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Capstone vietnam fairs order

Capstone vietnam fairs order mpa capstone papers police report elizabeth nj county ´╗┐mr. charcoal I generally go by josh and i am a planetary geologist so i look at rocks on Mars I look at rocks on are seizing space robots so I don't build them and they actually were on Mars before I even got into this the people who do the building over lots are engineers and then the people who people who make them operate day today are also engineers and people who say what they want the rover's to be doing our scientists so scientists have questions that they want answered or they see box that they think look interesting and they say let's go look at that rock using these different instruments I used to work in high-energy physics which is particle physics and i was living in australia at the time and after a few years I realized that I hated what I was doing and it was it took a while for me to actually figure out that what I was doing research in was making me miserable was I did I knew I wanted to do a PhD in something else but I didn't know what so I contacted a bunch of my professors from where I went to college which was in the US and yeah and then so I had some conversations with them about what types of fields there are and what I could go into I majored in physics in undergrad and then I talked to another mentor who said well think about what you can't help but know so if you're looking at a newspaper or you're reading a general science journal like science or nature which have lots of different topics as opposed to only physics or only particle physics and just think about what articles you end up reading and at that time I could have told you all about everything that the Mars rovers were doing spirit of opportunity so and then I applied to do a PhD in planetary geology a lot of people have speculated that there could we have no evidence that there are and with Spirit and Opportunity we would not be able to see if there were so Spirit and Opportunity are there to see if there might have been liquid water on the surface of Mars in the past and that's all very very qualified or water unless so they're not with water it supposed to ice because there's ice there now and we know that on the surface of Mars as opposed to deep down you know like buried under lots of soil or rocks and in the past because we don't we couldn't find there couldn't be water now on Mars because of the pressure and temperature on the surface so what we're looking for is things like minerals that only form in water so there are some minerals that have water inside the crystal itself or as a part of the crystal itself and you can't form those without water and both Spirit and Opportunity have found some of those minerals not like a huge chunk of it but in in with all the other minerals that make up Iraq so they because of spirit and opportunity we know that there was once upon a time some liquid water on the surface of Mars or at least close to the surface but that water was most voicing it was likely to be very very very acidic and there are some bacteria and archaea on earth that could survive in the vicinities but we don't know that life could develop there they're only a very fine a very small practice of the rock so it's not like there's something there that you could mine for water if you wanted to make use of what if you are on the surface of Mars and wanted to make use of water on Mars you would probably go to the polar caps and use the ice that makes up the polar caps and we've also now seen evidence of glaciers covered in soil covered in it's not sort of like we think of it covered in bashed up rock and dust closer to the equator they probably like around where if it is close to the equator and so if you wanted to use what I you would use that but these rocks the importance of them is that they show that this area once saw water so the scientists who are working on Mars aren't looking for things that humans could use we're looking to see the history of Mars so on earth we we certainly haven't completely done it but we have a good sense of Earth history right what the continents have moved and water has risen and fallen living on Mars would be more difficult by far than living anywhere you can think of on earth no matter what happens on earth so the volcanoes there's no change in the rate of volcanic explosions volcanic well I mean it's much less now than it was a few billion years ago but there's certainly no acceleration in the way that volcanoes are going off the ice caps melting is occurring slowly and that's really bad for coastal cities but mark is so out of our range what we can easily inhabit we would not be able to lift everyone up and send people there my advisor Steve Squyres when he's asked will humans colonize Mars he thinks no he does not think we will ever colonize Mars because Antarctica is such an easier place to live and we have not colonized Antarctica we have scientists there but they rotated and out and they we don't have you know families pioneering in the middle of Antarctica and Antarctica is warmer than Mars and Mars it snows more on Antarctica than it does on Mars and also Antarctica is nicely encapsulated in Earth's magnetic field which keeps a lot of radiation from coming in which happens in Mars Mars doesn't have a magnetic field versus and have much of an atmosphere so there's no way you can breathe on Mars without a spacesuit or some kind of you know space colony thing I think that eventually people would colonize Mars I because i think that the land just has beauty sorry I'm picture here again when it turned my head like that I think it's really pretty but the reason that it will take so much money to send humans to Mars and keep them alive is earth is such a protection from space it's not only the cold the atmosphere keeps a lot of radiation from getting us and Mars doesn't have that and however you travel to Mars you probably wouldn't have that you put but it will take a lot of research to make it and it would be very expensive to launch so I think it will be very very very hard to make a large ship to bring even a few dozen people there and six billion 10 billion in the next few decades that that won't happen so okay this is a topographic map of Mars it goes up to 70 degrees so it doesn't go all the way to the polls so in this blues are low they have nothing to do with water they're just lowdown and reds and whites are high and maybe scale of here that shows that so this is Hellas Basin which is one of the largest impact craters in the solar system and its really really really deep and then over here we have Olympus Mons which is the largest volcano in the solar system this is the size of the state of Arizona and it's three times higher than Everest this is a 25-kilometer thing that's the height of the volcano we have nothing like that honor and a weird thing about Mars is the whole top is lower like lower down and younger than the whole bottom right because the whole top is blue if you like good make a wavy line and we know that it's the surface is younger because it doesn't have as many craters so if you imagine impact like meteorites just hitting it a relatively concentrate the longer that you've been exposed the more craters you're going to have still don't understand that we're not sure what happened to make that one idea is that there could have once upon a time in an ocean there but we don't really see evidence of that another idea is that it could be the largest crater in the solar system being half a planet so maybe when Mars was starting to form something bashed into it and ripped essentially ripped off the whole top and then it cooled the very thinnest part of the crust is right here internet of things stocks Clarkson University.

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