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Capstone turbine deutschland

Capstone turbine deutschland capstone project introduction example eiserne engel reportage drawing I don't want to go outside and then pulse yourself out so you know when a lot of you trainee axes that it's neat that I lived up in Winnipeg and I got to experience snow and winter and white Christmases today is not one of those days I got out on the bike and it was literally frozen I could not unlock my bike in my garage because the lock was frozen for starters then I hopped on the bike made a little adjustment to a chain that broke it and the rear wheel didn't spend well I'm like okay like I'm driving today you gotta see this when I talk about frozen tundra this is it and we got the good end of the winter storm that happened last night it's about minus 15 Celsius but there's about 30 kilometer 20 mile an hour winds this is it tents out here check this out [Music] I'm driving today fun story though in the pool I'm gonna try out my new swim skill I'm there right now I gotta go in I don't want to both side deathly out there hey it's a real treat to get into the rough you today's practical you're watching tearing a path let's split lip [Music] you're up for that one right first impressions of the hoop pretty good remember what I said about there being no structure I was wrong it's stiffer lines along the side and down the back and creeks go like this and it eliminates a lot of the fish tailing that could happen so that was good ice at a little bit higher in the water that made me faster Pat said that I popped out of the water after that dive faster and I forgot to say this when I was looking around for the string for the zipper I don't need one the Huub you just flip the zipper up and then pulse yourself out check this out zipper down zipper up easy is that as long as nobody flips up my zipper in the swim good everyone's probably going to ask what was the rest period on that set with the 50s and the dives there's no rest hop out walk over to the other side of the lane I've got most fun after no workouts as I was late [Music] anyone ever noticed the first few days those taper process everything starts falling apart it feels like you're going to be injured any minute now who's the joys of triathlon it's got to make a special notes of working all this stuff out over the next couple weeks because I'm not getting any faster in between now and the race so it's just a matter of staying active and making my body stay healthy but also making sure that it doesn't fall apart so I hop up on deck and mosquito and comport myself into awkward position making everyone else around me uncomfortable you're welcome Winnipeg and Mel who gets to edit this you'll remember a couple weeks ago when I did a 25k run even though we're only doing 20 1.1 K and a Half Ironman you guys remember that I get a lot of comments about man you do such massive distances I alluded to the fact maybe about a week ago that just to finish a race you don't have to do big big distances like that like you don't have to be doing 100 plus K rides if you're doing a half ironman or an Olympic or a sprint and I think that when I constantly do those big numbers that it might be a little bit off-putting - people are just getting into the sport and it's intimidating because you think that you might have to be doing those types of distances and that type of volume and training 1015 times a week for 20 hours plus you don't have to so addressing that like I mentioned a couple weeks ago if you just want to finish a race you don't have to train nearly that much it's quite a bit less three four times a week you can probably get away with but if you're looking to have your absolute best race I think that you need to train with what I call over distances other people might also call them over distances and I just think that's something that I came up with I don't actually know if that's right or if it's not over distances or something that I found it extremely helpful as I've increased the distance that I've been competing it so back when I was doing Sprint's I can get away with training three four five six times a week I'd still have a pretty good race but when you start getting into longer distances your body needs to be a lot stronger if you start getting into longer distances and you want to have your absolute best race possible like you want to be putting in personal records personal best PR PBS it's important to have over distances so that when you get to that long distance race it's not a struggle just to complete the distance you want to get to a point that you have bite so much ran so much swam so much the distances in each leg of the race are completely attainable and then it's just a matter of can you hold a fast race pace for that length of time what we look at in our training group is half ironman distance for me is 1,900 meters we're doing like 3040 500 meter swims in bikes over the winter I haven't put in huge distances on the bike but last winter when I was training for a half ironman we were doing like 130 hundred and forty or fifty K rides so that the 90k ride in a half ironman was not a big deal runs last year I didn't really do any runs longer than about twenty cake and I really felt that when I got out onto the racecourse so this year training for camp ecchi we started including 18 K runs basically as a standard that was like the shortest long run that we did and then we started building up to 21 22 23 and 25 K runs over the last couple months and by the time we got to that 25k run a 21 K run at a fast pace easy peasy lemon squeezy so if you're looking to have your absolute best race that you possibly can you got to put in a lot of miles and it's got to get to the point that you can hold a race pace for the distance of the leg of that race because you've trained for huge volume in longer distances and then you can put out faster times because a half ironman is a shorter distance now I'm going to give this a big word of caution the longer you go in racing like you're getting to a half now you're getting to a full Ironman you probably don't want to be doing like 250 K rides it takes a big big toll on the body and past six seven eight hour training days you're not getting a whole lot of benefit from that I would say that over distances that are training days longer than the distance that you're actually going to race them probably only make sense for Sprint's Olympics half ironman by the time you get to a full Ironman you're seven to nine hour training days are going to end up being probably enough well I know that for a fact even though that I haven't done a full Ironman because when we trained for the lake swim that we knew was going to take about nine hours we only got up to about a five or six hour training swim in open water and the reason for that is the idea is just to get your body used to the fact that it's going to be going for a really long period of time and figure out your nutrition and if you get that pacing down that's just chugga-chugga chugga-chugga Chuggington then it's a matter of just fueling yourself and constantly going at that chugga chugga choo so you don't need to be necessarily doing over distances for full iron man's and ultraman events or like marathon swims or ultra run yeah you're not going to run 120 miles for a hundred mile run but certainly for Sprint's Olympics and Half Ironman over distances are a big benefit makes you strong up here too to know that you can go that distance without issue that is all for today nice that I got home early we called in a snow day and everyone went home back at it tomorrow have a good night see a trainee axe you want to say goodbye to the trainee axe easily show them your bone areas there you shoulder our bone oh good work nt2799 capstone project wbs SUNY Community Colleges.

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