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Capstone technology group llc

Capstone technology group llc write for me capstone proposal topics yesung mini drama presentation ´╗┐there are lots of ways to think and what you want is you want a toolkit of ways to think and you want ways to think to be aligned with the problems you're thinking about so we talked about sort of four examples of ways of thinking there's engineering thinking which is very prevalent in modern society because of our technical society and engineers solve same problems to which there are clear repeatable solutions once I figure out how to build the Brooklyn Bridge I can build it again and again it'll work every time that's a taint that's a hard problem but it's the same problems well-behaved it'll lack tomorrow just like it acted today business problems you use optimization thinking there's no right answer to your branding no right answer to your market share but you can optimize and that's a different kind of thinking researchers do analytic thinking if you start with the premise they thin slice it down they've got a questioning process those are ways of thinking what we call wicked problems that's a technical term developed by some urban planners at Berkeley back in the 70s a wicked problem is one where the criteria for success are unclear constantly changing you won't know you got the right answer until you find it and once you've found it you can't reuse it again you can't rebuild New York City somewhere else you can't be Dave Evans again you can't be somebody else again so wicked problems are inherently human problems and they're messy problems and they're trying to intersect a future that none of us knows enough about so so how do you do that you can't analyze that so you build your way for it in design we build our way forward and we build our way forward by sneaking up on the future through this iteration of prototypes get curious ask a question understand it try something learn something do it again do it again till you get enough of an idea that you can implement and actually solve a problem okay we have two kinds of prototyping engineering prototypes and design prototypes now if I should also clarify every time I say the word design here I mean design is in designed thinking or technically human centered design the design program at Stanford was formed in the 60s it's over 54 years old it's the eldest interdisciplinary program at the University the marriage of art human factors and mechanical engineering is actually located in the ME Department so where we technically work and that design was conceived as an innovation methodology not as craft most designers in the world were trained in the craft of design graphic designers can draw and lay things out and industrial designers can shape things even ergonomic designers can shape things in a particular kind of a way Stanford designers do design thinking and design thinking as a methodology it's not reliant upon craft and it's highly transferrable so when I talk about a design prototype I mean a design thinking prototype Engineers prototype things to prove that that tames solution to that tame problem they figured out does in fact work correctly so if I'm going to I actually have a master's in thermo Sciences haven't used it much but there you go used to know how to calculate a flame speed and design a turbine engine so if I'm going to design a turbine engine I'm General Electric I'm going to run prototypes you know in a big soundproof cinder block you know boxed so when it blows up people don't get hurt and prototype one and prototype 2 and prototype 3 are different variations on the turbine blades on this big fan that spins a hundred thousand rpm and we're going to make sure that it works under stress conditions and if it breaks we're going to make a modification we're going to get that engineering done right that's engineering prototyping to prove that the idea I had works correctly because I think I know what the answer is a design prototype is not to prove my end solution right it's to find out what I want to do in the first place so an engineering prototype starts with a conclusion a design prototype starts with a curiosity so when we do prototyping a design like what do I want to know more about well I can't even think about that or I could try it so this is the empirical embodied experience of going out and trying things so for instance when I was prototyping the mutt when I was the first mouse product manager at Apple many many years ago we prototype the mass now the mouse was across an electromechanical device it had this little ball and it had you know trigger LED detectors in it there were brand new technology and those things could be engineering prototyped but whether or not you liked the way it felt in your hand or rolling this thing around on the desk and then looking at the screen over there made sense to you we had no idea how that was going to go we had hundreds of proto one button or two I had long and religiously IDIA logically animated conversations with Larry Tesler and Steve Jobs about one button or two and mode lessness and double clicking and you know there's no answer to those questions to try them so we did lots and lots of prototypes of process or experience and lots of prototypes of shape and what happened we ended up with the mouse and the mini mice we have today couldn't have engineered that we had to design that we want an example of a life prototype so there's a woman we know actually an example who didn't do much prototyping you know we'll call her Ellen and she was an HR executive but loved Italian food and it always dreamed of having an Italian deli and she decided to go for it so she went for it so she saw this old deli it was for sale she bought it she quit her job she refurbished the whole thing she redesigned it she laid it out she put in a little cafe because she wanted to replicate this experience she'd had living in Tuscany briefly and it opened a great fanfare and was wonderfully successful nobody's successful the first time at a restaurant never happens except she hated it she loved the idea of it she loved developing it and I'm running a retail establishment I have to hire people all the time most of my employees are high school kids and they quit on you're regularly managing inventory lists none of the reality of running an Italian deli and cafe was really delightful to her now the prototypes that she could have iterate she could have started with visiting a lot of different Italian cafes and talking to the owner she could have gotten a job as a bus girl actually waiting on tables you know enough to be a waiter because they're sort of be trained but I can clear the tables and overhear the conversations and see if people are having as good a time as I think they will in my place I could try catering on a weekend I could cater my friend's daughter's wedding that's not a very big commitment no capital is out laid do I really want to cook that much lots of ways to try try try try try before you jump off the cliff oh by the farm and that will give you feedback about what the reality really is what prototypes InDesign do are they allow you to ask interesting questions learn things expose your assumptions and let you sneak up on the future so prototyping is a great way to go for your life because nobody knows the answer facebook capstone United States Military Academy, West Point.

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