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Capstone student activities unit 4 lesson 23 answers order

Capstone student activities unit 4 lesson 23 answers order do my rn ati capstone pharmacology 1 2018 beveridge report quotes from the notebook ´╗┐in mana cash news cashews submitted by geo is my idol hmm a farmer found six hundred million dollars that apparently belonged to Pablo Escobar but how much 600 million yeah you bought hella tractors you actually like gave it up in like told police hell yeah that's fucking drug lord money no they found it yeah so basically it's buried somewhere so this man he's 65 years old and he's a farmer in Colombia Colombia Colombia marry him at 65 years old I would just run with that and have fun dying I'm 65 years old fuck that I don't want to fuck with that shit oh but it's Pablo he's dead he's good he'd forgot about it and I think 600 millions of them is fuckin chump change dude I don't think they would give a shit I mean that is a lot I don't want to fuck like that I'm 65 I'm gonna die soon well that's what are you talking about you have like 20 years ahead of you that's I'm saying oh how do they know it's his this is that he write his name on it their udders don't even own that he would very easily yeah over the country have you not watched nautical girl I only got to episode two and I've been busy oh you need a catch-up so you ran out of places to put his money and he just started burying it yeah so he's known to hiding cash and furniture floor boat floorboards and on different plots of land around the country so farmer founder I want to go on a scavenger hunt up there you and everyone else girl with this former maybe the reason why he didn't run away with the money is because he got a three thousand dollar grant from the government to start his new palm oil plantation and so on that plot of land that he was given he was digging it up so he was digging a trench up so he can have a new irrigation system and as he was digging it up he discovered six hundred million dollars in cold hard cash so why did he give it because maybe the government gave him that land and he would have to give it up to the government but again I think he gave it up cuz he's scared to notice yeah because he doesn't have to give it up it also took do you think of things from his perspective if he is a I don't want to see like unsophisticated but if he is like berries if he lives a simple life as a farmer and he all he cares about are the fairy tales and legends of Pablo Escobar when he finds the cash he's probably shitting bricks already cuz he probably knows the cousins cousins that's been kill the entire family that's been erased so if you think of that mindset like I think for us a city folk were very sophisticated but all you know I know exactly what do we'll have like a safety deposit box here I'll catch a subway over here move here but that's because we're city folk but if you're just like a little farmer he's probably shitting bricks so he's parked like I don't want to fucking have my toes cut off I'm gonna get with this money he just wants to grow egg but honestly I think maybe he could have kept that money because supposedly that foreign land that that he was supposed to farm on even though the government gave him a grinder three thousand dollars that part that land is supposedly been in his family for more than 200 years uh-huh so someone in his family must have known it was there I don't mean I always have been like if they ask me how much she bought I'd be like six I mean five hundred thousand you know even that's a lot mm-hmm I would love to find a half a million dollars five hundred and ninety nine million and then give them 1 million hey I found a million dollars yeah darn I wish I had a million dollars I didn't want to turn it in he buried that though like in the 60s 70s wind I don't even know how to launder that kind of money like even if I had that much money and I had to make that assimilate into my lifestyle like I don't even know what to do to London I money to make it make it usable 600 million back in the 80s is like a billion or something oh yeah okay do a Walter White did who's Walter White open up a car wash car wash car wash will not cover six-foot we're gonna ask you where'd you get all this cash from don't even to open up a car wash you got to start small like really small well he had a taxicab service with three cabs yeah but that's all so I got um audited cuz they're like there's no faith this three cab taxi cab service making like billions of dollars a year damn that's crazy yeah so even after he found this he was not allowed to keep it and so the government seized the money seized the money seized the money and use it for social economic programs I hope so it wasn't stolen fucking corrupt as government's I don't know what that feelings like since suddenly just hit a shit ton of money well if you were the only one digging it up if you had a team of people there's no way you could have been quiet about it cuz everyone's gonna be like yo weed they split it up and all this give it to the government you know you got to talk it out but if it's by yourself just take a little bit and I'll close the back up take a little bit just a little at a time and if someone comes to blank fucking you know pick it up it's different they're just gonna find it they're gonna take it away I think they're gonna count six hundred million hey I wonder if he specifically put six hundred million each and every berry or berry site whatever so if his men were to find me like now there's something missing here I feels like random numbers how would they count that he did have like I don't know if he was an accountant or something but he did have someone that like would map out where everything was and each amount per area he had so much money he spent on $2,000 a week buying rubber bands just a ties money that's crazy it's just this is all that you guys are learning from normal no this is from Wikipedia I watched narcos and I got so fucking curious I was like how much of this shit is real I started researching on my dad's motherfuckers crazy you know you would have warehouses full of money and because he has so much money that like Laurie's warehouses are so big that they'll be like rats infiltrating and like nibbling on the money and just from rats he'll lose a million or two million a year oh my god this is because the storage that's required is just so much to stack all this money wait did we agree that was an oil oil money or or cartel money was more I think oil money is more I don't know I'm not sure that's pretty fucking close you can't put drug money on the Forbes list of biggest companies so we don't know for with paulo Escobar he was on the phone we seemed like hypothetically though they don't really know but they're saying hypothetically based off of a few like estimates here to be one of the top ones just kidding news fans I know what you guys are thinking you have great stories that you came across one day on a news site that you might want to share well go ahead and click the description down below and you can submit articles and get world famous by submitting it and saying hey my name is Edgar from Washington and I want to submit this article and share with the world so go ahead and do that right now click in the description right down below and share that article but also we have these videos on the side and you can also check out it submitted by other people or found within the crew you like was defending himself right behind him was a dude that just came with a knife and just stabbed him four times shady behind him too pretty coward yeah but then like he has these wounds right here and immediately like he was sent to the UC Davis room oh shit wait what like wide open they have to get open-heart surgery yeah because it punctured his heart oh my god and so he like so he immediately had to get surgery and also I think a punctured mmm-hmm how do you survive that napot was capstone hospitality llc Helene Fuld College of Nursing.

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