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Capstone warehouse okc for money capstone logistics black mountain nc for money koyo jeans annual report ´╗┐it's Friday and my name is alum the partner products manager over here at Bobcat and today I wanted to take a look at using 3d engraved to create some 3d tool paths so the first thing I wanted to do was open up this file this part was drawn and SolidWorks and we have a couple of a couple of shapes here and we want to use this to create a 3d vacuum fixture so the first thing I want to do is align the geometry so that it's in the proper viewing plane so I'll use utilities and then rotate and I'll rotate this in ninety and X and that will get it facing me the next thing I want to do is utilities rotate and rotate this minus ninety in Z now even though this is a name necessary step because using the stock wizard we can actually align our zero to the part regardless of what orientation it's in it does help with the standard views which makes it easier to view the part now the next thing I want to do if you notice this is considered an entire solid so what I want to do is stitching on stitch salt like the surfaces and I want to break this down into into individual surfaces and then I just want to delete that top surface there okay now from here the next thing that I want to do is create the wireframe that I'm going to use for the machining process so I'll add a new layer okay I'm gonna make that layer active so I have the solid on one layer and nothing on this new layer I just created and what I want to do is extract the wireframe we're in SolidWorks they call it convert entities so we'll do utilities extract edges single and I'll pick on this top face right here and then I'll right click ok and now you can see I have the wireframe for that solid I'm gonna do another group here where I'll select these vertical lines just picking the edges okay and then I'll create another layer here we'll call this horizontal and I will select all my horizontal lines and these particular edges here will be used for an o-ring groove and again this is going to be a vacuum fixture all right so now we have a bunch of wireframe here what I'm gonna do is turn on just layer number one and I'm just gonna select the things that I want to delete because I don't really need that section there and again to select things what I'll do is go to a selection mode so that's right up here I can choose selection mode or I can right-click and choose select and then to chain select you hold down shift left click on the geometry and then that will select it all if it's connected and because it's a chain it should be connected and then once I have it highlighted I can hit delete and it will go away so that gives me that geometry the next thing I want to do is turn on my vertical lines and from here I'm gonna group these together we have a function called contour I'm holding down shift and clicking on these lines and that will group those together and then I'm gonna do the same thing with the horizontals here I'll group those together okay so now we have all of our geometry prepped the next thing that we want to do is run our stock wizard so from here we'll go to our cam tree we're gonna go ahead and milling stock stock wizard rectangular next it just puts a box around the part which is fine and go ahead and choose next and then what we want to do is pick this corner here I'm gonna pick this bottom bottom corner of the part so we're gonna go ahead and choose origin and we'll click on that little dot right there and the red arrow is X positive so that's X positive the green arrow is Y positive if we wanted to switch it we can choose this arrow here and we can switch our x-axis direction or switch our y-axis direction but actually the default is just fine positive x positive Y we'll go ahead and choose okay all right so now we have our zero setup we have our stock setup and we have the geometry we want to work with setup what I'll normally do from here is just turn down the transparency of the stock and that will display our wireframe geometry and then from here I'm gonna load in my three axis engraving and then we'll choose next select geometry now I'm going to turn off my other layers and I'm going to do this outside shape first I held down shift to select that profile then I'll hit spacebar to lock in the selection I'll go ahead and define my tool this one's going to be a 750 N mill I have my speeds and feed so I can adjust over there my parameters this is going to be an eighth inch deep when I go back to my tool I may assign a tool holder I created this off this sample as my kind of like a call it call it holder or whatever but you can always adjust those but I'll grab that one and we'll go ahead and hit compute and that will generate the tool path for that profile then I'm just going to blank out that tool path and then I'll load another three axis engrave select geometry this time I'm going to select this inside shape here and I'm also going to select these vertical and these horizontal lines now from there I'll hit my spacebar to lock in the selection this one I'm going to use a different size tool I'll use a quarter inch end mill okay I'll grab my it looks like I have that holder there I'll set my depth and then I'll hit compute so at this point we've gone ahead and programs our outside relief and our inside oh ring grooves and that's that's basically it now if we want to load this up into a simulation we can go to module modules and then Mills simulation and this will load up right now what it's doing is processing the model it's trying to stitch all the surfaces together because it's gonna pass it over to the simulation window and you know I have machine simulation in the multi axis version that I'm running if you're not running a multi axis version you would wanna that you would see it in in this view right here so here we can see our solid stock setup I will turn off my initial stock I will turn off my model usually I'd like to use the segmented tool path display which is that one right there I'll turn down the speed of this we do have a bunch of reporting tools but I'll go ahead and just play this through and this will show our relief cut along the outside of the park and then from there we're gonna see that uh it's gonna go ahead and trace this now you're gonna see some edges in red they're actually slow this down really slow if you notice the way that this tool is defined only the tip of the tool is the flutes so it's showing showing a collision with the shank of the cutter but really there would be flutes there I think that's just how I define my tool but anyways it's going through and it's it's making its horizontals and we'll go back and make its verticals and there you go this gives us our the tooling that we needed for this vacuum fixture so after we're done with all of this and we're happy with the simulation if we want to post our program we'll come over to milling tools right click and post and this will generate the G code to go ahead and run our routine once we have our G code we can right click save as and then we could save this file out to be used with our machine so that's today's quick lesson on using 3d engrave for 3d pro finally hope everybody enjoyed it I hope you have a great weekend and look forward to talking to you guys soon thank you so much do my capstone village floor plans Columbus Circle, Manhattan campus.

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