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Capstone school of nursing tuscaloosa al order

Capstone school of nursing tuscaloosa al order do my good research topics business kgmb traffic reporter ´╗┐so we are just scanning the nation going from conference to conference looking at the top five at every position in every power five conference we've stopped at the big 12 we've talked some offense a little defense we're back on the defensive side to talk defensive lineman we got Melissa treat wasser from frog to war we also have hunter cook joining us from viva the matador so of course we appreciate you to stop and buy appreciate the information and the insight we're going to talk some D line here so Melissa top five in the league who do you have here well number one I start the top and as painful as it is for me to list the Baylor guy first I'm going to be doing that quite a bit I think as we go through the rest of the previews Shawn Oakman he's he's horrified kind of guy you see on the street you probably just turn around the other way but I think his biggest trouble this year is that he's not gonna be able to wear short jersey so we'll see if he's just as good with the full-length jersey as he is with the a midriff showing but obviously he's a very proven commodity the guy you game plan against on the defensive line that I think probably the most talked-about guy defensively in the conference going in 2015 number two and I might be have my purple tinted glasses on here but I'm going to go with devion Pearson he's a guy that was a little bit overshadowed the last couple of years out of tcu because we've had so many good guys on the line but he's a playmaker he's got a nose for the ball and he's made some pretty outstanding plays and with it being his time to shine I think he's really going to come through in a big way number 3 i'm gonna go with emanuel alba obama may be out of Oklahoma State another really good really solid player with a lot of experience who actually love the conference in sacks last year I think he's primed for another really good season at Oklahoma State because it's probably their best defensive player going back with a bailar guy at number 4 in Andrew Billings just a guy who's just a complete athletic freak kind of in the middle of their line he's a space heater but he's also capable of getting in the defense and offensive backfield and stuffing the run and also getting in the quarterbacks face a little bit and when you him with a guy like Oakman he has a chance to a lot of damage and then my number five you know you tease had such a good defense the last couple of years but seems I've fallen off lately I think they have a really great guy in the defensive line in hassan Ridgeway and we'll see with Malcolm Brown gone a guy who commanded the double team pretty much every single snap if he puts up the same kind of numbers but he definitely has the ability to do so in their system this year all right Melissa good list right there a couple TCU players couple Baylor players so the hope from the tcu standpoint is that the shortened jersey is going to do the trick that's going to completely beat the Kryptonite against mr. Oakland like Samson with his hair I think that you're gonna bring him back to earth also with devion Pearson it's an interesting to note leadership ability there he's a captain for TCU as well all right it's interesting also that last night i was talking ACC and we were talking defensive front and Devonte fields is now at louisville once a tcu horned frog who was of course the best in the conference it's just a freshman he was that much of a freak is 2012 freshman defensive player that your defensive overall player of the year in the big 12 that season all right hunter we've heard from Melissa let's say here are your top five well it's pretty similar got a good sought five to start off without actually slot Andrew Billings at number 10 for one sole reason that he can do every single thing a defensive lineman is supposed to do at a ridiculously high level as a defensive tackle he's required to eat space and when he's done eating space he asked rush the passer and he does both of those incredibly incredibly well a little bit better I'd say than Oakman obviously Oakman huge pass rush guy you get them for the big plays but I think Billings is more of a consistent guy overall number two I've got to go with manual ogbe just a great player really gets after the passer really broke out last year third is Oakman he's a freak i worry about how the crop-top will affect him too but mostly I'm just wondering when it's going to come out he's actually cyborg um he looks much more like a black Terminator than anyone I've ever seen in my entire life and I it terrifies me I'm scared um putting on my scarlet glasses as well I've got to give number 42 Pete Robertson from Texas Tech he gets after the passer and more than anyone else on this list I feel like he plays with a lot of the hustle you know the cliche coach-speak but he really does get after it really is pursuing uh he really is great pursuit number five I really didn't see very many defensive linemen that jumped out at me this year so I reserved space number five for a relatively unknown TCU defensive lineman who more than likely will break out and just murder everyone and if that's if that's your guy Melissa then so be it because it's it's Gary Patterson he has something up his sleeve it's gonna happen why fight it absolutely all right hunter good stuff right there uh we we have confirmed between the two of you that everybody's afraid of Shawn Oakman and and also hunter you weren't around last week but Melissa had one of your linebackers in the top five but the linebacking position from Texas Tech you've got Pete Robertson he had a really nice effort last season you mentioned the 82 tackles the 13 sacks playing in a 4-3 defensive scheme from what I understand coming up this season so are we expecting better overall defense from Texas Tech this season well better is a relative term and it's hard to get worse this but we happy last year so for my personal sanity I would hope that we are better but yes I believe we're going to be much more improved our athletes and the type of athletes they are mixed in with the system that David Gibbs brings in and that kind of mentality I think that's a lot gonna be a lot better for us like we're not going to be pitching shutouts but hopefully we don't get 82 dropped on us fight see you so yeah I had Pete listed as a linebacker so that's that's my fault I love him he's great all right is he really as I'm um tues great right yeah he's basically a hybrid he's uh he's listed all over the place so the guy that can come off the edge and kind of get all over the field definitely no question about that Melissa I know that you mentioned last time that concern is at linebacker you mentioned these two studs so upfront a defensive front so you have the two complete possible all Americans up front are you feeling good about at least the defensive front overall I think our defensive line has a chance to be one of the top you know two or three in the conference for sure along with Baylor and we'll see Oklahoma Texas they both have potential and pc is really gonna go six or seven deep on the d-line with a lot of experience we only lost really one key guy but he was a big key guy and Chucky hunter but there there are a handful of names that I kind of a thin are going to pop up and do something great so I have a lot of confidence in the d-line I'm fairly confident that in the back end of the defense so I'm hoping we can hide a couple of freshmen and linebackers in the middle at least in the early part of the season until they get their feet under them all right that's Melissa tree placer from frogs O'War TCU on sbnation and also from SB Nation on the Viva the Matadors we've got hunter cook talking up some big 12 defensive line appreciate the time thank you so much thank you do my capstone project report marketing Queens College, City University of New York.

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