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Capstone roofing inc order

Capstone roofing inc order write for me research topics related to management type thesis on chivalry for money ´╗┐so y'all gonna take the shirtless review okay just I was just sitting in the living room just watch scandal and I just have to say Shonda well done well done some of y'all want Shonda to beat a nigga hero some of y'all want her to be super negro okay she presented both sides and i'm here for it okay she presented both sides of this race thing that's going on that has been going on in America and I think that she did a good job presenting the mentalities on both sides of the argument or whatever and it's sad that I have to say sighs and it's sad that I have to say argument but it is what it is and she presented what it was um so what we had was I guess it was a black what is the blacklivesmatter episode basically and come to find out that they had planted evidence on this guy and it was just a lot of stuff that was going on and I want to talk about just a few parts of just key parts of the episode there was the first part where we meet up with this black activist or whatever and Olivia says to him this is not an audition for what is it America's best next black activist or something like that and I feel like that was a lot of hot tea for some of you bitches okay some of y'all like to jump on hot topics jump on hot issues and don't even know what the fuck y'all are talking but y'all are not doing shit you know I mean or y'all are talking y'all are y'all are starting right y'all are starting arguments and shit but but don't want to go and enact strategy y'all don't want to lobby yeah I don't want to petition even mean y'all just wanna who see what's hot y'all just want to start a fire and not even know what the fuck is going on so I feel like that was t 4 y'all next thing was that uh the black activists them retaliating said well girl you're your black heart is not validated or something like that and that's a lot that to me that's nigga logic that's Nikki logic I'm gonna say it like it is y'all gonna be mad at me if you want to I am black no matter no matter my pop-pop polit polit ish a no matter what politician I believe in you know me no matter what party I'm a part of no matter what school I go because somebody I believe I'm less black if I go to uh uh for uh a white primarily white institution whatever they call it something I believe that you know because of my actions the way that I speak to what I do who I work for whatever i'm less black no smart you see the skin honey who I could I could be dressed up in a suit sweetheart still there still black still I'm still gonna be a nigga to them okay so i don't i don't see what this black car validation comes from it doesn't matter what if I'm holding a Prada purse sweetheart or if I'm holding up you know food step you know me I'm still gonna be black out i'll see where y'all have this thing where yeah we have to be struggling in order to be in to in order to consider ourselves back oh we have to act stereotypically not know sit your ass down so um those were the two things I wanted to say the other thing was a lot of a lot of people were mad were angry at that that speech then that white cop did at the end but no i was i want it i want to hear things like that and the thing is change won't happen unless you bitches are going to be more open-minded unless you bitches are going to be more open to listening to what that person is saying and understanding how we can change this shit up so that we can we can all have better lives okay I want to hear why someone would do something like that so that we can change it if you are ignorant to their mindsets and their thoughts that's why I change doesn't have you just don't want to hear you know what no let them let let someone tell you why they feel what they feel is gonna thank you and but at least you know at least you're aware of the things of the ignorance that needs to change you know what I mean don't cut yourself off from here in the nastiness you gotta hear it you got here it cuz people don't keep dying but and then a lot of you guys are mad at Shonda for making um I guess making her happy and not a happy ending the kid was still dead but making the the cop get arrested it's like grow this is fiction okay and I feel like she did the best that she could and it's just it was the episode was already too damn much like it was so you heavy like bitch at least you could give us a reasonable ending I thought that the scene at the end with the President and I think his name was clearance and Clarence was crying for the first time because he said my name my um my son's name was I think steven is that his name I remember was and that's the first time he had used past tense and then that's the first time I hit him but overall this episode I'm telling y'all I live for it I love the both side I love that she presented both sides I love that you know she it is amazing that the network layer get this far like that is pretty but I mean hey ratings us ratings sorry I mean she was presenting something that was valid and socially relevant and accurate and well put together bitch she was also presented something we'll give her ratings if oh I think with everything she did well I want to know what you guys think about it what you guys thought about the episode as I said I think that she did good but it's just so many issues that go on that that that encompass this whole thing it's just so much and you you see Olivia she was kind of tossing and turning she didn't know what she wanted to do I feel like you can be and a lot of people don't think this you can be a strong ass black person a black person but still want the truth no matter if it weighs in the favor of armed other black other black people that happy to be in the same situation or not you can be a strong black person who won the truth no matter what sorry about it and there was something else I want to talk about my gosh there were some times I want to talk about uh let me let me think about it because I think that Shonda who bitch uh hold on cuz of it yes that's this is why I want to talk about my mama taught me honey in a surveillance tape you saw he was reaching the guy who got shot was reaching for something then they said oh it was i'm not gonna planted the knife on my mama taught me bitch don't don't say nothing is yes sir no sir shut the fuck up sit the fuck down put your hands up don't be reaching in your pockets quick it don't matter if it was a receipt you me don't be doing that don't you saw on the surveillance he's reaching for obviously was it was a receiver he was reaching fast in his pocket for some bitch don't do that shit I'm sorry don't do that kid that's what my mama told me that's what I'm coming I guess you know it takes education and takes also racing stereotypes so people won't be as oh my gosh you know but still at the same time it takes it's it's it took my mom and telling me look if you come and country hands up sorry hands up don't do anything look sir this there's something in here I'm gonna reach for it slowly you don't mean and a lot and I'm not saying that obviously obviously I'm not saying that that will work every single time you know what I mean but you reaching into your pocket clean like that girl no ma'am you and catch me dead doing that shit well I guess if you if I was doing I should I be there but like nobody mm-hmm keep your hands up tell your officer hair does receive my part go look for it you don't mean so but at the same time as I said that won't solve every problem because this is America but I'm saying bitch that's what my mother might not be what your momma taught me but my mom tummy bitch don't be reaching for nothing okay cuz they will clock your ass but a lot of things this all episode was good you tell me what yall think cuz I can talk for talk about it forever bye do my capstone real estate dubai Erie Community College.

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