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Capstone summative assessment order

Capstone summative assessment order capstone academy charter school sda south campus sims staff absence report from ´╗┐hey Alexa here from stealing median in today's video I'm going to be doing my April favorite my first is this cream by Clarence this is the multi active day cream I use it after i wash my face and then I go on to do my foundation I happen to really like it because it hydrates my skin enough so that it doesn't get too dry or flaky I don't know why i've just i've been having kind of like a combination of dry and oily skin right now it's it's been a little scaly i guess because the weather is fluctuating so my skin hasn't been liking it and then my next favorite is actually what i'm wearing on my nails right now this nail polish is by sally hansen and it's the one in pink pong like ping pong so cute they sent me a huge PR sample box with five or six shades they're all natural shades but this was my favorite one in the bunch and this is a makeup forever Ultra HD foundation stay this I've had for a long time and I was supposed to test it out at the same time as I tested out the make up for ever HD the liquid one and I do like that one but if you had to choose between that and this um I they try the stick because it's incredible it wears very thin on the skin it doesn't feel heavy at all like you think a foundation stick would a little bit goes a long way I spread it with my fingers and I just actually can't believe the longevity of this and how it sits on my skin and it's just good god it's freaking amazing need to go try this out if you haven't already I'm sure I mean I've seen a lot of videos of people raving about it I didn't know what they were talking about until I started using it I was like whoa oh where have I been in like what the hell is wrong with me following that I have the Knicks strobe of genius I've been wanting to buy this for months and months and months then I actually got it as a PR sample because I convinced myself not to buy it because I'm like I have too much makeup and I shouldn't and I shouldn't there's a lot of reviews about this online already and some shades work for different skin tones if you don't I'm saying like this one's gonna work as a blush topper as a very very shimmery blush on someone like me but if you are a deeper have a deeper complexion it would work as a highlight that's what I like about this palette it's got a little bit of something something for everyone if you have the chance to pick this up and you don't have a lot of highlighters or you really love highlighters I definitely recommend you check this out I've been applying it with the 06 brush from nicks and I just sweep it right there and there and I you know do the whole thing you know I also got a contouring brush from Avon um like time what the hell am i doing and it's really great for contouring because it fits in perfectly and you can blend with it too it's really great for a cream contour because it is a synthetic brush as is the NYX i have a new brow pencil favorite which i love i love finding new brow pen I love thin brow pads and this one is by L'Oreal it's called the brow stylist finer and I have the shade in dark brunette what I happen to like about this one is it has a really good spoolie some of them have really shitty spool ease on them like the Annabelle one I absolutely love but I hate the spoolie on it it's not even a spoolie it's like a plastic comb with four bristles on it and I don't know what they think you're going to do with that but affordable missile or water by Garnier they recently came out in Canada they weren't out before up until a few months ago and they are affordable so if you cannot afford to go out and splurge on bioderma I recommend this one because it is just as good it does feel a little bit different though I find I feel the residue you left over on my skin more than I do with the bioderma because it seems like water but it actually doesn't feel like water on the skin it really gobbles up your makeup and takes it off your face this one also doesn't glide smoothly on the cotton pad against the face if you know what I mean but it it still takes off your makeup and to me that's the most important thing and then I always move on to cleanser for a liquid eyeliner I mean I've been raving and loving the clinic pretty easy eyeliner and now I have something else that I really like this is the one by Joe Fresh it is the matte liquid eyeliner i love that it dries matte I'm actually wearing it right now they sent this to me for reviewing purposes and I've had it on the back burner forever I'm actually wearing mostly joe fresh products on my face right now and there will be a video coming out for that my friend Ellie from my beauty box blog was raving about this and I was like okay well I guess I should finally try it and I love it it is incredible as you can see this bad boy glove right here I actually got this close to the Joe Fresh section with the beauty stuff in love laws so um I don't know the name of the brand or anything like that but it feels rough and it's much thicker than a lot of other gloves that you find at either pharmaprix or Dollarama actually don't get the doll around my ones there I don't know the ones in my dollar I'm are super thin I like to use that to exfoliate my entire body with just regular body soap because sometimes using an exfoliant it just gets washed off in the shower I have to shut off the water make my body wet shut off the water rub my body with body exfoliant and then rinse it off and then a lot of exfoliant are made with silicone beads which are actually bad for the water filtration brotha blah blah blah so these are a great solution they really help at getting out in groans which I happen to get because I like to Eppel 8 and I need to get that dry skin off next I have this shampoo condition combination right here so I have a review going up for these on May third on my blog I will have that linked down below when it's up and these are by matrix these are the rocket texture total results shampoo and conditioner line they actually have a whole line that are dedicated to different things so if you have curly hair straight hair thin hair or frizzy hair there's a shampoo for you in the range but it gives you great texture lots of waves i'm currently not using it because i've been rotating my shampoos and conditioners i try a new shampoo and conditioner after about five washes or three weeks and i give you a review on my blog so if you want to check out the previous shampoos that i've used i will link them down below so because i like to share my favorites with you guys in terms of music I've really been liking a salut I really been liking this on baile thani or litany I don't know let me and it's called work this out I think majestic casual posted it like three or four months ago but I actually found it on the XXX radio station playlist that I recommended in my last month's favorites the line of the song that makes me laugh is just like come take a look in my phone I just want to show you that nothing's going on it just makes me laugh so hard because just so funny that music changes along with social media and like culture and like that digital farm animals didn't know featuring Jasmine Jasmine I have that song on my Instagram in my video about not wanting a boyfriend or a girlfriend the music in my life I swear oh my god hermitude hazy love featuring Estelle yes that song is flippin fantabulous I've actually seen hermitude live they were the opening for Rufus do sol in Montreal last year I hope that you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to follow me on social media by a stealing be on Facebook Twitter to graham hays snapchat and i will see you in the next video at a great day do my capstone project ideas for nurse practitioners State University of New York at Cobleskill.

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