderly. So really there, a few rules like that about culture Budget! Be prepare for spicy food too. Honestly it's super spicy, spicy all the time. We will say that you left for 6 months, how much budget you have planned about? You should know that life is pretty affordable compared to Paris. To eat it's not too expensive. Accommodation if you're a student campus, okay this is relatively affordable. I think from € 4,500 - € 5,000 you're really good Lau: We will say € 5,000? For 6 months. Andy: € 5,000 or more. On site, is that there are things that are absolutely to do? Yes yes yes at 100%..... Samgyopsal (삼겹살) ! First....The Basic! You come, you take Samgyeopsal OK? Incheon, the Sinchon station, you have to go. You are forced to go. Sincheon is between the school Yonsei and Ewa So that means that on Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday evening is filled with young people everywhere. Sincheon Station. In Hongdae, for those who like to drink, there is an unlimited bar called B2. The B2 : if you go there : Unlimited drinks! Shout out to Jonathan, Jowti. Then Hongdae, for those who like hip-hop, there's a lot of hip-hop clubs but for example there is the Lux I'm much party at Lux, the MB2 for those who love music a little commercial, hip hop etc ... After that, I think that's really the feeling, what I was doing I was really the feeling. For example if I go to Kondae therefore Konkuk University Station There is a street full of pubs right and left, restaurants, norebangs, (노래방 = karaoke), PC bangs I forgot to say that PC Bang is a must-do. In fact it's the Korean Internet cafes. It's a cyber cafe where you come, you pay a pittance, less than one euro and you have hours and hours playing video games. You can order food and they will bring you. The room is air-conditioned. For smokers, there is a smoking area in the cyber café. there is water, there are beverages, snacks You can sleep because the seats are super comfortable! I've seen guys sleep here all the time. Positively we understood that you loved it, but is that there are rather negative things that have marked you too? Here in France we aren't accustomed, but plastique surgery, it felt weird. First I could see plastic surgery ads in the subway. Like it was a big mac If you want a big mac call 01.... And there are places where there are many girls who are redone. And it shocked me a little. Lau: You see they'v done plastic surgery? Andy: It's obvious, it's obvious! Lau : It's really weird? We don't find often garbages, it happened to me to spend dozens of minutes walking with cans in hand I didn't know what to do. I had to go on the subway, throw in the trash and go out. Looking back, for you, what was your greatest memory? This is my first week. Because we discovered all actually. This is the first time I went to Asia. I discovered, everything was wonderful, beautiful. Everything was different. My first week, the contact with people. Especially with Korean. And my personal learning. If you look back a little, is there are things you don't do it again? There is a party where I followed my roommate, and I regret a little, I never should have followed. He tired me a little. He tired me too much and I lost my bag. I couldn't find it, i don't know where i left it, it disapears So Soju yes, but with moderation. Do you plan to return soon? Whether for holidays or for another type of visa I love this question because the answer seems obvious. I don't imagine not retourn in South Korea First just to see for my friends. I want to go back and do all the things I couldn 't do. And my goal right now is really to go back and do an internship. Do you have a funny anecdote about your Korean trip? One day I was doing a photoshoot, we were 2, I was with a Korean. We wokred etc...And it was lunch time So the creator of the brand goes buy KFC, he returns So I take my french fries, I take my sandwich etc .. I turn around, I checked my phone charged, and what the girl does it's taking all the french fries And put them in the middle like that. She takes my tray of fries, and put them in the middle like that I turn and I see it and I'm like.... Sab : Give me my french fries back! Andy: I was offended! At the time I thought, but what did she with my fries?? And in fact, I understood that it was the spirit of sharing. You don't eat your own french fries in your corner, it's really fries are there and we eat all together. But it shocked me at the time. I laugh a bit and I ended up eating the fries of others. What do you think of the vision of France in Korea? Also, reverse, Korea in France? Korea in France, what I think is a shame, but shame It's that Korea is under-publicized. Honestly, I went to Korea because I was curious If we talk of Asia I hear all the time talk about Japan, for the strong jap'animes Culture etc ... I hear about China for business I hear about Thailand for holidays. And North Korea because the president is a little crazy But I hear never talked, never never, I've never heard about South Korea. Except for Gangnam Style. Anyway there was the year France-Korea so I think it is doomed to evolve. Anyway I hope so because Korean culture is very interesting. And the point of view of France in Korea Well France, eh! France still has his international charisma. And you can feel it in South Korea too. Paris Baguettes, Tous les Jours, which are bakeries look like French. Oh, you came from Paris! You're lucky! The Tour Eiffel.... you know what I mean. So we thank Andy for answering our questions. Andy has also a Youtube channel called Apollo 33 And we can see his vlogs about his trip in South Korea And it's a little more about geek culture? Exactly so basic it's a culture geek channel I'm with 2 friends Samora et Kapetta So we try to provide another perspective on geek culture. I started my vlogs Korea and go check my videos, they aren't bad. And check too what we do on Apollo 33 Go check everything, see you soon for a next video on our channel. And on social network. Annyeong! doctorate of nursing practice capstone projects for money Alfred State College.

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