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Capstone resources saline mi

Capstone resources saline mi capstone family counseling rosa parks and the civil rights movement essays we are pleased to welcome dr. Richard Muller a professor of physics at the University of California at Berkeley and something of a contrarian often on matters of science and current events his mission is to help explain current events with the help of the physical sciences he is a MacArthur Genius fellow he was most recently number 10 on Foreign Policy's top 100 global thinkers he is the author of physics for future presidents and perhaps most impressively he is a senior fellow in energy and climate here at the Future 500 you have one of the most interesting pedigrees among scientists you have been a skeptic on climate change and yet you have concluded that global warming is real and human caused so based on the conclusions that you've come to what should we be focused on now to respond to issues of climate the key finding was that over the past 250 years the temperature has not been affected by solar variability in any way that we can detect that's a real surprise if we look at what's left over we see that there are sudden dips in the temperature and those match very well the known explosive volcanic events but they only last a few years there's also a trend the temperature rises gradually through time going a little bit faster and faster we looked at this and we tried to see if this fits a simple mathematical function it doesn't really fit very well we tried Exponential's we tried polynomials but when we tried matching it to the known carbon dioxide increase it was dead on this is a strong case that the cause of this trend over the last 250 years has been caused by carbon dioxide which we know came from human burning first of wood and in fossil fuels we just heard reports today that China's leading solar panel company has gone bankrupt and one of the reasons they've attributed that to is low priced natural gas what is the role of renewables in drawing us toward a more sustainable energy economy in any discussion abridging if the word china isn't mentioned then it's not a serious discussion in the united states we could cut what we're omitting drastically simply by spending money and we can afford to do that but it doesn't set an example that the developing world can follow so when people say it doesn't matter whether the renewables are more expensive we've just got to do it that's not a solution it's a feel-good measure it means that when the global warming comes we in the united states will sit back and says well we did our part and it's not my fault that's not problem solving if we're going to stop it it has to be something that the developing world can afford and the problem right now is that solar and wind including the infrastructure including the energy storage all of these things simply is still too expensive now solar in particularly the price is dropping very rapidly I believe solar has a better chance in China than it has in the United States because pretty soon the solar cells are going to be so cheap that that's not going to be the big cost the big cost will be maintenance will be dusting off the solar cells so and and and so on and they have an advantage there because they are quite frankly their salary structure is lower than ours and so it will become more economically attractive over there so I think there's a great opportunity for solar to develop in China more so than in the United States we should encourage the development of solar in China I'm all in favor of that but they cannot afford to subsidize solar as long as they have other issues having to do with their poverty the health the education of their own people but politics can be confusing and isn't it important to simplify some of these issues and to attribute some of these extreme weather events to climate change simply so that people are concerned about the issue and they notice the issue and that they take action that approach I think invites a backlash it has a short-term benefit and getting people concerned about global warming but eventually science and objectivity I think went out when people learn that these things are not connected they feel like they've been fooled I've had people come up to me after I've given a talk and explained that the polar bears are not dying due to global warming they may in the future but it hasn't happened yet now heard them come up to me and said but but that's why I became an activist what do you mean how can this be I think that kind of disillusionment is now causing a backlash in the United States and I believe that part of the reason why the US public is becoming less concerned about global warming is that they recognized that they were exaggerated too in the past people don't like learning that they've been fooled corporations major brands face a very tough climate on this issue right now on the one hand at least 20 major environmental groups the Sierra Club NRDC Forest Ethics Rainforest Action Network and others are demanding that US brands take a position take a stand on climate and take action operationally and on policy to do something about the problem on the other hand government affairs folks within these companies are very reluctant to take a position so you have the companies split right now with many within the companies wanting to take action to protect their brands to protect climate but others saying this is not safe politically this is a litmus test issue on the right and we can't be seen to be advocating protection of climate particularly in policy what do you say to those companies is there a place for them to go on this issue that is both scientifically reasonable and socially responsible I would recommend that they seek refuge in objectivity the fact is many of the things that people are asking them to do whether it's put up big solar panels become zero energy companies and so on in my mind these things are hey they're not you know bad things to do but they don't set an example that will stop global warming one of the reasons we're working with future 500 at Berkley earth is is because of the examples you have set and working with these companies to do things that can really make a difference if these companies for example were to make a pledge that they will import goods from the developing world only if those goods were produced with relatively clean energy it's a natural gas instead of coal or at least push healthy that the countries such as China move in that direction encourage them to do it by working in this way that's really effective that's far more effective than saving a little bit of energy at big expense here in the United States keep in mind that if the u.s. goes to zero in four years we're back where we started just from the growth of China alone and it's quicker than that if we include India and Indonesia and the other countries that are growing so rapidly so let's focus in on things that really can work and then I think if the companies were to do this the environmental groups certainly should agree with this kind of objectivity I think we can cut through all of the political show and do something that's really effective so you're suggesting that objectivity would be a way out of the political bind of being caught between the apparent left and right caught between activists and and conservatives I find it works for Berkeley Earth and if people are always attacking us and by the time they talk to me or Elizabeth they're very confused because we're saying things that are on both sides but what they can sense in that is that we may say global warming is real and caused by humans but fossil fuels are absolutely essential and let me show you the numbers they sense an objectivity that we're not driven by politics and I think if you seek objectivity as your refuge you can get through the politics capstone project 2019brag sheet answer cheap Erie Community College.

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