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Capstone treatment center jobs for money

Capstone treatment center jobs for money write for me capstone technical institute point by point argumentative essay [Music] hi I'm Tanika Khanna and welcome to another special edition of the coach Tom McConnell show I was here with Coach McConnell the other day today it's my pleasure to be here with two of IEP seniors Adri stay put it in Megan Smith guys you won the Atlantic region championship made it the final 4:31 season all had never been done in IEP history how's it feel to be such a big part of that it definitely feels special to know that were the first team to make it that far but I think it feels even better that we were able to do that together and with the people that we have on our team we just had so much fun along the way and I think that made it even more special yeah it's been a long journey and just to be there with all our teammates on that stage was just incredible so you go up to Sioux Falls South Dakota to play in the Elite Eight what do you remember most about being up at Sioux Falls it was a really great experience again I think being with the girls through it all playing on that big stage it was great to see you know not only parents but fans from in the end I made the trip out and I think all that just combined made it really awesome for us to be there and experience that yeah I think it gave us a little taste of I guess what do you want athletes see every day like it was just crazy there's cameras on our face a lot and I think that's a big part of what I remember it as long as well as the support that we received and the people coming out like she said missing a lot of class yes I'm taking your homework on the road with you right yeah the first game out there Nashville quarterfinals you're playing Stone Hill out of Massachusetts get up 14 at halftime start of the second half they go up 16 and then it seems like everything just starts to go against you guys but in the end you pulled it out how'd you how'd you do it yeah so it was a it was a great first half for a second half it was tough there I'm best player just kept driving it to the basket and they were calling a lot of fouls and I some probably we're legit but definitely some of them were not we were getting frustrated but I'm really proud of us you know the game you won was tied at one point and we had some players Carolyn and other girls make some really big plays and I think that we were just showed toughness and pushed through at the end yeah big thing that we always focus on during the season was it's not supposed to be easy and that was like the big example of it and we really pushed through stuck together stay calm so you get Ashlyn in the next game the defending national champion they'd won 72 games in a row up to that point I'm sure it did not go the way you wanted it to go and afterward it's your last game a lot of sorrow in the room now that you've had time to reflect what do you think I know coaches mentioned that a couple times in his interviews you don't really want to focus on what went wrong in your last game you more so want to focus on you know being able to get that far and I know for me I've really been able to look back and be thankful for all the experiences I've had and be thankful for the girls that I've been able to play with and to be able to play for coach McConnell and play at IUP it's just been so great for me yeah I think we're just focusing on you know the love and support that we've gone after instead of the sorrow and the fact that our careers are over that's what's been helpful what do you take from the whole experience not just the the Elite Eight but the whole season your careers at IUP and how does that affect the rest of your life I definitely learned a lot of things here at IUP that I'll be able to use for the rest of my life I've had a lot of great leaders through coaches and through past players and I think just all the hard work that previous players and current players put into it are great examples for me to look up to you know I agree with what she said and just having such leadership and then having to go into a leadership role as seniors has really taught us a lot throughout the Phelps and downs that we've had we sat down the other day to do the show and we ran into some technical difficulties so we got to do our today think back if you could go to any game that you played in your life have a do-over which game would it be I always struggled with the games against Cal at Cal and I if I could go back I would always tell myself to not get so excited before the games and just play free and play for my other teammates and I feel like maybe I would be more successful then I don't know if I have the only thing I can think of is you know the game I tore my ACL but I mean I don't know if I would go back and change that cuz it led me here so I have a couple that I would go back to that would go back to the Millersville game you maybe shoot a little better in that one and not good a triple overtime and play for conference championship but I guess you just take it as it comes and go from there speaking of which you're both going to graduate in the spring Audrey you're a sports management major what's next um I still have to do another internship to officially graduate so I mean after I'm done with that we'll see if that leaves me somewhere in the job world or if I should go back to school we'll see Megan you're a human resource management major you already have a job lined up yeah so I'm going to be a corporate recruiter for a medical staffing company I have to ask you your name is at the top of the record book for points score in the season 625 points he topped gazenga Tracy who did it three years in a row and she was a really good player and now you're on top of that list how does that feel leaving here knowing that your name is up there I'm definitely thankful for the experience but I think I've told you this before I wouldn't have been able to get to that point without you know my team and we played 30 plus games 34 games I think and I think if we didn't play that many games I wouldn't have been able to reach that so definitely having the type of team that we have with so many talented players I think it's the reason that I was able to get to that point coach told the story the other day about how you here that you weren't even on his radar didn't know anything about him did he just showed up and found you and it was a good thing huh yeah I really think it was meant to be I always think about my decision to come here at IUP and how thankful I am that I ended up here because I was actually pretty sure I was gonna go to another school I was telling all my friends and then after talking to coach McConnell and visiting here I can't completely change my mind I heard you're gonna play volleyball not basketball I was also thinking about playing volleyball in college so I had a lot to think about in high school Audrey he took a kind of a long route here you started out at East Stroudsburg and then you end up at Slippery Rock and like you said you tore your ACL and sat out last year and you end up here glad you made it here yeah I mean it's home and I can't thank coach enough for giving me the opportunity to finish my career out here and just the girls too for making it feel even more like home so the coach wanted me to mention one more thing before we go you guys have a banquet every year this year it's April 29th at 4 o'clock at the K CAC and he wanted any fans to know that if they want to come they're more than welcome they just need to contact the but basketball for details and the number there is seven two four three five seven two seven 75 guys thanks for being here thanks for the memories it's been a great ride this year in a great four years in your case in a great couple years in your case appreciate the time and good luck in your future endeavors thank you [Music] what is an undergraduate capstone for money American Academy McAllister Institute.

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