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Capstone topics nursing

Capstone topics nursing do my the internet of things business models and opportunities thesis writing methods ´╗┐Gooooodmorning, afternoon or evening! What's up? My name is Maarten! This vlog is going to be my first vlog in Dutch. And I've never done that cause I've already made almost 200 vlogs. This is vlog 196. And I thought that after almost 200 vlogs it was about time to do it in Dutch. Because, as many of you know. My name is Maarten Jongkind and 3 years ago, in April 2014, moved to Greece to the city of Volos. And at this moment, are we at my home. I don't live alone! I live together with Ilona... Hi And Ilona is Greek so she doesn't understand at all what I'm doing... *Jibberish kinda Dutch/German* Precies! In any way... We are right now at home and I live in Volos This vlog is especially aimed at the people that don't watch my vlogs daily. So. Welcome! We're gonna make a ride! And as a real Dutch guy, we take the Iron horse. On the bicycle. Have to wear sunglasses! How did I end up in Greece, well that actually very simple. Out of love... Purely out of love. I moved over 3.5 years ago after visiting the country for 12 years for vacation. And somehow I created a bond with the surroundings. Why Volos? Volos is not as big as Thessaloniki, not as busy as Athens. And has an awesome peninsula called Pelion. Where you can find amazing beaches. Where you can find amazing people! And for that Ieft a good job behind in the Netherlands... But gained an amazingly gorgeous girlfriend in return for that! As you could just see. And Volos just has some really nice places here, that's what I wanted to show you! So we're first going to check out the places that are very specific for Volos! Yeah, we'll just get started! Everybody knows that the churches in Greece, are very common the culture. And one of the well known churches in Volos is pretty much, Saint Nicholas. Or better known as Sint Nikolaas in Dutch. "Santa Clause" And it's a very pretty church, not even that large. To be honest. But very nice and central in the heart of the city. And as I can see there's probably a wedding today. Even though it's the most famous church in Volos, is this the most famous church from pictures, it's a real eyecather. That is Saint Konstatin. And this one is a LOT bigger! Here at Saint Konstatin you also have the park along it. This is all Saint Konstantin park. With statues and such. One thing that is also really beautiful about Volos is that it's a harbour city. The nice thing is they have an airport, a harbour and not just for large ships. But as most villages on Pelion, also for pleasure boats. And this is not the large harbour. The large harbour is as you can see behind there. A lot of fishermen here. A little bit warm today, it's almost 40 degrees in the sun (104 Fahrenheit) And that's a measured temperature. Not even the sence temperature. (Humidity/wind) But it's a little windy, so that's ok. Except for Volos being a harbour city, it's also a really good student city! There are more than 6 universities. And one of the well known ones is this one, cause it's here on the corner. And the nice thing about this building is that it continues all the way to the back. With the domes and a large one on the inside. And there is another piece of the univercity. But the prettiest is actually that they used the modern style. With a part of the old style, you see? That old Greek style that is fitted through. And right across it, is the statue of liberation. Another place that is very well known here. And in the warm sun. As you can see, behind me, the entire coastline. And I'm now on the pier. And the pier continues all the way to the end. It keeps the rough sea nicely separated from, the calm harbour here. And it creates a gorgeous area here, sorry for the wind by the way. Talking about Dutch... That catamaran behind me, is from the Netherlands. From Amsterdam to be exact. Focus. By the way, if you ever feel like visisting Volos. Put on my sunglasses. You really have to try Tsipouro, because Volos is well known for it's Tsipouro. It's a drink that has resemblance with Ouzo. But much more tastier and you get really good bits and bites with it! The stores here are famous, the ones here on the coast also. That they have the best bits and bites. All fresh that's from the sea, or meat in some of the cases. Just try! Tsipouro with mezedes! This is the main harbour. And another famous landmark for Volos is, the harbour tower where the temperature is written on. But 9 out of 10 times, it's not correct about reality. And if you want to rent a boat, it's very well possible here! Almost everything here among this coast is for rent. Almost everything... The most though... And during the week, you can, if you're really early. Buy fresh fish here. Or you can get it from the store. But the people really from the villages and old city, get it straight from the boats. That's the city hall. With the park next to it. And if you don't arrive by car or airplane, there are always to other sorts of transport to get in Volos. And that's the bus and train. And the busses are actually something in Greece, that's being used for long distances. Ofcourse also within the city, but you also have busride that last for 8 hours that stay within Greece. Because don't forget that Greece is nine times bigger than the Netherlands. And IF you than go by bus you take the KTEL. And for questions, this is the tourist information. Straight across the KTEL station. Here is where "paleia" start, and "paleia" means in Greek; old. Or the old city part, let's put it like that for now. This is the old city, called "paleia" And that's noticable on the older style of building with these stone. However it is very, "Pelion style" to build with rocks like these. Instead of Mykonos where the make it smooth and bright white. For that, "Paleia" is really the place to go to, if you Ohw, nearly fell of my bike here. That's also why "paleia" is really the place to go for Tsipouro or some good Greek food. Paleia is really the place, especially the atmosphere at night! And for real Greek ancient things you don't have to look far! Because everywhere hidden in the city around here. You can find ruins and archeological sites. That they did. And this has been a really old Spa. These were baths and they had large pots. And right across from here, there's a part of which I made a video. In English ofcourse. The trainstation and the museum of Tsalapata. Because the museum of Tsalapata, is a museum where they used to make bricks and rooftiles. For a long time they didn't use rooftiles here and they delivered for a large part of Europe. And I've got a link up here! Now I didn't even show you all the best parts of the city yet. But if you want to see it. I would check out these vlogs. I already made almost 200 now, and... The city is being aimed at tourists more and more. That's really cool! You can find everything in English or there are people that speak the language. And otherwise if you want to learn the little thing of Volos. I can give you a little tour! Now you might understand why I came to Greece or more specifically to Volos. I just have to get on my bicycle, and this is city is not really that big. So that I'm very fast on the peninsula Pelion in the middle of the mountains. With the nice views. In this gorgeous country. If you thought this was a really cool vlog and Volos is such a nice place and Maarten is such a sympathetic boy. Click on the thumbs up so that it turns blue, subscribe. The rest of the videos will continue in Dutch. So that everybody understands. One of it will be in Greece ( I meant Greek but said the country) And, thank you for wathing. Leave a comment. I hope to see you in the next one, BYE! good capstone projects online State University of New York Polytechnic Institute, Marcy.

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