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Capstone theatre liverpool hope university

Capstone theatre liverpool hope university capstone lighting led puck lights costco valentine day writing [Music] [Music] good morning everybody so basically it is I don't know how to describe it it's move-in day 0.5 or it's part 1 of move-in day I don't really know how I'm gonna go about this but anyway it's move-in day so I don't live that far from campus and I am living with 4 other people in the sorority house and moving in at the same time just kind of like stresses me out so I talked to a few of my roommates and my parents about me going to buffer is in University and just getting myself situated on Friday which is today and then going back on Sunday and moving the rest of my stuff in and my mom was like sure that sounds fine like go ahead it'll be much easier on us and that's what I'm gonna do one of my roommates is already there and then the other to move in on Saturday which is typically move-in day the only reason I'm not moving in on Saturday is just because my mom has something to do that night and she had asked it was okay if I moved it on Sunday and I said yes that's fine so this is basically everything that I have packed already there's two boxes right there and then that has like towels in it this does not have a lid so it's just kind of like free-for-all right there and then there's a bed right there this house like all my mugs and bottles in it this has hopper where's there's my backpack this actually has stuff in it too um I think it adds like vitamins nail polish some bins just like a bunch of miscellaneous stuff and then this is all my food that I just got from you know shopping and going grocery shopping and stuff like that but I think this is everything that I'm going to bring today I'm not bringing that because well I might as well not I'm just I'm nervous about leaving this in the dorm not that I don't trust anybody but it has like on my jewelry and stuff in it and all my makeup literally all my makeup and then I'm going to see if both of these will fit in their car just gonna play it by ear I don't even know how I'm going to put these in the car honestly I pray for me okay well I think I pretty much got this little car as packed as I possibly could there's a lot of stuff in here I hope that I can make it out also I have the necessity this is my punch painting it has to come with me there's no ifs ands or buts about that yeah I think I'm ready to hit the road all flustered because I just got into a very very very minor car like accident fender bender I'm okay my car is okay I just didn't do the right thing when like exchanging information and I just kind of fell like short I guess like I just messed up and I just kind of like froze and like forgot what to do and it's not funny but I'm just like nervous now what's gonna happen I already got all my tears out I think I look like terrible I'm also sweaty I'm just a mess and I'm thankful that I'm okay and thankful that she's okay I'm just upset with myself I guess and I'm trying to like have fun and like moving and everything but it's just oh and I'm just upset but hopefully everything goes okay and none of us were seriously hurt our cars are fine I think it'll be okay that is my bunk right there I don't have anywhere to put my dog the pug calendar cuz I don't know if I can put stuff on the walls and my other roommates have like things on the wall so if you doing home but this is basically for my desk and sleeping right now it's really unorganized also I have my favorite drink so that's making me feel better so I don't have any clothes with me but this is what my closet looks like so basically I have these like two rails and I think that one's pretty useless but at the same time this drawer that I have in here does fit so I might just leave it um this thing I'm not sure I want it maybe up there but I feel like it just takes a so much room and if I do put it up here then it like gets in the way of that so I'm gonna leave it and see if my mom thinks okay so I'm trying to get my desk all organized it's really stressful but I have a lot storage like Mac ry um pretty spacious like your three Doors right there this one and then I did for my rolling cart right next to me not really sure what's going on here she's trying to like think about that and then I also have like this stuff up here and then this shelf then obviously my workspace here is my beloved shoe organizer those are not shoes I'm not sure I'm just gonna use shoes but I do like it and the closet does close so I might go back and get like another one so I have both like two on each side I'm like really debating it there be a lot of shoe storage and then also I can use it for like that stuff but I wouldn't then have like command hooks here which I was intending on doing to be like my towels so not really sure what I'm doing yet this is like you never know what's even but just weird I definitely pull everything at home but I'm not like still using it was mostly face blush so this is like mostly face and then this is all blip and then this is probably roll put like maybe like eyeliner and mascara and then I definitely do have enough storage back there to put like another bin if I wanted to so I'm thinking about it okay so now I'm going to attempt to put these twinkly lights like in my bad I don't know how I'm gonna do this there's like an outlook like right there but I'm scared okay so I think I did pretty good I just hit my head yeah pretty much got them all the way around all the way around but of course they are out of batteries so I can't even tell if it like looks cute but I think it does I like it perhaps a solution for my calendar this is like we're those magnets I call your fridge or hold chips um but I don't like the way it looks I want to put my cart in front of it but I mean I just want to display it right now he looks so cute okay so day one of two or move-in day point five is complete I am now on my way home and then it is Friday and I don't move in until Sunday so that is when I will next finish the vlog hopefully they'll be less rad less sweaty and less irritated from this like terrible day but I think everything's gonna work out or suck to have like faith and stop being so paranoid but yeah I think my room looks pretty good I'm excited to finish it I keep burping I'm so sorry I know excited to move in with my roommates I'm so excited to like feature them on my blog packing [Music] yeah it's getting called other creatures already called put all the spooning home still need to put all my clothes away and just like put my food in the bed I never even put these strawberries in the fridge I'm gonna be the worse to go my fridge just like it's [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh My yes Wow cookies I didn't know she made surprise okay so most of my stuff is moved and I haven't seen all my roommates yet which is super sad I just saw Jessie but like that's like it just kind of like gonna work on like organizing everything because it's really messy right now okay everything is really coming along so my rolling corner and my desk is much more cleared off lots of hugs okay god oh my Polaroids up I felt like this was a really good way to like do it I don't know they're just like I'm there with some tape but it looks cute I don't know makes it look like colorful and I would have like put them like on my light switch I got batteries for but it just like was weighing them down thank you guys for watching my moving blog I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure to like it subscribe and stay tuned for more college videos because hopefully I'll be filming a lot more this year I'm gonna try to at least bad thing guys kinda for watching and I'll see you my next video bye capstone logistics careers norfolk va School of American Ballet.

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