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Capstone turbine corporation wikipedia order

Capstone turbine corporation wikipedia order six sigma capstone project for money cyberschool by clifford stoll thesis sample [Music] hey folks how y'all doing so today you've got me just about to start the first workout of the second week of the LSUS program and so this is a 10 rep max back squat I've got 95kg on the bar up from 90 kg last week feel like my body is starting to adapt from the tens I actually felt all right after this set last week I sort of felt like I wanted to vomit after the service at San squats as I'm just not done them in a long long time so as fine to adapt really enjoying this set felt like I kept a good for managed to keep my dad pretty consistent so yeah this see I do if I'm completely honest I also think i miscounted this eye-catching of doing about 11 wraps so maybe got that extra rep in the tank so I mean I think next week I'm probably gonna try for a hundred so it feels I've also good i'm going to provide you with another viewpoint of this I've got this fee from here I'll try to provide a side angle view point just to unjust have a different look upon doing basin right so now you joining me for my third set which is a back offset so this program works you set at nrm then you'll do a five percent back off then a ten percent back off this is my third set so it should be a ten percent back off unfortunately you probably notice this is 77.5 because i'm an idiot and I can't do maths so actually backed off slightly more my third set than necessary my second set was fine a check that's all all right but um yeah backed off way too much on the third set so I wonder why it fault particularly easy but nonetheless this is what I'm doing I'm pad crackling my form posture seems to be all right I'm trying to focus on sort of keeping my knees out and down at the bottom for making sure my quads are really doing the work but yeah oh all right with this definitely gonna be going up next week right so here you have me doing some jerks some split jokes I'm going to do about two sets of three after building up to it so i think i'm on about 87.5 this week feeling all all pray all right it was tough after doing the squats because my legs were definitely tired but don't be tired after a clean laughing let's basalt free fair you'll definitely notice that the LSU s program doesn't have jugs in it sir in its tens phase but since I'm doing two blocks of 10 so I'm essentially making the 10 space longer I felt it made sense so yeah that's pretty much what I'm doing just getting a few jokes I'm just to keep that technique going here you've got a side angle Armand let's see I'll probably still be on yet still on that 87.5 fairly happy with my angle in it it feels like I'm quite stable when I'm receiving the bar I'm quite happy with my split position jerk is probably my strongest movement at the minute it's definitely a good 10 kilograms above where my cleaners at the minute so I've got plenty of reserve left in the tank when it comes to the jugs just need to be working on getting our leg strength lot more than anything [Music] alright so next up you've got me going for a push press 10 RM so 10 Armand this is what my trying to go for 67.5 I'm going for you now this is surprisingly tough I've got about one RM over 100 kilograms on the push press so on this is just below seventy percent trying to get ten reps you think those numbers are sort of all right but after doing the jerks in the back squats you surprisingly tired when it comes to this um so my upper back especially was quite tired my shoulders are definitely getting tired by the end of it I made my way through so have a look but yeah it sent me a tough sat [Music] [Music] alright so now I'm showing you my first back offset so this is minus about five to six percent off the bar and I'm going to go for another side saying you've got a side angle here just like and sort of check what my hips are doing check my movement check that the bars going vertical I'm quite happy almost of this obviously I could probably add a bit more power bit more explosiveness to it but generally i'm pretty happy with our push presses are looking feeling pretty strong with so ya feelin pretty good release [Music] [Music] [Music] right next up you've got me trying to set at nrm in the bench press I'll got sent to kg on the bar and this is really interesting because the LSU s program is the first time that I've actually done bench press in two years I'm some actually fairly fully glad to see that my shrimp hasn't really gone down I mean the most i have a bench past when I sort of did it a couple years ago was a hundred I'm doing ten reps on 70 probably equates to something very similar so I'm yeah it doesn't look like my bench press has gone down that's all for not doing it shoulders definitely feel a lot stronger from all the push press and other kind of stuff I've been doing so yeah I feel really good with each rep I was trying to make sure I got down and just tapped on the arm on the on the chest making sure I sort of kept some good posture tried to keep my upper back tight we have just a simple bass strength assistance movement this time sorry about the the guy legs just walk past as well I think we've got is it the Toronto wolf pack's training in our gym at the moment so I think they're a new arm rugby league team of chosen and be fair there are like training base so there's a lot of rugby dudes walking around the gym this morning so on I'm probably like the smallest dude in the gym at this point but I also felt fairly strong comparison so I'm not feeling too bad for myself but yeah looking at those dudes I am definitely a tiny dude compared to them I'm so what am i doing now I'm doing a quick backup set I'm on 65 kilograms here yes I'm just taking a little bit of way off I'm again going for 10 reps still feeling sore pretty easy so i feel i'll be going up next week when I oh when I come to redo this [Music] now I also do a third back upset so I do a set like 60 it's feels all right you'll hear for weightlifting content probably don't want to watch another third set a bench so we're going to move on to my lunge it here you have me doing um I'm actually going to do three sets of lunges in total I do them all at the same way just because the dumbbells are the other side of the gym and I don't fancy carry them all across so I do three sets of 10 at 22.5 this week you'll notice that I actually step slightly to the side with my lunges um which is basically because when I learned the jerk I had this habit of um tight rope in myself like going to narrow so I felt by just doing the jerks as a warm-up exercise sending my leg out to the side really helped me to UM create the jerk a little bit I'm really gonna see next is I provide you a side angle show you exactly how i do my lunges so i keep my french in vertical I keep my push to really up right Mike all braced as I feel this has the best carryover as an assistance exercise and last but not least you have me doing some tricep dips idea was set with 10 kilograms are set with five kilograms and a set with bodyweight I keep my elbows tucked sort of what my triceps a bit more and that's how I like to do them I also i forgot to record but i also did some weighted crunches three sets of 10 arm so that includes some week 2 day 1 of LSUS program if you like it then I'm give it a like and subscribe if you want some more updates about how I got on see you later folks [Music] hey there if you enjoy the video anyone can start on your own Olympic weight of the journey thing with the link in the description below to sign up for your free 90-minute Olympic weightlifting analysis session this is a session that can be done in person or online and you're guaranteed to make some huge improvements with it also a dive getting anyone weekly updates from the whole practice drink squad then make shots that's right print to onenote custom paper size for money Hunter College, Upper East Side.

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