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Capstone topics for high school students

Capstone topics for high school students capstone nurse ratios for money germ guardian 4825 review of literature 2nd Penal Institution of Milano, Bollate "InJail" the restaurant of the most starred jail in Italy My name is Silvia Polleri I am the manager of the cooperative ABC la sapienza in tavola started in 2004 between these walls at Bollate penitentiary to work in catering, outside, for private clients, big events, weddings, corporate dinners... with the inmates of our cooperative who were allowed to work outside. I've had many lives, I am a senior by now, sixty-five... Twenty-two years spent in education as a pre-school educator I have been cooking out of passion since the age of 12 To such a point that, once retired from teaching, I started a catering business of my own. For ten years I ran a small, niche catering service. I pampered the Milanese middle-class. I shut it down, as I thought I would dedicate more time to my family Two years later, the director of this penitentiary reached out to me. She knew my high-profile expertise and she offered me to start a catering business within Bollate penitentiary. The condition I imposed was: "Keep in mind I will not set up 'the catering of sympathy'" From the start we began with high profile training for our people. In the beginning I developed training packages with maîtres and chefs... I believe it's the biggest challenge of our time the social sector must understand that if it aims at having some dignity in the business fields it operates in it needs to enter the competition with the private sector in that field. Progressively, we gained experience and our will to provide people with a real profession grew stronger. The big issue is when inmates finish jail terms. Whether you spent six months or twenty years in jail, it is just as hampering. To [be hired in] our cooperative we require them to have a long time yet to serve - 8 or 10 more years. Why? Because it's long enough to provide them with a solid resume. Our dream, with our new project, the restaurant, is that in the future our "Mr Smith" or "John Doe" may be able to approach a potential new employer with our CV, and see the new employer go: "Wow, you worked at InGalera!" Belonging to a workplace which is prestigious helps a lot. When work gives you the pride to belong, you can show it to your family, the family you deceived in the past, with your lies, with the crimes you committed... Then you redeem your family too. And I saw amazing cases of couples who had broken up, children who didn't ever want to see their father again Also thanks to the path we walked together, they could get their families back. On Saturdays at noon I manage to have here with me a part of society that would have never entered a jail otherwise. See, this to me this is a "quiet revolution" because seeing my guys - yes, I sometimes call them "my guys" actually the gentlemen who are staying in this jail, serving time... Seing them serve families, taking good care of them, it's truly revolutionary, because it's usually the other way around: jail asks for services of society, of the city. We turned the this around. At first, indeed there is some hesitation. These are the sort of places we all tend to remove from our minds. But then I found a comfortable environment, good food - I can say that... and you get the feeling you are taking part in a project with a beautiful social value. The food is good, the service quality is excellent, and the project... I find it exceptional. The first time they come out of curiosity They arrive to a penitentiary, see guys that are in detention, and they think inmates are different from them. When they get here they realise that in all respects we are a restaurant not unlike any other restaurant outside offering very accurate service, good looking waiters who are always ready to help, very good cooking. The result is: they come, eat, come back, spread the word and take more people. It can be done. With solid guarantees. We are not freestyling amateurs. Our guarantees are in the numbers supporting this little revolution. Through the years Bollate penitentiary consolidated a significant reduction in recidivism. We are talking about 20% recidivism in offenders. Nationally, on the other hand, it's 68%. Numbers speak for themselves. Even from a financial point of view, it's about unlocking resources. Let's not forget the gentlemen who work with me are hired, with a regular contract, a salary slip, therefore they pay taxes. Let's not forget that. We are proud to be the first - we like that, but I'm not after being the only ones. Being the only ones would't be any good. Somebody asked me: 'Why don't you start a franchising?' No, that wouldn't work, because every jail is different in its own way, but there have been many important signs of interest coming from other penitentiaries, and this is extraordinary. That's what we want. The 'quiet revolution' lays in that, as well. Why with food? Besides my own passion dating back to my 12 years When I was 12, my grandma, who was from Liguria, from Genoa, therefore a woman of sea and fish she gave me two kilos of moscardini, the tiniest you can imagine and she asked me: "Nanin, could you help me prepare them?" You need to work your way up It's with that attitude and passion that I realised this was a business suitable and beneficial for those who had broken the rules. I'm not looking at the crimes for which they're in here. Their common denominator is having broken rules. Talking about the restaurant industry, in no other job it is as mandatory to follow very strict rules to achieve the final result. A waiter or a cook has inescapable rules in his work chain rules that determine whether their work will be successful or not. All this takes place in an extremely pleasant context such as the reception of guests. There's nothing like it. It's rewarding, but it shows you right away whether you've done a good job or not. This is also important, because very often in jail people don't have any work culture at all. They might have one, because they happen to have had a productive and intense work life But a big part of them, instead has not acquired what I call work culture, which is made of everyday life. Day in, day out, you go to work and break your back. I don't "give back" anybody's dignity. I create the conditions for each one of them to take back their own. I feel I don't have to justify. Balance is in acknowledgment. I acknowledge they're here. My balance is in understanding their sufferings because the deprivation of liberty is the real punishment, for those who are in jail. Punishment should be limited to that. My complicity is in understanding their sufferings, never in dodging the rules. They know that. And there's a beautiful expression in prison - I've come to learn prison slang, you know They say "Polleri sings it right away". To "sing it" in jail means to snitch, to tell on someone I say it very openly. They know "I sing" in every sense: "I sing" if they cause damage, and It can't allow them "I sing" if they get mistreated. They know "I sing" . I don't forget the victims of their crimes either, crimes I don't even know, sometimes Because I don't need to know their offence. I just have a person in front of me whom I'm giving a chance. I walk on eggs. It takes care and sensitivity When I say I walk on eggs I mean that to walk I must, straight ahead... However, on eggs! And I must not break them! I don't justify, but often understand revengeful linch mob attitudes, which are determined by insecurity. I realise that here, at the restaurant, when people come in hesitant and perplexed and then, once indulged by our employees - people who are still paying for their crimes - they get astounded. That's it: for me it's enough to have society understand that we don't have three headed men here. write for me capstone 2 workshop Wood Tobe-Coburn School.

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