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Capstone ski center chatham order

Capstone ski center chatham order do my capstone logistics in norfolk va ministry of sound headphones 006 review literature ´╗┐hello and a very warm welcome to Soros irska says today's tutorial will focus on GMAT we will actually focus on the quantitative segment of this particular paper so let's get started with the tutorial so let me brief you a little bit what we are gonna do in today's tutorial sure we will have a question given to us and there will be two statements that will be set that is related to this particular question now we have to analyze the question very well and we need to see whether the to any of the two statement the condition mentioned is sufficient or not given this particular question if it is then we will consider it to be sufficient otherwise not and if we have to also see that individually if they are not sufficient together are the sufficient or not etc so given this we can have five different combination that has been marked as a b c d e so we after the unlesss we have to pick any of the five any one out of the five options so this is what we are gonna do so having said that we will start the tutorial with question number 33 so the question says eight psycho sky cars raised down a course multiple times in one day and each sky car used different pairs of skis on each run we need to commend the total number of different skies used by the eight skier's during the day now let us see the first statement no sky er share any skies with any other sky so let us scrutinize this statement first so alone this particular statement is insufficient because it does not say how many times each sky er raised the course okay now let us move on to the second statement the second statement say each sky are made exactly twelve runs during the day okay that means this particular statement alone is termed as insufficient now the reason behind is is this because it does not exclude the possibility of sharing so there could be there there could have been twelve pairs of skies shared among the eight skier's or there could have been a total of twelve into eight which gives us 96 skies or any number in between we don't know now if the statesman's statements are combined we see that the number has to be equal to 12 into 8 that is 96 that means both the statement alone are insufficient but together they become sufficient so we have to pick option number C which is the correct answer to this particular question moving on next we move on to question number 34 now the question let's read the question first the question says the symbol this represents one of the following operation addition subtraction multiplication division so after this we need to find what is the value of this then the operation and then we have four so let us croute it we will be scrutiny the two statements so this is the first one so this first alone is insufficient question is why just because the statement could be true if the symbol actually represents either subtraction or division okay now we move on to statement number two now this statement alone itself is insufficient just because the statement could be true if the symbol represents multiplication division or addition I'm just writing the add sign so in the state the two statements are combined then the only common operation here is here also we have division here also we do have division so the answer is 7 by 4 okay so we can say individually they are insufficient but together they are sufficient ok so that means we have to choose this particular option which has been marked as of option number C let us now move on to the next question the questions is marked as 35 which we are gonna do next the question says sales person at certain car dealership are paid a 250 dollars Commission on every car they sell up to their monthly quota and $500 for every car they sell over the quota now the question is what is the monthly sale quarter at this leadership so first we will scrutinize this statement marked as one statement one says one salesperson exceeded the quota by 8 cars and received total monthly Commission of this now alone number one statement is sufficient question is how because we know that the eight cars over the Kota will actually receive a total of four thousand dollars in extra Commission eight into five hundred dollars so divide the remaining money by to $50 per car to determine the quota that actually becomes three five double zero by 250 so it becomes fourteen cars let us now move on to statement number two it says one salesperson achieved only half of Kota he received a commission of this and a warning that he will be fired unless he meets the next month's quota so let scrutinize this statement it also now this particular statement alone is sufficient how because dollars 175 zero at dollars 250 per car means that he has actually sold or cracked a set of sales of seven cars and if 7 is half of the Kota then the quota is actually 14 so what we see is that given so just a sec each statement alone is sufficient that means we have to pick option number D from the these this the set of five options let us move on to the next question the next question is marked as 36 there is some relation given variable used a and B and we are provided with two statements so let us analyze the first statement now one alone is sufficient let me tell you how it actually states that the absolute value of B is actually greater than the absolute value of a which actually means that a minus B by B plus a is a negative number regardless of whether a and B are positive are both positive actually comma both negative or a mix of positive and negative what you can do you can plug in numbers to verify this now since this particular term is the negative number the answer to this question has to be yes now we move on to this particular part this is a minus B is greater than 1 now this particular statement alone is insufficient it is insufficient question is why or how because if a comma B actually equals 4 comma 2 then a minus B by B plus a equals 1 by 3 and the answer is yes again but if a comma B is given by 4 comma minus 3 then a minus B by B plus a is equal to 7 and the answer becomes no so what we see is that statement one alone is sufficient but the statement two alone is not sufficient so we must pick a as the correct option out of these five options the last one which we are gonna solve is question number 37 and after which we will wind up today's tutorial the question says the hold of a fishing boat contains only Cod had Cod had dog and halibut if a fish is selected at random from the whole what is the probability that it will be a halibut or a hot dog okay now the statement one says there are twice as many halibut as Cod in the hold and twice as many had dog as halibut so one alone is sufficient why we how we can say that because it actually means that if there is one quart then there are two halibut and then there will be four hot dog so halibut and hot dogs account for six by seven of the fish in the hold giving itself a probability of 6x7 of selecting one of these fishes let us move on to the statement number two it says Cod account for one by seventh of the fish by number in the hope now that statement two alone is sufficient because the probability of selecting a cod is the inverse of the probability of selecting one of the other two fish which is nothing but six by seven so what we see is that each statement that means one and two individually alone are sufficient that means D will should be picked out of the given five options so I hope this short tutorial on the quantitative segment of GMAT was helpful in case you have any query or doubt you are free to call us or whatsapp ass on this number we are always there to help you if you have any doubts or if you want us to make tutorials with regard to any specific topic you can comment on the comment section down below and thank you so much for watching capstone intelligent solutions limited Pratt Institute.

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