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Capstone simulation reddit for money

Capstone simulation reddit for money do my good research topics for capstone project report potholes johnson county indiana ´╗┐hey guys so welcome back to super babe TV I am on a roll this week I know but anyway so this was a highly requested video and I've kind of been avoiding it one because I wanted to be perfect secondly because I want a better camera and third just because I've been so busy and I haven't had time but today I just I figured you know what I need to get this video up anyway and so um yeah so this is gonna be my apartment tour and basically I'm just going to walk through the house or through my apartment and kind of just talk a little bit about my place um yeah so this was a supposed to be temporary but we decided to stick around for another year so we've you know made it a little bit more homey but yeah without further ado here it is guys I'm just going to walk through the place and you guys are gonna see where I live although you guys probably are familiar with some rooms already but anyway let's just go interesting when you first come in to the right of me I have my little baby bird and then there's my desk very simple I wanted to be a not so cluttered so so yeah simple white desk i got it at target then I have my laptop which I'm hoping that I can replace soon with a desktop I am waiting for the Black Friday cells which are going to be this Friday tomorrow is Thanksgiving just I'm actually thinking about creating a vision for years so I actually do have some clippings of stuff in here that I would like to add to here soon so this is a desk and I have some lights are on my window we've always done that you guys know my husband's a marine and we serve here we have this little table which I got at Pottery Barn um it's a little purple top lilies little area she has some toys over here ghost a ghost and a mother so you could show them she has her little friend right here with her and yeah she gets to hang out there next to me and then we have the living room so it's pretty small you guys can see I tried to keep it clutter-free so we could you know with the doesn't feel so small that Lee's watching curious george and then this is like a TV console I think that's what they call them um I got it at target and basically there's a couple of decorations there you guys know it's gonna be Thanksgiving soon that's why we have a little pumpkins out and right here we have a little fake plant it is fake guys I think I got it at Ross and that little canvas behind there we made that together so we want to keep it out but yet don't want it to me be like the main focus so we kind of just hit it back there looks pretty cool i would say and there we have the couch this was actually given to me by my mom there's leather under here but I don't like it so I got this like what is it called cover coffee of this couch cover for it um but we are hoping to replace it very soon although it's very comfy because it's been broken into by the family members at my mom's house it used to be her couch I mean I here we have next to the couch by the entrance we have like a little place where we keep our shoes I got that at Target by the way and yeah this is like my favorite area because I don't know I just I like being able to cook and look into the living room and watch Lily play and stuff here we just have like Mel miscellaneous papers that we need to get to it was Halloween and I need to get rid of that but whatever it's still up and then we have the kitchen table which I got at living spaces I love my table it's made out of real wood I got a really good deal because I got it um on clearance or something yeah I think it was on clearance but it's a high table so I can actually like use it as kind of like a little island you okay mama oh you okay okay yeah so if you guys would like to kind of get like a furniture how to get deals on furniture I've gotten pretty good at that I do want to eventually get like maybe a coffee table here but like I said I do yoga here in the mornings and I like it being less cluttered so this is just a view for my kitchen um like I said I love being able to cook and seed into the living room and basic stuff microwave a bunch of pots down here cleaning products down here let's in hearing more pots crockpots containers I mean containers what is it uh Tupperware's this is like another view from the kitchen oh by the way um my stove and the fridge did come with the apartment and guys I know it's kind of dirty I just got back from work so please don't judge me and I don't want to get into these because it's kind of messy but I have basically no just this once okay cups stuff mugs and yeah that was a gift for my mom it was I think it fit perfectly in there so moving on so here we have like a little coat rack where we keep backpacks and stuff here's my camera that I never really used to film guys told you it's just sitting there we have extra space for storage in here there's more shoes in here i have like makeup and all this crap in here which I don't want to get into but this is where we keep our dirty clothes so when we need a go wash or just pull them out going into the bathroom this is another area that I really like because I really like the bathroom because it's pretty big i would say for the little apartment we do have a full tub in here there is a full tub in here and just wanted to have Kendall going guys more makeup makeup brushes mess in here as we're getting out of the bathroom there's kitchen again guy is living room and then to the left is my bedroom the bedroom said i got from living spaces and yeah we do share rooms with lily I mentioned that before so I'm just going to stand over here see if I could get a better kind of view I do feel like I need a work on the bedroom but like I need to work on the bedroom more as far as like you know getting some walls covered um mainly like this big wall that's empty but I kind of wanted to match with canvas that I got in HomeGoods got home goods I think like a huge closet that I do share with lily and George over here there's more storage space up there which is very empty because we don't have that many things but you can see the kitchen and the bathrooms behind this wall so this is one less walk through guys this is like I said the bedroom kitchen living room this is where I sit and like do some of my tee-time Tuesday's videos but yeah that was it guys I hope you guys enjoyed it um like I said there's this is kind of still a process as I felt like I don't have enough time to kind of put everything together but it is a work you know it's a work in progress like I said we weren't supposed to stay here for more than a year and it was very empty when we first moved out so we literally had nothing we slept on the floor for months guys that's just being honest I didn't have a bed what we had our own beds like when we were living at her parents house but I wanted to start from the bottom and like literally put everything together and so far I like how it looks um it's you know it's kind of changing as we go like sometimes I get tired of the sheets you know I do want to change the curtains but this is it for now and it's home and I love it it's our own little place and um you know it's really comfy for us I think more than anything we want it to be comfy and convenient so that when we come home we really just enjoy being here um but yeah I think I'm so that's it guys if you're enjoying the videos don't forget to give me a thumbs up takes a quick second thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't subscribed already I'm hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did have any like questions or anything don't feel shy go ahead and leave a comment down below I'm really good about getting back to you guys okay so thank you bye capstone oil and gas for money LaGuardia Community College, Hunters Point, Long Island City.

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