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Capstone realty madison alabama

Capstone realty madison alabama login to conduit connect need someone to type course work on military online ´╗┐okay sandy gramma Bobo a traveler I'm hoping I'd get enough light in here to show you what I'm doing all over the planet you'll go into rooms in South America Central America Asia Southeast Asia any tropical country and for some strange reason they don't only about 50% of the rooms maybe have mosquito nets it's actually became a trend here in the last three or four years before that you almost never found one then you wonder why they got malaria right contrary what you think a mosquito net that you put on your bed for most of all 90% of the rooms you don't even have a way to hang it up so it doesn't work but the simple solution is to buy a mosquito net I bought a mosquito net I actually cut the top out of it and it left a little edging on a thing and I have these corners on there but all you need is to buy a mosquito net cut it up it's really going to get you for about 90% of the rooms you can do this so you only got about 10% of the rooms you do you need a mosquito net I carry a mosquito net with me at all times mainly because one one bag okay let me grab my little scooter that I have a special mosquito net but it's in a compact bags what you call a compression bag quite big has a bottom on and everything I've many videos of that before but generally my better solution is to just buy one of these pieces of material now what I'm going to do this is a you got to look at your window and think what type of window this so this is a window that opens from one side to the other side so really the truth is I only need to have them just eating that for one half of it right so there's only one half that I only have cover this area but I'm going to cover the whole thing because what I'm looking for is a flat surface all the way around I'm going to close the window I can open it from the outside but very good window so okay I guess it's a good idea I'm just honest so I got to basically get this to the curtain out of the way and then I'm going to because I got strings on here but I said many different things I got some masking tape I got some body safety pins and I got some but you call these things on clothes pins because I always carry clothes pins now I got to make sure this is wide enough to cover the window right so let me see is it long enough to cover the window yes it is so what I'm going to do is I'm going to cover it this way but I'm going to show you how I'm going to use my my clothes pins and I'm just going to hold it up there okay and so I do it again on the other side right pretty self-explanatory right okay now I got it - okay so this really isn't very good it's not quite long enough right so let's try it the other way basically you got to make sure you cover the whole window I mean one small hole if you got a problem okay so let's do it this way I will take this clothespin okay we got just a little too a little bit we good it really fits bite perfect it's just that I'm because I'm using I got a justice thing back and forth until I get it right centered okay with these strings on me and I really could have just died it right I didn't need to use these clothes fit okay so now I got it covering the window okay so what but the problem with this stuff is is it stretchy and so what I do is I take a really long piece of masking tape and I'm going to put it on the thing on the corner and pull it over I really don't I want it flat against the surface so I got the cute Annette fist over here on that one side your happens to be a wire kind of thing so that's not it it's got to be flat you got to get this thing up flat against the wall so what I'm doing is I'm holding it right now okay so I got it held right okay the top isn't going to this is capping down so you're really smart you'll cut a bunch piece of tape and have them already pre-cut ready to go I'm just trying to show you that I just wing it happen okay so now I got it somewhat laid out on the thing I'm trying to get I'm trying to get this so that I have a nice clean area to tape okay because what I'm going to do is I'm going to now take some some what you call this stuff this is uh this is a receipt box tape so it's like the packing tape this stuff is really a pain in the butt because you can lose lose thing you can lose the app I'm going mic down here I'm putting half half of it over the edge of the mosquito already there and I'm I'm just sealing up the thing up the think now well you got to be real careful with this stuff is that you don't want it ever just cut it and let it fall back you got a basically roll it back like this so that it always has a something to grab hook to when you lose the edge of this stuff really a horrible thing okay so this is up against the wall kind of flat against the wall okay all I do is just I'm real careful when I cut this stuff because it really is difficult to find the edge if you lose it okay okay I do to the top okay you get the idea all I did is take some packing tape and I did it all the way around now a lot of times according to the window you can stuff this bottom up into the bottom of the window or something like that if I can take all this and just stuff it into the bottom and kind of roll it over so I'm going to take some masking tape I'm going to roll this over right roll it up into a little kind of making it neat right get it done this with closes - you could have done it with spa via safety pins you could done it a whole bunch of different ways right again I need a kind of a straight edge here to take you can use backing tape you can do any kind of tape you want to use in a way you don't want to use duct tape it sticks to the wall to Mars and it's going to rip the paint on I said now I got the window I can open it up from the outside yeah make sure you can keep the window open or whatever and then what I would do is I would put the put the curve to one side and then open the window and make sure they do now generally when I have this system set up what I do is I take the floor and I want a floor fan a ceiling fan really sucks you put a floor fan and when you leave the room you basically push the fan pointed that the windows to blow the air out and I have to I have a window in the bathroom here so I could blow the area I basically suck the air in from the bathroom without the window and then when I'm back in the room I would turn around and point it at me so that it's cooling me off this is tropical mosquito management now everybody's different but you could take now and I would go through and take one can of mosquito spray spray the whole room making sure and get up way up high in the top of the corners and I would seal this off and then you got to be a little careful underneath the doors you may have to put a towel or a blank something in front of the bottom of the door make sure all the entrances are closed but now you don't need a mosquito net you don't have to crawl in and out of it basically any room that's got a mosquito net means they haven't got screens in the window and you should you're paying too much probably mosquito net is not a benefit it's a negative it means that the room is not properly sealed with screens now in a way the solution to all these problems is air conditioning okay Andy mobo traveler trying to tell you how not to get malaria or basically living the whole night with mosquitoes is not good I carried a mosquito net because I remember spending one night in montezuma costa rica in the worst room on the plan I mean Costa Rica's got some hellacious mosquitoes in Montezuma is his surf place and the room was horrible and I didn't have a mosquito net and it was the worst night in my life ever since then I'll never do it again I always carry a mosquito net but first of all I do this okay Andy como traveller showing you how to stop mosquitoes entering your hotel write for me capstone medical spa eagle river Erie Community College.

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