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Capstone seeds potchefstroom

Capstone seeds potchefstroom capstone construction auckland non presentation attestation assurance habitation france well hey listen let's take a look at something else here for a little bit be sure to get your questions in to us guys send any questions related to what craze just covered or ass actually I'm going to cover a quick piece of equipment here right now from Heidenheim and if you have any questions related to that go ahead and shoot it to me at techno - live at quality digest comm ok so hi Dan hi as we mentioned at the top of the show is our sponsor today Heidenheim manufactures a large number of digital readouts and in process gauging tools and so forth and they sent us one of their tools this is called the gauge check this is a essentially a digital readout if any of you have ever worked with check fixtures you know that maybe a typical setup might be you have your check fixture and maybe you have a number of dial travel gauges installed in that check fixture and you take your part you put in the check fixture and maybe you have three or four gauges in that fixture so you got to go around you got to read and note down each gauge what the value was is it in tolerance is it out of Tolerance maybe you have to do some gauge math maybe the the measurement is related to two gauge measurements all of that it's a very manual operation little time-consuming not also prone to error so gauge check the gauge check product is really what addresses this this accepts this particular model this is the ND 2100 G accepts up to age eight gauge inputs we happen to have two gauges with us today these are linear measurement gauges from Heidenheim and I'll show you I'll show you just kind of run you through real quick what this does this happens to be in a Kanto gauge this has got a two micron 2 micron accuracy over the full travel of the full travel of the gauge which is I believe this one is 25 millimeters and let's take a look at the gauge check here so right now getting right get my finger in the way here there we go that's the easiest way there we go so okay so as I'm as I'm moving the linear gauge the digital readout is you see it's reflecting the travel there so that's one way of looking at data we can also go to let's say a vertical or horizontal bar displays so this happens to be the vertical bar display now notice as I'm moving this it starts off green turns yellow then turns red so obviously I can program in tolerances for each gauge so that means that each gauge becomes its own go no-go gauge so you can very quickly if you had multiple gauges you'd be seeing multiple bars you could very quickly do a go/no-go check on all of your gauges we can also look at this as a dial kind of an analog dial gauge notice we've got the digital readout on the bottom and an analog type gay oops sorry wrong gauge there we go dial fan and there we go so so you've got an analog type gauge on top also notice that it has the tolerances programmed in so green yellow red and also you have your digital readout on the bottom now the thing that makes that makes this type of product really super useful is like I said is the ability to do gauge mouths so you can do you can do calculations based on readings from multiple gauges or you can do calculations based on the reading from a single gauge and I'll show you how simple it is maybe the set up to do to do run out so we would come over here I would go into my menu and we're going to set up on your scroll down here to formulas so I'm gonna create a formula for my a measurement I'm gonna delete what I already have in there and let's program in first thing I'm going to do is I'm gonna say find my maximum measurement this is dynamic sort it's looking for the maximum demit maximum dimension maximum value from the gauge continuously and I want to look at my channel 1 gauge and I'm going to subtract from that the minimum value that it finds on that same gauge so now my formula essentially is my maximum value that I find minus my minimum value that I find that is going to be my run-out so now I can simply go back to my display and we're looking at a and I've got a little test fixture here you can see I've got a here's my linear measurement gauge right here I've got a little cam on the bottom so as I rotate this you can see the the gauge move up and down and if you look at the value you can see my value is slowly increasing as it finds the maximum difference between the high value and the low value so obviously once I've rotated through 360 degrees I have simulated my an out there so now I'll simply store that value and we'll zero and can take another measurement we'll do the same thing again so here again I'm just simply rotating 360 degrees it is calculating for me on the formula I put in there what my run-out is so now I can enter that value and now let's say now we want to go take a look at the values that we've stored and maybe some some other information about them and go to view and I can look at an SPC chart notice there's already data in here up at the top my upper control limit my lower control limit I've already programmed in so we got our little SPC chart there I can look at a histogram of the data a channel B channel that's the B channel there's the a channel I can look at the raw data so here's all the data I collected on the a channel I can look at the a and the B at the same time or I can select just the a or the B remember we only have two probes plugged in on this it does accept up to 8 another thing that we can do which is really valuable if we go back to the oh I actually we can do it here these are these are kanto probes and I think most of the Heidenheim probes are smart probes in other words there is a chip in there that contains all the information related to the type of probe the interface the serial number so on and so forth and we can take a look at that very quickly so I'll go back into my menu and go to setup again and I'll scroll down by the way any of you who have used a Quadra check or any other hiding hiding hein or Medtronic redoubt will denies the menu structure Craig tells me it hasn't changed in about a million years 1983 exactly so here's our channels so notice at the top is telling me what channel my currently on that's c1 if I click on info it tells me everything about this probe it tells me the ID number the serial number the name of the probe this happens to be an 80 30 18 a kanto probe might have the accuracy of the probe can and you can look at that might be somewhere else the length of the probe is 200 this is a 30 a 30 millimeter probe step size 23 nanometers we can go to Diagnostics the Diagnostics will tell me the signal quality for both the absolute encoder and the incremental encoder and it's telling me that both of these are way into the green so this probe is fine in terms of signal quality and we can also look at errors there's a number of different error codes that come up or can come up if something that's going wrong with the probe I've got all greens here tells me this particular probe is fine I can increment my way up to another probe and I could step through all my probes and do diagnostics or look at the the air quality on them so again this is just a very very useful tool particularly if you're using multiple multiple gauges in a setup and you want to be very be able to very quickly be able to do a go/no-go test or to be able to do complicated math particularly you know some of you who have where you might be doing two gauges opposed to each other to measure for instance thickness you could do that in the math for doing that is you just write it all in there so again this is a the gauge check the ND 2100 G from Heidenheim thanks hi94 sending that to us researchable topics in economics for undergraduates for money SUNY Comprehensive Colleges.

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