Capstone Student Activities Unit 4 Lesson 22 Activity 2 Answers For Money
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Capstone student activities unit 4 lesson 22 activity 2 answers for money

Capstone student activities unit 4 lesson 22 activity 2 answers for money write for me asci 490 capstone presentation dissertation acknowledgements parents television ´╗┐what do great artists do when you see a world around you that's in turmoil some of the best artists make you feel good they look to the future night nights again okay what about four Mexican Mexican lucky we're up all night to get lucky where I come from groove is is everything groove is something that's rewarding on a on a spiritual level on a primal level an intellectual level and a physical level mean you feel it the first time I went into a club and I heard a Donna Summer record with my girlfriend at the time she was a waitress in a really cool jazz club we walked into a disco I was right in our neighborhood but we had never been there before they were playing love to love you baby and just the magic of that groove and the way it just sort of wrap my body is what I feel like when I listen to this record I was in the house band at the Apollo Theater when I was a kid and the main role that I learned to play in R&B music was to support those stars that came up on stage and play more of a secondary role but I wasn't playing a secondary role in fact I was playing a primary role because a lot of the stuff that I was playing if you take that part out the song goes away it's not there anymore my style of disco was based on jazz fusion if you will I came up in the jazz fusion era I grew up making records that had to be interesting with a lot of what we call the one time only events that would happen throughout the course of a linear a linear journey a song and so it's that single note thing in the midst of that in the middle of that truck that makes the melodies and the licks just for to jump out at you because I'm playing a melody in between playing the rhythm so you hear the only device that we had to clear a path to make our own way was our music that's all we had we did have money we couldn't pay off a DJ we couldn't do anything all we had to do is say listen to this if you like it could you please play it and let's see what happens no one would have known chic had I not been able to get that very first record to the DJ it's too different before that's how we became known we were an R&B band that had figured out this jazzy type of formula to present music that DJ's could listen to one time and play it and the people would hear it one time and respond and that's how we crafted our records do you play it first time you got them 90% if not higher of all recordings that I've ever made in my life have been a result of a very impromptu initial meeting that feels so natural and so organic that she has to take it to the next level Bowie I met at an after-hours Club he was sitting all by himself drinking orange juice all literally all by himself Madonna I met her she was an opening act for another group that I was interested in seeing Duran Duran were opening for blondie you know and so it's all these wacky random events that turned into real relationships and that's what happened here I mean we'd met years ago at a dock pump listening party in New York we almost hooked up in Paris but I got stuck in San Tropez or maybe it was the other way around they were stuck in San Tropez and I was in Paris but you know all of these close shaves and the next thing you know they said hey man we're in New York recording come on down to the studio and it really basically happened in a very organic way you know as artists we follow each other's careers and it was just it was uh they were cooler than I thought you know the best collaborations in my life are when the people you work with are as good as you expect and then even better to that you realize that the person brings more to the party because you inspire that other artist to go to another level as they do you so you you know when I work with the guys it wasn't like I was just Nile Rodgers doing a session or collaborating it was being inspired by people and artists that make you go to another level they make you up your game even if your game is pretty good is this felt the same as when I work with like Bernard or or Herbie Hancock or or Bowie or Madonna or any of the cool people that I've worked with where we make each other better that those are the kind of relationships I live for almost I mattify a hundred percent of the big records that I've produced I play on doesn't make any difference if it's a band and they have a guitar player or two so um if I'm you know with Duran Duran who or you know whatever and I'm doing something like notorious and it's like a you know you can still tell it's Niall rudders because even though I'm playing now that's not on any chic record but on Duran it was the right thing to go and it's you know that's the essence of my playing is that it's always about cool voice leading what we call smooth voice leading not playing like some wacky stuff to go hey notice me I'm playing one time all the events to keep the journey interesting here's the thing that's really amazing about this record for me not only do we record it in the studio where I recorded my first chic single not only do I know it as Hendrix estudio Electric Ladyland but that's I grew up as a child in that neighborhood that that I mean that's my hood that's you know I walk that Street dozens a time with my parents I played in that recording studio before it was even a recording studio when it was a nightclub called generation it was like amazing I've had jams in there with everybody from the scene back when I was a kid in the late 60s so there are a lot of spirits if you will talking to me that's what music is that's what art is it's it is timeless when you see a great painting from the Renaissance this Bob Dylan would say it's like looking at current events you've had such an effect on pop music such an effect on dance music can you go through some of your big monstrous hits you hear in this in this record my type of chord playing is not like the normal guitar player because I do a lot of inversions so like on a typical song light let's dance where the basic chords were something like but I play it when I'm playing a song like let's dance eat on the Bowie record I loot I don't do the traditional Nile style because I was trying to be and I tried to have an original approach on it that record on random access memories you know I wanted to be Nile but I wanted to be a new Nile the robot says artists have evolved um a lot of artists that were you know maybe 20 years younger than myself explained to me which I never even thought about they say uh before we did hip hop what do you think we're listening to there was no your pop we're listening to disco that's why the first big hip hop record is a sample of one of my records rapper's delight' comes from good times this is what happens right this is what happens to life it evolves it just it changes you can't help it and that's what has happened with the robots they've come to a place that's beyond where they started and they've evolved they're in a style of music that I think I'm virtually I know pretty well and and I feel like I'm working with contemporaries I feel like I'm working with people who grew up with me and who feel it the same way we felt the vibe when we were creating this stuff it's like they went back to go forward the song is going to be I think the track of the summer can we play it wow that's cool that's disco that is cool oh thanks again nice to get lucky we're up all night to get lucky thanks again lucky Mexican lucky Mexican lucky night second lucky night second lucky Mexican lucky thanks again lucky we're up all night to get lucky we're up all night to get lucky thanks again lucky thanks king lucky we're up all night to get lucky Mexican lucky we're up all night to get lucky Mexican lucky we're up all night to get lucky we're up all night to get lucky we're up all night to get lucky do my sample capstone project in information technology Professional Business College.

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