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Capstone turbine yahoo message board for money

Capstone turbine yahoo message board for money do my capstone project university digital king lear kent essay format ´╗┐hi its model Niki here with jump off TV and we are here at Spy 88 in New York City the title of this event is called the massacre we are here celebrating few birthdays and really just enjoying time with friends playing my school great drinks great music and just having an awesome time with a motherfucking camera [Music] do you see all these beautiful men coming up and down the stairs out of control I can't I can't take any more I can't take any more and here we are with the beautiful de Ville Lynne Bobbie Jo I miss Kaysen Raquel Suze yeah lauren renee lili my name is Karen Finney Elena Erika please please tell us who you are where you're from a young Tokyo okay gonna Gartrell my name is cooling say off jostles are gonna Reggie tiro dario I will leave it me at me like I can see what let's take a look and see what's going on on our way over here this house where you're 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video I want to thank my brothers age from jostle for helping me put this together we always work on do it right we hear you are the mastermind behind this event please tell us what it takes actually to put this event together well it takes a lot of planning first of all you have the Hyatt you have the book of venues you know and now in New York urban party is very hard to book a venue so you know you really got to know what you're doing and for this to be an urban party is I mean a full party it's off the wall but you have to hire your own security you have the Audion own bartenders you have to get your own liquor it's like I own in a bar basically owning a home club and it is a lot of work because there are a lot of people on payroll you gotta make sure I get paid and then promote and get in the scheme you know the theme together and all this man it's a lot it's a lot but hey we work together we do we got to do when we get it done and please people out there please do realize Friday night is actually a spa that is ran here in New York City it's actually a spa these people have to convert it over into a night club a night club pretty much basically that's what it is and we did it we're doing and we're gonna do another one it's stressful where we got this I'm on the grab Amanda food you have a camera yo if you alright please answer the famous question will you beginning in the pool tonight yes I will oh wait sneakers off and I don't want to see you getting the ball in the pool of you in the pool I don't man I mean here with boxes enough and socks on why are you closed what's going on here shouldn't you guys be kept making an input numbers I can't swim there's swimsuits need to be on the beautiful bodies and in the water will we be seeing you guys in the pool tonight probably and there's about two minutes I'm getting up we'll be checking back up with you later to make sure you're new I cannot swim and I always spoke to my money already early before and I said I will not be getting a water we have one is a minute in our attic if DJ makes the one and only DJ mate [Music] each and every event at 588 all right trying too hard just get on that crying you know got to keep her bootie morphing ipj right I'll put this shit together from the ground up cuz I'm nice a motherfucker promoter fuck with me I'm gonna knock them out cuz that's how I get down I'm not promoters out for a living the upper Flatbush most the flop was his pussy but I'm the gangster nigger from flapper TV we had an eventful evening here at Spa 88 the event called the MasterCard I mean it was just awesome beautiful models hot guys Braintree great music having the pool was awesome amazing thank you so much for joining us please please come back next year here at spy 88 we'll do it all over again thanks so much you senior capstone hilliard darby CUNY Senior Colleges and Graduate Schools.

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