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Capstone treatment center arizona order

Capstone treatment center arizona order excel capstone project 1 2019 for money write my dissertation on censorship for money [Music] good afternoon folks happy Monday and welcome back to another episode of Adams eats how are we doing well it's Monday for you it's actually Sunday for me because I film Monday's video on the Sunday I've just got home I've been out for a big Sunday lunch and guess what I'm hungry well I'm peckish I don't want a big dinner but I just want something to fill me up I really shouldn't eat anything else because I was just way too much bumpkin ooh I've got no willpower I know so I thought today I'll show you how to make a really simple garlic butter chicken sandwich it's really simple it's a bit like a deconstructed chicken Kiev it's got the garlic butter in there and the fried chicken I'm gonna put some cheese in there as well just because I want to and then we'll put the whole thing in a toasted ciabatta roll so following the usual drill folks if you hit that pause button make a list of those ingredients and the first thing we're gonna do is make our garlic butter right okay garlic butter then really really simple got some lemon parsley some room temperature butter and some garlic the first thing we're gonna do is cut this butter in half because I don't need all of this get that in a bowl now I'm gonna need three cloves of garlic you just want to give them a quick bash take the ends off and peel them just like that we'll get this out of the way and then we need to finely mince this garlic you can put it through a garlic press if you want but as I've said before I don't get on with them so I'm going to finely chop it first and then I'll add just a pinch of salt and then using the back of my knife will just press it down until it forms a paste the salt acts like an abrasive and they were just emulsify the whole thing together and once you've got your paste who want to have that - our butter and then we want the juice of about half a lemon so just cut it in half and then just squeeze that in that just cuts through some of the richness and then we want some freshly chopped parsley we're gonna take off these woodier stalks because we don't really want those we just want the leave really then scrunch it up and then finely chop add that to our butter as well bring it over here just a little bit of pepper and then taking a fork you just want to mash the whole thing together this is why it's important to have the butter room temperature because if it's fridge cold well you're just gonna have a lot of work on your hands and it's just gonna be a nightmare so room temperature and you'll make life much easier for yourself okay until it looks like that and then we need to wrap it in cling film and get it in the fridge and all we need to do is take a nice big sheet of cling film or saran wrap I think they call it in America lay out on the surface dollop your butter in the middle and then just sort of form it into a loose sausage shape and then just wrap it up like so twist in the ends until it looks a bit like a sausage and that now needs to go in the fridge for about 20 minutes until it's firmed up and once the butter is chilling in the fridge we'll get on and we'll bread our chicken so I've got some eggs here I'm going to crack into this bowl give them the whisk and then I've got some fresh white bread crumbs here and I'm just going to season it up with a bit of sage go in the nice heat teaspoon and then about the same again of smoked paprika bit of pepper round about half a teaspoon then just mix that up and then we just want to bread our chicken it's very very simple I'm using these little chicken mini Phillips here or I think they call them chicken tenders in the u.s. they're just nice and convenient they're all kind of the same size and they just cook really quick as well I want to get them in the flour give them a light coating then into the egg and then into your bread crumbs onto a plate and then just simply repeat that with the rest of the chicken and once you finish bread in your chicken like so they're ready to cook so I'll get the gas on and what's your oil is fairly hot we're gonna add the chicken now you'll notice as well I've not got loads of oil in here because we're not going to deep-fry them we're just gonna do a nice shallow fry and they cook these for about four minutes each side until they're nice and crisp and golden brown and then at the last minute we'll add some garlic butter you face them which will add more flavour we'll take them out drain them and them all ready to go alright so as you can see I'll flip them over now remember the garlic butter we put in the fridge I'm just gonna add a couple of slices of this it blocks it around and the reason I didn't add this straightaway because you might run the risk of it burning and then just paste it over the top and I do that a couple of times until the chicken is cooked all the way through and you'll have lovely garlicky delicious chicken and once they're cooked we're going to take them out place them on a sheet lined with some kitchen paper just to drain off that excess oil I'm just going to clean out this pan and then I'll use it to toast our ciabatta rolls but don't use the oil that's in there because you know there might be bits of burnt garlic and stuff like that so we'll clean it out we'll get some fresh garlic butter in there so then I'm going to cut my ciabatta rolls in half and then in a clean pan I'm going to put it back onto a medium heat add just a bit of oil and this just prevents the butter from burning and once it's nice and hot we're going to add some more garlic butter these generous as you like it swirl it around and they put the bottoms of your ciabatta rolls in and then toast those into the light neat golden brown which should take a couple of minutes so now we're ready to assemble I've got our toasted ciabatta bottoms here it's going to lay a little bit of cheese on the bottom and then I'm going to go in with some peppery rocket leaves this just adds a bit of punch and then we'll get our chicken fill it's on I'd say you want about three maybe four pieces per sandwich and then because it would be rude not to I've just taken a small amount of the butter melted it in a pan and I'm just gonna drizzle some over because I don't care I don't care and then just to help cut through some of that richness I've got the other half of the lemon that we used earlier I'm just going to squeeze just a bit over the top not too much so just balance out the flavors nicely and we'll pop the lids on right I suppose we should cut one open [Music] we are the big reveal folks to that right come on then less I'm a taste right here we go then garlic butter chicken sandwich let's get it in my face shut up and take me home that is marvelous it's basically like a chicken Kiev in a sandwich we've got that juicy moist chicken with that nice crunchy coating and then that garlic butter just power just hits you right in the face but it's really really nice if you love garlic you're gonna absolutely love this and that little bit of lemon juice just cuts right through it tones it down a bit so it's not too rich but that folks is a winning sandwich well that about wraps up today folks so thanks for tuning in and watching hope you enjoyed the recipe really simple sandwich to make it's really delicious I mean yeah I didn't need to have this honestly I had such a big dinner have a starter as well but you know when you're just a little bit package you just need something and I wanted this so thanks again for watching guys tune in next time for more tasty fun and frolics stick around at the end as well because there'll be some links to some other videos and if you're new to the channel and you want to subscribe there'll be a button for that as well I'll see you all next time and bye for now [Music] internet of things youtube order Ulster County Community College.

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