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Capstone topic nursing informatics

Capstone topic nursing informatics write for me one chip arduino esther chosen makanga report ´╗┐hello everybody welcome to family toy review tonight I'm gonna be heading out to four stores a couple of targets and Walmart's this one is in Mesa Phoenix and near Phoenix Mesa Arizona this was actually a near Dobson which is a Street where there's a lot of Asian restaurants which I like I like Asian food and I just had some Indian for dinner I'm all energized and powered up and this target is actually right next to Mesa Community College and on Yelp I read that it hasn't it's not a super target but it's got a good inventory of stuff so well hopefully we'll find a lot of cool toys all right let's check it out I'll walk into the back of the store that's usually where you'll find toys [Music] this point seems jokes this is a spot oh wait they do them differently here the other side I want to do not have Disney Cars next to the hot wheels so you look for the Disney Cars first do this this might be a target special it's a surrett one I'm also looking for the digit spinners which are hard to find they're not at all the stores right here and they have the Disney Cars here see what they have I'm lucky I'll find the don't they have this mirror sir I think this is $16 I saw this on the Disney Store website for $30 so you don't want to get it from there let's check out their diecast see if they have anything cool if they have a mr. cool I think I'm ready to check the next door so the fidgets spinner section I'm just gonna pass by here I saw something weird for 40 bucks $40 fidget spinner but it tracks your stats and your challenges 360 motion controller for mobile games I don't know that it's maybe creepy did your games use a remote control no that's kind of cool so well they have this kind of 50 spinner alright so our number 2 is a Super Walmart about 2 miles from Target and there's actually a lot of Walmart's and targets within the Phoenix Mesa Tempe air area if you live out here it's pretty nice you can visit also many Walmarts and the targets I'm not so far from each other but I limited myself to just four spots today if I went so I'm not going too far but you could visit more if you wanted to [Music] there the boys are in the back here and uh already it's looking like a lot of Isles looks promising I already see the hot wheel section usually where the hot wheels are you'll find Disney Cars here almost go straight here and they'll see a lot of cool vehicles so maybe this fair lady minecraft vehicle otherwise they have a bunch of Star Wars and justice Justice League stuff a nice collection of Star Wars vehicles here Star Wars Hot Wheels I think I like the Walmart monster damn the silver collection they have them at some of the stores like this zombie hunter it's metallic so they have the new monster damn vehicles have a nice collection of matchbox I don't see Disney Cars here so I guess I'll just have to walk around a bit we're selling this NASCAR hauler I just got the targets logo on it and say Walmart and I think I see some Disney Cars right here so this is a nice Super Walmart they are lots of toys you lots of Disney Cars they got the splash way sir mr. droopy let's go through the diecast okay I did not find any new stuff in here I can tell these have been around a while though cuz we're kind of hold a lot of the buffs hold I did find a couple of Sterling's and I can't remember if I've seen sterling before or it's been a while by usually don't see a lot of Sterling's it was kind of quite might get this one and they had three Sterling's in here so I'm feeling this isn't kind of cool so again these are some of these are looking calm they've been here a while but it looks well stuck because they clean this I look really good whoever this is a Walmart on baseline and they do a real good job of cleaning up the toys and making the aisles of a really neat I'm not messy usually a lot of Walmart's I go to go the aisles are a little bit messy you're super fly but they do a little good job here keeping it clean including the hot wheels you can tell all the hollows were mixed up together but it look really clean because they put everything on the pegs alright just got to store number three always just had Walmart on Baseline Road I see what the other side so the toys are probably in the back so they'll go back there and we're actually in the City of Tempe which is next to Mesa the layout is a little bit different here so I'll stop by the Funko pop section first they have a nice collection here see so I might give this one this is an 8-bit Mike from a stranger things Aquaman [Music] alright this store had a weird layout I'm not used to probably found the toy section I don't see any slender digit spinner I'm still looking for that here we go I am well I like their desert race 11 pack this looks nice Desiree's have more Speedway on the south important I didn't see any new diecast vehicle so I guess I'm walking away with the this funcle' Punk down to our last store for the evening all right I'm at our last and final destination of the day it's a target a little bit bummed out there's the best spy right there and I'm a little bit late their clothes that they were open I would have gone in and look for some mini racers but they're closed I'm in the Tempe Marketplace in Tempe Arizona it's about six miles from the last target we were at enema Drive we're near Arizona State University this is a super target so we'll see welcome to I like this target it's got the toys in the back just where it should be all right this is promising it's got Thomas train is helpful Harvey driven this is very familiar to a lot of targets I've been to the Disney Cars in this hand Hot Wheels would be on this side except I don't see very many Hot Wheels here first let's check out the oh let's say there should have been some cars here maybe they wiped out they have the Motor Speedway of the south I don't see too many cars left but there are twenty dollars twenty dollars for twenty inches but they have these giant light lightning McQueen's giant ones and I guess the target they have on this a rusty version so there's a Rusty's version of these giant view see that here I think there is that's kind of cool wish me a new cruise Ramirez hauler coming out I think they have a lot in in a Walmart in Mexico almost like they're kind of wiped out on the Monster Jam Trucks know too many ther Funko pop section and they usually don't see this many Funko pops at Target so it's kind of cool I guess they have a lot of them here this is a stranger things a pixel version let's go have some Star Wars maybe I'll find something cool here kinda cool dark spring-trap five nights at Freddy's I also like this Chewbacca the pork butt I'm gonna get this right split to the next one that's it for today guys I did not find much here or in any of the other targets unfortunately but gotta go back the answers not too much different from this target and the targets in California except they had more Funko pops here I [Music] wish I had more stuff in stock until next time but I guess I'll just keep doing ty Hansen till I find something cool to share so thanks for coming on this trip with me I'll see you guys later bye bye I'm at safely I was just looking there for hot wheels but I came across some Disney Cars rack see ya something special here so one-of-a-kind business here's the name of this car today's bonus store is safe way vampa mystery car you have a fabulous dirt-track Hudson Hornet awesome isn't that easy to find let's see what else I have no I saw a fabulous McQueen here and other kinds to feed the family Sigalert so I hit the jackpot at Safeway another fabulous between another six votes another Sigalert later taco another city vote and by passing through Zamir is another ducats in between rejects the storm moving up some more hot wheels [Music] [Music] do my what is the definition of a capstone project Mercy College (New York), Dobbs Ferry.

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